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  • Visit Thailand for Fun – Avoid Thailand for Boat Work

    Date Published - August 10, 2015

    ...and professional but other work we had done by other engines/mechanical contractors and from feedback from the other yachties the general quality is very very... Read More
  • Useful pilotage and local info. notes for a visit to Domburg and a trip up-river

    Date Published - April 04, 2013

    ...When the bus from Domburg (SU$2.50) approaches the suburbs of Paramaribo, it turns off the main road and snakes around various industrial/residential suburbs; keep watching... Read More
  • You, the shipyard and your insurance policy

    ...Out of pocket: What is the major impact of these clauses? Yacht insurance policies contain exclusions for additional liability that yacht owners assume when signing... Read More
  • You, the shipyard and your insurance policy

    Date Published - May 20, 2010

    ...Out of pocket: What is the major impact of these clauses? Yacht insurance policies contain exclusions for additional liability that yacht owners assume when signing... Read More
  • Mauritius: Leaving a Boat for the Cyclone Season

    Date Published - February 28, 2022

    ...idea of ​​leaving the catamaran in Mauritius arose. La primera idea fue hacer una parada y seguir hacia la Isla de Reunión para dejar allí... Read More
  • Suriname

    ...Paramaribo. Several private clinics do exist as well. Scans/MRI/ echoes are all available. Dentists and any other medical services are good in Suriname. ZIKA VIRUS... Read More
  • French Polynesia: Paradise No More?

    Date Published - December 17, 2021

    ...or another) would stay in Tahiti: easy for getting spares, repairs, medical care and of course is the point of arrival and departure of international... Read More
  • Paraty

    ...islands around Paraty. All the normal services provided in a tourist destination are to be found here. Last updated: May 2019 Marina 188 Marina Boa... Read More
  • Cape Verdes, Ihla de Santiago, Porto da Praia Bay: Night Boarding, Attack & Robbery – November 2017

    Date Published - November 25, 2017

    ...followed by the original French report. The story of an act of piracy. Port of Praia – Capital of the Cape Verde Islands Thursday, November... Read More
  • Paramaribo

    ...central market with all the fruits and vegetables you need. Also, bigger supermarkets (Choi’s and Tulip) with a wide assortment of food to cater for... Read More
  • How Fijian Duty and VAT is Calculated

    Date Published - June 17, 2008 exemption. Once a yacht has completed the usual clearance procedures, a licensed Customs Agent must be employed to handle the importation fees. Be warned... Read More
  • Fiji

    ...Although FRCS is the principal agency, it is practical to send the form to all agencies (Ministry of Health, Biosecurity Authority of Fiji, Department of... Read More
  • Bad Experience Selling Boat in Australia

    Date Published - April 16, 2007

    ...could buy a Foreign Exchange Contract, about his experiences in dealing with Foreign Exchange Contracts, and that it would be easy. We knew nothing about... Read More
  • Haiti, Grand Goave, Petit Paradis: Night time robbery and violent attack – May 2015

    Date Published - May 30, 2015

    ...mijn bankkaarten (all blocked yet), 2 jerrycans met gasoline, 2 messen, 1 machete 1 GSM, een tabloid, twee hard disks (al mijn foto en filmmateriaal,... Read More
  • Suriname Information for Cruisers

    Date Published - April 17, 2018

    ...good supply. Choi and Tulip for instance. And a Central Market tops it up to see and buy all the local produce of the country.... Read More
  • Breaking News: Greek Cruising Tax update – no payments until April 2019

    Date Published - November 24, 2018

    ...are elements of Greek civilization, as well as traditional Greek navigation, naval art and naval craftsmanship since they have acquired cultural significance over time. (paragraph... Read More
  • Domburg

    ...hire is available locally for around 12 Euros/day and the drive into Paramaribo is easy enough. Car Rental from Richy, phone +5978620048 It is also... Read More
  • Lefkas

    ...very satisfactorily carried out by Waypoint, Lefkas, good service, good price. We also had mechanical works carried out by CY Services, Lefkas - very satisfactory... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Cruising Kindly 3 – How to Stay Healthy While Cruising

    Date Published - October 25, 2020

    ...all over your yacht? What do you do if the only water sources ashore are contaminated with an alphabet-soup of tropical disease organisms, a pesticide... Read More
  • Brazil

    ...casual shirts are allowed). See Restrictions. General Process: The order the offices are visited is important as certain forms have to be taken from one... Read More
  • How Boat Insurance for Inland Waterways is Calculated

    Date Published - January 05, 2011 insurance cost up to the maximum number of years. The remaining factors determining your insurance cost are often then optional. Clearly taking up additional... Read More
  • Lautoka, Vuda Point Marina: Cruisers now have a choice of contractors for boat work

    Date Published - October 22, 2010

    ...we have accredited contractors is that it allows the yachtie the choice, however, all bad and good workmanship should be reported to the front office.... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Ivar Smits & Floris van Hees

    Date Published - November 13, 2018

    ...Boat Name: Lucipara 2. We are often asked where the name “Lucipara” comes from. Its origin lies in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. The Lucipara islands... Read More
  • Paranagua Last updated:  January 2010. Iate Club de Paranagua Porto Marina Oceana Iate Club de Paranagua The yacht club at Paranagua has haulout facilities.  Noonsite... Read More
  • Thailand, Phuket: Boatyard and Worker recommendations

    Date Published - January 21, 2017

    ...will have big language problems with some, but not all of the contractors. Some of the contractors will let you down with timescales. This is... Read More
  • SE Asia to the Med in Convoy through the Gulf of Aden 2015

    Date Published - April 16, 2015

    ...and a few super yachts (also an occasional tug and fishing fleet). And certainly not in a convoy situation where they’d have to split their... Read More
  • Five Enjoyable Months in Venezuela

    Date Published - June 20, 2011

    ...all experienced some type of criminal event (purse/bag snatching or petty theft being the most common). Such street crime is unfortunately also the case for... Read More
  • ARC 2019 officially opens with lively national flag parade

    Date Published - November 19, 2019

    ...cruisers. It’s always a favourite with ARC participants as they proudly follow behind a lively carnival-like procession around the marina, representing their countries with national... Read More
  • Vanuatu: Visiting Ureparapara July 2012

    Date Published - August 14, 2012

    Cruisers Wim and Annette report on their visit to one of Vanuatu’s least visited islands. Vanuatu will undoubtedly be high on our all-time list of... Read More
  • Pantry in Paradise

    ...Paradise and less time in provisioning hell. Pantry in Paradise™ tracks your provisions, their exact storage locations and creates your next shopping list based on... Read More
  • Turkey

    ...US Government civilians in those provinces. Also, they have "restricted official travel to Turkey to 'mission-critical' travel only". The Warning is here Data Entry... Read More
  • A Guide to Getting Work Done on your Boat in Thailand

    Date Published - January 31, 2012

    ...fails to materialize. Electrical Work Have a look at the municipal wiring in Phuket. This is a real work of art. With such examples of... Read More
  • Todomar – Albornoz

    Address: Via Mamonal, Carrera 56 #05-77, Cartagena,

    ...mechanical, aluminum and stainless and vinyl work are undertaken. Dealers/distributors for Raymarine, Yanmar, Cummins, Mase, Kohler, Suzuki, Tohatsu, and Cruisair (Dometic) with trained and certified... Read More
  • South Pacific Cyclone Season in the tropics: Calculated risks

    ...the tropics have a difficult time giving up the barefoot-and-bikini lifestyle to hole up in a sub-tropical region for six months and await our chance... Read More
  • South Pacific Cyclone Season in the tropics: Calculated risks

    Date Published - June 15, 2015 up the barefoot-and-bikini lifestyle to hole up in a sub-tropical region for six months and await our chance to return to tropical paradise. The... Read More
  • South Pacific, Cook Islands, Suwarrow: World ARC 2019-20 Reach Paradise Island

    Date Published - June 06, 2019

    (June 6, 2019) – The sound of coral sands crunching under flip flops and ripples of soft laughter could be heard across the turquoise waters... Read More
  • Getting work done on your boat whilst long distance cruising: Cruisers Tips

    Date Published - March 05, 2017

    ...main, this comes down to the difficulties in communication due to the language barrier (for those who don’t speak the local language). Cruisers advise if... Read More
  • Agents Egypt (2018)

    Date Published - February 08, 2018

    ...Hurghada. As it turns out they sub-contract, in this instance they sub-contracted to Alpha Yacht Services (Mr Mohamed Suleiman). We can honestly say that Prince... Read More
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Parade of Nations at the ARC Opening Ceremony

    Date Published - November 12, 2017 the Las Pal*]}*mas Marina, Muelle Deportivo, flag bearers from different nations joined the procession as it made its way around the marina. The grand... Read More
  • Retreat from Paradise

    Date Published - December 28, 2020

    ...needed crew to sail home, often short-handed or with young families onboard. When the airports closed, all flights were cancelled, along with all hope of... Read More
  • Club Paradise – Philippines

    Address: Batangas, Philippines,

    ...Club Paradise. The house reef there has many large turtles, a giant clam garden, blacktip reef sharks and huge cuttlefish as well as large schools... Read More
  • Divers Bay, Ureparapara Island mobile phone companies. Almost all of Vanuatu is covered, but in the more remote areas, reception can dip in and out, and one carrier... Read More
  • Brazil: An Amazing Amazon Adventure

    Date Published - January 21, 2022

    ...Paraiba, Northeast region of Brazil and coastal sailed northwards towards the Carribean. While spending time at Soure in the State of Para, we were offered... Read More
  • Perfect Anchorage – Motu Murimahora, Huahine, French Polynesia

    Date Published - July 14, 2014

    We’ve just spent four nights at a great anchorage just off Motu Murimahora on the east coast of Huahine. There’s a very big sandy area,... Read More
  • Todomar Marina

    Address: Cra 2a #15-364, Bocagrande, Cartagena,

    Principally a boatyard with a limited number of slips and fuel dock. Approx. 20km from the center of Cartagena. Located opposite the Convention Center, where powerboats are... Read More
  • A Worldwide Tidal Calculator

    Marées dans Le Monde), See details at A Worldwide Tidal Calculator Available (in English) as a free software download. It covers nearly 10,000 ports....... Read More
  • Ascension Island – Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - June 14, 2016

    ...employment, all employees receive full medical insurance, housing accommodations, a food and utility allowance, travel allowances, and often other benefits. Many contractors get their vehicles... Read More
  • Contract Yacht Services Chandlery

    Address: Petrou Filipa street, Lefkas, Greece, 31100

    Part of Contract Yacht Services. Very helpful and good English spoken....... Read More
  • Thailand: Contrasts between Phuket and Langkawi

    Date Published - April 02, 2017 Tarutao and all surrounding islands are part of Thailand’s huge national marine park and are mostly devoid of any occupants, bar a few local... Read More
  • Exploring the Amazon between Belem and Macapa

    Date Published - August 08, 2012

    ...take once north of Breves. As it turned out, it’s all easy and deep so we chose to make many random turns down many random... Read More
  • Galàpagos – Paradise Lost

    Date Published - June 14, 2008

    ...tourism, overpopulation, and mass tourism have raised the alarm with UNESCO and other organizations, who fear that this little paradise 1000 kilometers out to sea,... Read More
  • Academisch Hospital Paramaribo

    Address: Flu Street, Beniespark, Paramaribo, Suriname,

    This hospital has intensive care and emergency facilities....... Read More
  • Iate Club de Paranagua

    Address: Rua B Constant 423, 450, Paranagua PA CEP 83, Southern Brazil, Brazil,

    All the usual facilities of a yacht club. Fuel dock. Drinking water on fuel dock (water on piers is for boat washing. Most facilities available... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Man Overboard – Episode 2

    Date Published - July 30, 2020

    ...forward, release the guy and allow it to pull through all the blocks. Engine on. Turn the boat into wind. Release the halyard and the... Read More
  • Para-Anchors Australia

    Address: PO Box 1377, Sale, Victoria, Australia, 3850

    Parachute Sea Anchors...... Read More
  • Pandemic in Paradise: A Chronicle of the Pandemic Response Among Cruisers

    Date Published - June 01, 2020

    ...restricting the movement of populations. First, stay at home orders were issued and social distancing recommended. Tourism was curtailed and businesses shut down. Only essential... Read More
  • Paradise Tours and Travel

    Address: M.B.204, Junglighat, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India,

    Clearance Agents for Andaman & Nicobar Islands....... Read More
  • US Virgin Islands

    ...portal requirements. National Guard representatives are at all the normal CBP locations (Cruz Bay STJ, Charlotte-Amalie Ferry terminal STT, and the airports STT & STX)... Read More
  • West Africa, Guinea Bisseau: An Unexplored Paradise

    Date Published - November 05, 2021

    ...available. Our Cruising Guide to the Bijagos Islands We have noted down all our passages waypoints and anchorages while exploring the islands along with some... Read More
  • Pacific: Landfalls of Paradise (Cruising Guide to the Pacific Islands)

    ...for entry to Australia, which are more exacting than most Pacific landfalls, and an extensive list of information sources: cruising guidebooks, important general tourist guides,... Read More
  • Madagascar: Gone with the Wind in Madagascar – A Cruise to an Indian Ocean Paradise

    Set sail with Avril and Don on ‘Gone With The Wind’ to discover the exquisite and little-known paradise of Madagascar, lying some 300 miles off... Read More
  • Post Office – Paranagua

    Address: Paranagua, Southern Brazil, Brazil,

    Corner Nestor Victor and Faria Sobrinho , (2 blocks from waterfront)...... Read More
  • Paradise Dental Group

    Address: 395 State Road, Vineyard Haven, , MA 02568, Martha's vineyard, East coast, usa,

    395 State Road , Vineyard Haven , MA 02568 Tel:+1 508-696-0222  ...... Read More
  • Hospital Paranagua

    Address: Rua Nextor Victor 222, 83203540, Paranagua, Southern Brazil, Brazil,

  • Paradise on St Vincent

    Date Published - April 27, 2011

    ...go to Wallilabou, to be harassed by the locals for help with the lines, and selling all sorts of stuff, sometime VERY aggressively, while we... Read More
  • Chagos: Cruiser Paradise Found

    Date Published - May 29, 2015

    ...the sand, dropping the occasional coconut. Turquoise shallows meet sapphire water in the depths of the lagoon, and coral heads scattered throughout explode in colourful... Read More
  • A Third Visit to Suriname

    Date Published - June 12, 2012 pass Paramaribo (capital city). Contact MAS (Maritime Authority Suriname), channel 12 or 16 and let them know of your arrival. You can stop at... Read More
  • USA: Paradise Found: Living in the Groove of the Pacific Eddy

    PARADISE FOUND takes you from the west coast of America across the Pacific describing a cruiser’s life of simple pleasures, wild adventures, and magical moments... Read More
  • Review: Sailing Adventures in Paradise

    ...stoically putting up with her human crew’s foibles, for example as they complete their transit of the Panama Canal: “Finally, into Miraflores Lock and …... Read More
  • Paradise Computers

    Address: Thicket Mouth Road, J.C. Commercial Center, Coxen Hole, Bay Islands, Honduras,

    Thicket Mouth Road, J.C. Commercial Center, Coxen Hole Tel:011(504) 2445 – 1241 Internet café and full-service computer shop....... Read More
  • Domburg – Pilotage and Local Info.

    Date Published - October 07, 2010

    ...the tide turns, so you should aim to arrive at Domburg no later than HW Paramaribo + 3 1/2 hours. The ebb current normally runs... Read More
  • Cruising Brazil to Argentina

    Date Published - January 06, 2010 very complex to do this by road. OFFICIAL PROCEDURES When you arrive in Brazil, you will need to check in with the Immigration (Policia... Read More
  • Argostolion (Kephalonia)

    ...repairs are possible here, as well as electrical work. Chandlery is limited but there are several hardware shops. There is a small boatyard close to... Read More
  • Greece

    ...regularly in central Athens and have also taken place in other towns and cities. You should avoid all demonstrations and follow the advice given by... Read More
  • French Polynesia

    ...Affairs ( with the following information: Final arrival/departure island Final arrival/departure date Vessel name / Vessel Flag Identity of the skipper Number of people on... Read More
  • Europcar Car Rental – Alquiler de Coches

    Address: vda De La Estación Nº 20, Bajos Frente Estación Renfe A Metros, A-70, Alacant, Alicante, Mediterranean coast, Spain, 03195

  • Avis Alquiler de Coches en Ibiza – Santa Eulalia del Rio

    Address: Avinguda Santa Eulalia des Riu 17, Eivissa, Ibiza, Balearics, Spain, 07800

    Car Rental Company...... Read More
  • Todopesca Portonovo

    Address: C/ Lanzada 36, Ria de Pontevedra, North West Spain, Spain,

    Chandlers in Portonovo....... Read More
  • Lava roupa todo dia (Lavoro)

    Address: Salvador de Bahia, Eastern Coast, Brazil,

    The washing is done off site and delivered back 24 hours later....... Read More
  • Salvador de Bahia

    ...the Policia Federal is mandatory here. Customs, Receita Federal, in the commercial port, on Ave. de Franca, 300m to the left of Terminal Nautico when... Read More
  • Arrendadora de Autos

    Address: " Ku-Ce", Balvino Davalos No. 100, El Centro, Puerto de la Navidad, West Coast, Mexico,

  • Autos Fornells – Valentí Roca Triay S.L.

    Address: C/ Ronda de Ses Costes 19-21, Es Mercadal, Menorca, Balearics, Spain, 07740

    Bus Company...... Read More
  • Renta De Autos Budget Blvd.

    Address: Miguel de la Madrid km. 10, Puerto de la Navidad, West Coast, Mexico,

  • Beaver Bay Autos

    Address: Shed 10, 99 Reichardt Road, Winnellie, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, NT 0820

  • Sinnott Autos Car Hire

    Address: Dublin Road, Wicklow Town, Wicklow, Ireland,

    Car and camper van hire  ...... Read More
  • Autos Sanmar

    Address: Avenida Maritima 7, 1st Floor, Santa Cruz de la Palma, La Palma, Canary Islands,

    Car Hire....... Read More
  • Autoservice Costanera

    Address: Arazati, La Aguada, La Paloma, Uruguay, 27002

    Supermarket. Located about three kms (1.8 miles) north of the marina....... Read More
  • Autos Cabrera Medina, S.L.

    Address: Paseo de la Moda, 1, Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, 35570

    Car Hire...... Read More
  • Arlie Beach Budget Autos

    Address: 2/7 Gareama Street, Airlie Beach, The Whitsunday Islands, Queensland, Australia,

  • Autos Tirma Rent a Car

    Address: Calle Joaquín Costa, 21, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 35007

  • Autos Moreno

    Address: Sagasta 39, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 350008

    Car hire, vans, and refrigerated vans. Top range Mercedes with the driver. Delivery to the airport....... Read More
  • Autos Dolar

    Address: Calle Presidente Alvear 55, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 35007

    Car hire. (Will deliver the car to the marina.)...... Read More
  • Strawberry Autos – Rent-a-Car

    Address: Estrada Monumental Monumental Lido Shopping Centre, Funchal, Madeira Region, Madeira, 9000-100

  • Cocos Autos

    Address: West Island, Cocos Keeling,

    Digger & John...... Read More
  • Autos Le Mans

    Address: Fernandez Herrero 11, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands,

    Car hire....... Read More
  • Autos Ada

    Address: Emilo Calzadilla 8, Locales 4 y 11, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands,

    Car hire....... Read More
  • Budget Autos

    Address: Bowen, Queensland, Australia,

  • Maison de la Batterie Ateco

    Address: 55, Rue Auer-Zone Industrielle DUCOS,

    Mr.JUVIGNY Christian....... Read More

    Address: New Caledonia,

  • Maistros Mykonos

    Address: Marina Tourlos Mykonoy, Mikonos, Cyclades, Greece,

    Car and bike rental, laundry and showers (for a fee)....... Read More
  • Maison du Tourisme et du vin de Pauillac

    Address: La Verrerie, Pauillac, Atlantic, France, 33250

  • La Maison Des Amis

    Address: Via Roma Nord, 11, Riposto CT, Riposto, Sicily, Italy, 95018

    Tourist information centre...... Read More
  • Maison de L’infante

    Address: Rue de L'infante, Saint Jean de Luz, Atlantic, France,

    A wealthy shipowner’s mansion where Marie Therese stayed before marrying Louis XIV.  ...... Read More
  • Maison William Wakeham

    Address: 186 Rue de la Reine, Gaspe, Quebec, Canada, G4X 1T6

    Classy restaurant at the historic William Wakeham House serving eclectic, locally sourced cuisine....... Read More
  • Maistrali Marine

    Address: Finikas, Siros, Cyclades, Greece,

    Based in Finikas. Provides a mobile repair facility and also fuel....... Read More
  • Maison du Filtre & de L’Electro-Diesel

    Address: 19 R.Forest, Z.I. Ducos, Noumea,

    Large selection of filters and motor parts...... Read More
  • Maison Villatte

    Address: 267 Main, St, Falmouth, Cape cod, East coast, Usa,

    267 Main St, Falmouth Tel:(774) 255 1855 Opening hours: 07:00-19:00(Mon-Sat), 07:00-17:00(Sun) Authentic French bakery and coffee shop. Also chocolates....... Read More
  • La Maison du Banian

    Address: BP 3375, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu,

    Run by Odile Guiomar, a “retired” sailor, the property is about 2 hectares of tropical garden, rain forest, vegetable garden. Pick yourself fruits from the... Read More
  • Maison du Port

    Address: Mole Peneroff, Concarneau, Atlantic, France, 29900

  • Maistratos Harbour

    Address: Argostolion, Greece,

    Situated just to the north of the cruise ship dock. Berth stern or bow-to on the NE or SE quay. Good shelter. Water on the... Read More
  • Delights of the Northwest Tuamotus

    Date Published - March 11, 2003

    ...roofs, pink reefs, and every blue of water from inch-deep green to turquoise, to bright blue to royal blue in the deep drop-offs are the... Read More
  • Tourist Visas Important Update

    Date Published - December 05, 2013

    ...are allowed provided the total number of days does not exceed 90. All calculations should include both the entry and exit dates, no matter what... Read More
  • A Worldwide Tidal Calculator

    Address: (Marées dans Le Monde),

  • Warning for transport company “Seven Seas Yacht Transport”

    Date Published - March 23, 2017

    ...m.  The transport would also be postponed to 25th of September. After this discussion, I took down the mast and I also had to cut... Read More
  • Warning for transport company “Seven Seas Yacht Transport”

    ...transport would also be postponed to 25th of September. After this discussion, I took down the mast and I also had to cut the entire... Read More
  • Spain

    ...Repairs Facilities for yachts are extensive and expanding all the time. Boatyards with travel lifts are easy to find although some may cater predominantly for... Read More
  • Indian Ocean and Red Sea Transit 2011

    Date Published - January 12, 2012

    ...till the 15th and such is their casual nature that this 4-day lag does not impact on us. In the final analysis, we did not... Read More
  • USA

    ...Guard Navigation Center website. This is the best location for all Local Notice To Mariners, ice flow charts for high-latitudes, and local/regional/federal navigation rules (and... Read More
  • Japan: The Inland Sea

    Date Published - November 02, 2011

    ...many places heavily developed and sometimes disfigured by miles of refineries, petrochemical works, and chimneys. But among the hundreds of islands that all but choke... Read More
  • Annapolis Diving Contractors

    Address: Edgewood Road, Annapolis , MD 21403, East coast, usa,

    Edgewood Road , Annapolis , MD 21403 Tel:+1 410 251 6538 24 hour emergency service. ADC provides year round dive services...... Read More
  • Marshall islands – Ratak chain report

    Date Published - September 07, 2011

    ...only one of all those boats). But, there is a bright spot tucked away from all that global control and avarice, in a tiny part... Read More
  • Medway Diving Contractors Ltd.

    Address: 134 Barnsole Road, Gillingham, Kent, ME7 4JJ

    Divers...... Read More
  • Contrasting Experiences Clearing Into Galapagos

    Date Published - May 24, 2005

    ...both Islands (1.70 $/Gal Puerto Ayora and 1.50 in Isabel) In both islands fuel is delivered to the boat in 20Gal Jugs and poured into... Read More
  • Alvaro Simancas – General Contractor
    Alvaro is able to assist with a variety of maintenance and repair jobs. Reported to be skilled and diligent....... Read More
  • Outboard Contract Services

    Address: 3 Toohey Street, Portsmouth, Cairns, Queensland, Australia,

  • Arab Contractors Ismailia Shipyard

    Address: Taawn beach Road, Ismailia Governorate, Egypt,

    The Shipyard provides ship building and repair services, steel structure manufacture and electro mechanical works....... Read More
  • Contratas Metalurgicas

    Address: Ibarra and Company Street, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 35008

    Specialists in nautical welding...... Read More
  • Aardvark Electrical Contractors

    Address: 40 Wentworth St, Bowen, Queensland, Australia, QLD 4805

    Electrical and air conditioning....... Read More
  • Contract Yacht Services

    Address: Petrou Filippa 3a, Levkas, Greece, 31100

    ...electricity (can be made available in special circumstances) Showers/toilets/laundry service. Gas in office – diesel etc in town. Chandlery (CYS Marine Store). The biggest supplier... Read More
  • Cruising the Northern Cooks & Line Islands

    Date Published - September 03, 2008

    ...Transportation Walk, locals mostly have motor scooters, a few have trucks. Airport with almost weekly flights to Rarotonga but $1300NZ one-way. Communication Occasional dial-up internet... Read More
  • Paramedic Ambulance

    Address: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

  • Clearwater Paradise Resort

    Address: Mangrove Bight, Guanaja, Bay Islands, Honduras,

    Mangrove Bight Small fuel dock, diving services, laundry, bar, WiFi, and dinner on order....... Read More
  • Gambia – Cruisers Paradise in West Africa

    Date Published - August 24, 2012

    ...always going with the tide when you want to stop you just anchor close to the side. Always put anchor lights on in the night... Read More
  • Builders Paradise

    Address: Basseterre, St Kitts, St Kitts & Nevis,

  • Surfers Paradise Taxi

    Address: 21 Margaret Stree, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia,

  • Paradise Fishing Lodge Marina

    Address: Blvd. Costa Del SoL Km. 69 1/2 , San Luis, Le Paz, El Salvador,

    Dockage and boatyard with 30 ton travelift. Pontoon space for 8 yachts. 30/50amp power, water (non-potable), showers, toilets, laundry. Security. Wifi access. Primarily sport fishing... Read More
  • Nanihi Paradise

    Address: BP 76, Manihi, French Polynesia, 98771

    Secured Mooring, IAORANET WIFI connection (reported to be excellent), fresh water supply assistance, lunch and dinner on request, lagoon navigation assistance, lagoon tour, Black pearl... Read More
  • Notes for Suriname following a recent visit

    Date Published - December 04, 2013 springs, we had 4-5 knots ebb, fastest near the confluence of the Suriname and Commewijni Rivers. Formalities Immigration formalities for arrival, renewal and exit... Read More
  • Riviera Maya Parasail Adventures

    Address: at the Marina, Puerto Aventuras, East Coast, Mexico,

  • South Atlantic: Two Sailors Lost at Sea when Yacht Capsizes

    Date Published - March 22, 2019

    By Tom Sampson SY Paradise was en route from South Georgia to The Falkland Islands when she capsized in heavy seas on 5th March, 2019.... Read More
  • Parada de Taxis Coruña

    Address: Rúa Pla y Cancela, La Coruna, North West Spain, Spain, 15005

  • Parallel Multimedia SDN Bhd

    Address: Lot No. J4-18, Level 4, Johor Bahru City Square, 108 Jalan Wong Au Fook, Johor Bahru, Johore Strait, Malaysia,

    Computer supplies....... Read More
  • Paradise Harbour Club and Marina

    Address: Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas,

    ...200ft. Water. Electricity. Telephone & TV hook-up. Wi-Fi. Accommodations. This is a private marina, but they occasionally have space for visitors. No fuel available. Full... Read More
  • Sailing in Paradise – Yacht Charters Around the World

    ...He thoroughly covers all aspects of chartering from what type of charter to consider to what to pack, covering choosing a boat, planning a cruise... Read More
  • Paradise Diving Center

    Address: Namık Kemal Cad. No:25 D:1, Marmaris/Muğla, Aegean Sea, Turkey,

  • Tahiti: Coping with an Emergency in Paradise

    Date Published - August 17, 2021

    ...debacle took seven days of negotiation to arrange our repatriation to Perth. At A$10,000 a day in the hospital, with no medical cover, it was... Read More
  • Paradise Marine Centre

    Address: St John's, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

    Outboard Motors/boat sales...... Read More
  • Paradise Village Marina – Nuevo Vallarta

    Address: Paseo de los Cocoteros #001, Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Puerto Vallarta/ Banderas Bay, West coast, Mexico,

    105° 17.9′ W 20° 41.2′ N. All facilities, including pump out, picnic area, snack bar, sail wash, gas run, clubhouse, tennis courts, mail/message. Automatic gate... Read More
  • Parasailor

    The revolutionary sail with the distinctive wing, highly efficient for both running and reaching, and light on the autopilot. Specially designed for the short-handed crew,... Read More
  • Sailing in Paradise

    This practical little book provides all the details required if planning a charter holiday anywhere in the world. By: Rod Heikell See review here.  ...... Read More
  • Entering Mexico with a Pet (Dog)

    Date Published - April 06, 2010 of any contagious diseases. Unfortunately, she forgot to put that he was free of internal and external parasites. They required that I see the... Read More
  • Paramares S. A.

    Address: Shipping Agency & Ship's Chandler,

    Customs must be notified 72 hrs in advance of arrival to report a firm arrival location and ETA. The agent will also require a crew... Read More
  • Cruising Information for the San Blas Islands

    Date Published - July 20, 2012

    ...problems getting a good enough signal to do text only emails (while climbing the mast to get a better signal!). Money Panama uses American Dollars.... Read More
  • Mangrove Paradise Resort

    Address: Bandar Seri Bagawan, Brunei,

    ...collection service, tours etc. Ten minute walk to local mini-mart, dhobi (laundry), tailor and local cafe. 15 mins by local air-cond bus (each half hour... Read More
  • Paradise Marine – Puerto Rico

    Address: (located in the yard), Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,

    Small chandlery. Also deal with sail repair, electrics, electronics, watermakers, rigging, and painting....... Read More
  • Club Paradise

    Address: Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke, British Virgin Islands,

    A casual beachfront restaurant known for its shocking pink decor.It serves local fare such as conch stew and curried chicken for lunch, grilled fresh fish... Read More
  • Maldives, Uligan: Gateway to Paradise?

    Date Published - March 11, 2014

    In February 2014, yacht “Mr John VI” cruised the Maldives from North to South. Skipper John describes how they did it, the fees, the pluses... Read More
  • Paradise Marina

    Address: 3900 Orange Grove Blvd, North Fort Myers, Fort Myers, Florida, USA, FL 33903

    Protected marina on Caloosahatchee River, equidistant from Fort Myers, Sanibel Island, and Gulf. Can accommodate yachts up to 60ft. All amenities: pump-out, wifi, showers, toilets,... Read More
  • French Guiana and Suriname

    Date Published - February 26, 2013

    ...east side of Cayenne. Although well buoyed we escaped from high seas in the shallowing coastal waters and continued to the Ile du Salut archipelago.... Read More
  • Paramount Drug Co

    Address: 1319 Commercial Street, Astoria, West Coast, USA, OR 97103

    Pharmacy...... Read More
  • Trouble in Paradise?

    Address: Fisheries & Quarantine Dock, Neiafu Harbour,

    Ian Mobile: 755 7899 /Andrew Mob: 849 5468 Ian Cox and Andrew Jones provide all types of mechanical repairs, fabrication, welding, timber and fibreglass work.... Read More
  • Vietnam: The Elusive Future Cruisers’ Paradise

    Date Published - May 17, 2010

    ...the charcoal fired sidewalk food caterers. The Han River has a wide promenade for several miles in the downtown section with a wide boulevard and... Read More
  • Paradise International Hotel

    Address: Tonga,

    Overlooking Port of Refuge Harbour. This hotel suffered a serious fire in November 2008, reducing it to rubble. News of any re-development will be posted... Read More
  • Marina Paraiso

    Address: Rueda Medina 491, Aeropuerto, Quintana Roo, Isla Mujeres, East coast, Mexico, 77400 Clearance services on-site, although fees for this reported being high. Those at anchor can buy a marina day pass for 50 pesos, which allows... Read More
  • Marine Parade Surgery

    Address: 1 Marine Parade, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0QL

    Doctors...... Read More
  • Brazil: Cruising Guide to the coast of Brazil Part 2: North Coast from Paraiba State to Maranhao State

    Also available as an eBook from Covering the islands of Sao Pedro & Sao Paul, Fernando de Noronha and the north coast from Cabedelo... Read More
  • U paradisu

    Address: Baie de Tamarone, 20248 Rogliano, Macinaggio, Corsica, France, 20248

    Restaurant serving regional seafood and cuisine located 2km from the port....... Read More
  • Brazil: Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil Part 1: East Coast from Paraiba State to Bahia State

    Also available as an eBook from Covering the islands of Sao Pedro & Sao Paul, Fernando de Noronha and the east coast from Cabedelo... Read More
  • Paradise Beach Hotel Restaurant

    Address: Villa Beach, Kingstown, St Vincent, St Vincent & the Grenadines,

    Local specialties including crab back, Creole chicken, grilled fish, and lobster and a popular Friday night BBQ...... Read More
  • Paradise Hotel Sanur

    Address: Jl. Hang Tuah 46, Sanur, Benoa, South / Central Indonesia - Bali, Indonesia,

  • Yachtcharter Paracelsus

    Address: Supetarska Draga 288 B, Rab Town, Northern Islands, Croatia, 51280

    Steyr...... Read More
  • Paradise Cove Resort & Restaurant

    Address: Paradise Cove, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu,

    Swimming pool, mountain bikes, snorkelling, diving, beach volley. Fresh made pasta by the beach. Open to everyone for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call to arrange... Read More
  • South Pacific: Sailing Adventures in Paradise

    ...only in the warm tropical breeze gently fanning him over the port quarter, helms his craft by starlight alone. See review here By: Vincent Bossley... Read More
  • Maldives: Sailing Through Paradise

    The main part of the guide deals with all the atolls in detail and is an invaluable resource for anyone planning a cruise through the... Read More
  • Paradise Cove

    Address: Deadmans Reef, Bahamas,

    Situated on a secluded beach. Mainly hamburgers and snacks....... Read More
  • Surfers Paradise

    Address: Amiralsgatan, Malmo, West Coast, Sweden, 14

    Amiralsgatan, 14 Malmo, Sweden Tel: +46(0)40 12 15 12 Fax: +46(0)40 12 11 70 Email: Opening hours: 10:00 – 24:00 daily WiFi...... Read More
  • La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

    ...La Cruz Kids Club. The region also has a wide range of cultural, historical and natural tourism options. The Banderas Bay VHF net is at... Read More
  • Schengen Visas: Some Welcome Changes to the Short-Stay Rules

    Date Published - March 18, 2014 used for calculating the period allowed to stay under the new rules. The user’s guide contains information on the new rules, the use of... Read More
  • Schengen Visas: Some Welcome Changes to the Short-Stay Rules

    Date Published - March 18, 2014 used for calculating the period of allowed stay under the new rules. The user’s guide contains information on the new rules, the use of... Read More
  • Marmaris

    ...reasonable responses, although once the Marina is involved (for mast lifting etc.) all bets are off. Lifting mast and put back for Euro 1200. All... Read More
  • Mexico, Caribbean Side: Clearing in and out – Cruisers’ Experiences

    Date Published - January 22, 2019

    ...Document papers For vessels with a dog you will need: Proof of current rabies & parvo vaccination and internal/external parasite prevention (frontline/heartguard). For vessels staying... Read More
  • Cartagena

    ...value fresh produce. The best value alcohol in Cartagena can be bought from one of the import stores located in “Contraband Alley” or “Centro Comercial... Read More
  • Colombia

    ...with the heavy swell pushed up by the contours of the seafloor.  Local Forecasts: Colombia Local Weather Services Northwest Caribbean Net Caribbean: National, Regional and... Read More
  • New Zealand

    ...2018, all commercial and recreational vessels arriving in New Zealand will need to have a clean hull. This means vessels will only be allowed to... Read More
  • Thailand

    ...on inward clearance and 1000 Baht on departure. Harbour Master The Harbour Master (Port Control) charges 100 Baht on departure only (although this varies with... Read More
  • Puerto de la Navidad siesta time(2-4:30 p.m). Arrendadora de Autos Auto Rentas de Mexico National Car Rental – Puerto de la Navidad Renta De Autos Budget Blvd.  ... Read More
  • Pacific Panama: Cruising Notes for the Darien Region

    Date Published - November 28, 2015

    ...the Pan-American route that goes all the way to Alaska. I haven’t navigated this river and I don’t have information. PUNTA ALEGRE I anchored at... Read More
  • A Passage around the ‘Wild-West’ end of Cuba – January 2015

    Date Published - April 26, 2015 so we expected to ‘lose’ several days, but they came back with a further thirty days added to the original date. We also met... Read More
  • Health Controls for Leisure Boats that Enter Brazil

    Date Published - December 16, 2011

    ...para fins não comerciais; V – classificadas como plataformas de estrutura fixa, localizadas em águas sob jurisdição nacional; CAPÍTULO VII – DAS DISPOSIÇÕES FINAIS Art.... Read More
  • Notes for the Andaman Islands

    Date Published - June 20, 2018

    ...Wong) to use for daily reporting into Port Blair Port Control. Our mobile phone with a local sim also helped to keep satellite call costs... Read More
  • An Orkney Summer Cruise

    Date Published - December 29, 2008

    ...go to the other side but just in case, all eyes were on every navigational feature at our disposal – the chart plotter, the depth... Read More
  • Lessons Learned from Providing Shore-Support during the 2020 west-to-east Atlantic crossing

    Date Published - December 26, 2020 media or other interface. Either way multiple people can be alerted to a ‘situation’. In our opinion, satellite communications are essential on board an... Read More
  • Madagascar – Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - November 16, 2015 much you should pay. Tuk-Tuk drivers initially quote highly inflated tourist rates to non-locals. Yesterday I observed 8 people in (mostly) a Tuk-Tuk which... Read More
  • SV JOANA’S Refit Experiences in North Island NZ (November 2015 to September 2016)

    Date Published - October 16, 2016

    ...everywhere you can make GST free purchases (certainly true with all of the marine shops/contractors I’ve listed below). We did have several packages sent to... Read More
  • Warning Regarding the International Transport of Yachts

    Are you thinking of shipping your boat from Turkey to another country (or across the Pond)? This Consumer Alert from the Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom... Read More
  • Warning Regarding the International Transport of Yachts

    Date Published - August 21, 2015

    Are you thinking of shipping your boat from Turkey to another country (or across the Pond)? This Consumer Alert from the Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom... Read More
  • Warning Regarding the International Transport of Yachts

    Are you thinking of shipping your boat from Turkey to another country (or across the Pond)? This Consumer Alert from the Federal Maritime Commission Newsroom... Read More
  • Maldives to the Red Sea: Travelling solo through the HRA (High Risk Area)

    Date Published - March 25, 2015 guards to Male’ several days before we had even signed the contract. But it all got resolved, and we left Male’ on good terms.... Read More
  • Chile: Cruising the Channels in Patagonia

    Date Published - January 25, 2019

    ...and put alongside.  Clearing into Ushuaia was straight forward. The YC is very friendly and helpful, Roxana is the source of all knowledge! There is... Read More
  • New 90/180 Visa Regulation Explained

    Date Published - February 08, 2012

    ...foreign citizens owning property in Turkey are also affected by the new visa rules. Effective February 1, 2012, the Turkish authorities will implement new regulations... Read More
  • Detailed Notes of Our Cruise in The Solomon Island in 2010

    Date Published - February 12, 2011 all times. Close all ports and hatches and lock up whenever you leave the boat. A bright anchor light at deck level (not the... Read More
  • Cruising Mexico

    Date Published - May 21, 2009

    ...the time although we do manage to download emails and weather info daily, trying to keep up with NW net is almost impossible due to... Read More
  • South Pacific Cruising in 2021

    Date Published - February 04, 2021

    ...done better than most and so daily life, especially where I live in Fukuoka, has gone on almost as normal. The virus has, of course,... Read More
  • Colombian Formalities and Procedures – Our Understanding after 10 weeks Cruising

    Date Published - November 12, 2012

    ...longer. Local fishermen in the Santa Marta region also have to obtain a new Jurisdictional Zarpe in the same manner. Note: There are special zones... Read More
  • Morocco: Agadir Marina and nearby cities

    Date Published - November 27, 2018

    ...did. Apparently, although they monitor channel 9, they don’t reply. Upon our Friday morning arrival, we hailed the marina on VHF channel 9 with no... Read More
  • New Zealand: Favourite cruising spots around Auckland and North Island

    Date Published - September 11, 2018

    ...the location of all the anchorages and bays they visited, which have been compiled, in alphabetical order, to provide a handy reference for those following... Read More
  • Sail to Indonesia Rally

    Address: Perum. Nuansa Kori XV1/1, Indonesia,

    Annual Sailing Rally that departs northern Australia in mid-July. Three to four month program of linked events across Indonesia that are supported by the Indonesian... Read More
  • Sint Maarten

    ...Sint Maarten from an international destination: dial 1 + 721 + local phone number Cellular phones – There are several digital cell phone systems in... Read More
  • The Little Ship Club of Canterbury

    Address: C/- Naval Point Club, Lyttelton, Christchurch, New Zealand, 8000

    If you are a cruising boat visiting Banks Peninsula on New Zealand’s South Island, members of The Little Ship Club of Canterbury are happy to... Read More
  • Nautilus Marine
    Provide insurance cover for owners of yacht and catamarans, subject to Underwriting acceptance criteria. Offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia... Read More
  • Vanuatu Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - November 13, 2012

    ...currency (VATU) at Anatom, Tanna and Vanua Lava Islands. So try to secure at least 30,000 VATU prior to/upon arrival in Vanuatu. This amount should... Read More
  • Mopelia (Maupiha’a)

    ...the islands have refloated a catamaran that had foundered on the reef at the pass. It took all of the locals several days, using 13... Read More
  • Three Months in Suriname

    Date Published - June 20, 2009

    ...from the local fishing boats. There is a group of several Dutch boats who have been here for several years, they are very helpful, and... Read More
  • Department of Immigration – Antigua & Barbuda

    Address: Long & Thames Street, Ground and 2nd floors, St. Johns, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

    The focus of the Immigration Department is the building of an integrated border management system, which is universally accepted. Apply for an eVisa through the... Read More
  • El Salvador normal. Last updated: April 2019 International dialing for El Salvador: dial 1 + 503 + local phone number. Phone numbers usually have eight digits;... Read More
  • Cartagena de Indias: Leaving a boat for a long period of time

    Date Published - June 19, 2014 your boat. But now Ferroalquimar doesn’t accept private yachts any more, as they decided to deal only with commercial crafts. As per Manzanillo, last... Read More
  • Mikonos a “maistros” place near the port that offers shower for 5EUR (they give towel and shampoo). Also, they have car rental (50eur Chevrolet Matiz)... Read More
  • Argentina

    ...application form which can be downloaded here. Then send the form to all three e-mail addresses below: A response should be returned within... Read More
  • Noonsite Needs You!

    Date Published - May 15, 2020

    ...healthy is paramount and our thoughts are with all those who may have been personally affected by the pandemic. At Noonsite, we have been working... Read More
  • Gulf of Aden & Red Sea Passage – January 2015

    Date Published - January 22, 2015

    ...and was able to find a security contractor at the last minute and also arrange for a crew change there (which is impossible to do... Read More
  • Bahia del Sol

    ...Avenida De La Revolucion, San Salvador, Tel:(503) 22433750 Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00 National museum displaying a variety of local archaeological, ethnographic & historical objects. Joya... Read More
  • Croatia

    ...hand or nod with one’s head. Arrival: All animals need a general health certificate or pet passport to demonstrate they are free of parasites andhave... Read More
  • Morlaix

    ...Brest and to Paris as well as more local trains. Brest Airport +33(0)2 98 32 01 00 ABL (Hire cars) Allo Breizh Taxi Brittany Ferries... Read More
  • Zanzibar

    ...Unguja is 60 miles long and 20 miles wide and has beautiful beaches with fringing coral reefs. The capital city is Zanzibar City, which is... Read More
  • Cartagena – Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - January 23, 2018

    ...2064 Speaks excellent English and does US quality electrical work and also services gas stoves and watermakers. He is also the person to get starters,... Read More
  • Bowen

    ...mooring. There is no anchoring in the harbour, although it is possible outside. The marina at Airlie Beach provides more facilities, including a fuel berth.... Read More
  • Netherlands: The Swatchways around The Frisian Islands

    Date Published - January 15, 2018

    ...crabs and seals. It is both a national reserve and an international heritage location. All islands have tidal access from the Frisian or Holland mainland.... Read More
  • Fees for Simpson Bay Lagoon (Dutch Side) – Update

    Date Published - July 08, 2010 use the wrong conversion from feet to meters. This time, however, the woman was much nicer, and actually listened and realized she was using... Read More
  • Greek Cruising Updates: Ionian, Patras & Corinth Gulfs, Peloponnese

    Date Published - August 17, 2014

    ...meters of the commercial quay, as seen from the small harbour, can be used either alongside or stern or bows to. I saw some alongside,... Read More
  • Essential Information When Visiting The Galapagos

    Date Published - May 12, 2011

    ...a great national park system. Additional Charges for Out of Hours Clearance: We required our agent to conduct all transactions during normal business hours in... Read More
  • Yacht Insurance – Price Determinant Factors

    Date Published - January 17, 2011 your stated mast, spars, sails etc value) There are also a small number of other factors which may be taken into consideration (this all... Read More
  • Caribbean, BVIs: Search for Cruising Family’s Abandoned Yacht

    Date Published - January 18, 2017

    ...for Christmas, which the kids were super-excited about. We also had friends staying in Barbados who’s children couldn’t wait for us to arrive so we... Read More
  • Northern Red Sea Passage: Security and Other Concerns March 2017

    Date Published - July 18, 2017

    ...wait out bad weather behind the reefs. We just were “spooning” nicely along, all the way. (spoon: sail along in ideal pleasant conditions with light... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Homeschooling on Board for the College Bound Student

    Date Published - May 18, 2021

    ...if you want an outside teacher in some subjects but not all.) Many, but not all, of the Oak Meadow Homeschool programs are available as... Read More
  • South Pacific Cruising Notes: April to November 2013

    Date Published - October 21, 2014

    ...highlights were: Hiking in Nuku Hiva Snorkeling in the Tuomotus The Heiva Festival in July in Tahiti The Tuila Festival in September in Samoa Suwarrow... Read More
  • Vanuatu

    ...featuring initiation rites, mask dances, traditional dances and more. Espiritu Santo, Big Bay Cultural Festival. Fanla Rom Dance Black Magic Festival.  Fanla Village (oldest village... Read More
  • MALDIVES: Useful Information for Visiting Yachts – May 2015 – Part 1

    Date Published - May 06, 2015 we arrived. It is important to arrive on your estimated arrival date. All of the governmental forms reference that specific date. When you are... Read More
  • Family Sailing through the Indian Ocean High Risk Area (2016)

    Date Published - June 05, 2016

    ...that likes to take some calculated risks to be rewarded with unusual experiences. ALYTES sailed some routes off the beaten track (Papua New Guinea, the... Read More
  • Suriname Cruising Report

    Date Published - June 15, 2010

    ...Paramaribo, and an extra 8 miles to Domburg. Received Mon, Jun 14, 2010 The trip to Domburg is, calculated from the outer marker, approximately 35... Read More
  • Gran Canaria: ARC 2011 – Flags and bands celebrate the official opening of the 26th ARC

    Date Published - November 16, 2011

    ...Pal*]}*mas (City of Las Pal*]}*mas) and Sr Melchor Camon, of the Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria, welcomed the ARC fleet to Las Pal*]}*mas and... Read More
  • Pacific Planning Advice

    Date Published - March 26, 2019 well as digital. Always wear a mask when entering a new country to show respect and until you know the local rules. Keep an... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: Chris and Valeria Thorne

    Date Published - November 03, 2017

    ...cruisers that add the local knowledge required to make the final choice. Leaving your boat afloat or ashore attracts some discussion. Obviously remaining afloat and... Read More
  • Luperon

    ...night time arrival and any issues you may have on land or in the anchorage. This non-profit organization for many years represents all cruisers here... Read More
  • How to Save Money on Boat Insurance

    Date Published - March 06, 2009

    ...Contractu*]}*al liability: Commonly needed by boaters who rent storage space or a marina slip, contractu*]}*al liability satisfies a rental/slip contract’s hold harmless provision. With thanks... Read More
  • Wintering in Finike, SE Turkey: Cruisers Report

    Date Published - March 31, 2014

    ...for all the normal things, good all-around shelter, reasonable rates, haul-out facilities, a safe and pleasant environment/town and the best weather possible. In short, we... Read More
  • Getting Work Done in Fiji

    Date Published - October 21, 2009 that may be, insist on a written quote beforehand so that both parties are aware of the costs. Ensure that additional work, not on... Read More
  • The Recent History of Somali Piracy

    Date Published - May 30, 2018

    ...just the illegal fishing that was causing so much angst, but the illegal dumping of chemical and hazardous waste. The culprits were the Italian mafia... Read More
  • Wintering in the Mediterranean

    Date Published - April 15, 2019

    ...large repairs. All chandlers and more mechanical workshops are just around the corner which should make this the ideal place to resolve basically any issue... Read More
  • North Island, Whangarei: Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - March 06, 2015

    ...while hauled out. Marine Services in Whangarei All of the following contractors can be found in the Whangarei Marine Guide which you will be given... Read More
  • Galle: Updates from Cruisers

    Date Published - February 02, 2019

    ...they expect you to. The second thing you can do is find yourself a knowledgeable and honest Tuk-Tuk Driver. If you have a good Tuk-Tuk... Read More
  • Boat Insurance and Salvage: A Cautionary Tale from the Dominican Republic

    Date Published - January 24, 2022

    ...middle of the night. The fundamental rule to keep in mind is that, in such circumstances, you need to take all possible steps to limit... Read More
  • India, Kerala – Port Report: Eight Months in Cochin (Kochi)

    Date Published - November 28, 2019

    ...hulls mostly disappeared. All of this rain tends to turn the sails and lines green, but it washed off. There were also a lot of... Read More
  • Cyprus

    ...Greece and Turkey. The Republic of Cyprus is a member of the European Union, but is outside Schengen. Lacking natural harbours and anchorages, Cyprus has... Read More
  • Western Indonesia: Cruising the Riau Islands

    Date Published - August 01, 2019

    ...are also smaller local ferries and the occasional modern open speedboat. There are small car ferries and the occasional pelni (large passenger ferry) travelling between... Read More
  • Health Precautions Worldwide use a condom. One should carry sterile medical supplies for emergencies when one may require an injection. One should also avoid medical or dental... Read More
  • Saint Lucia Welcomes the Return of World ARC Circumnavigators

    Date Published - April 09, 2018

    ...Marigot Bay, through Castries Harbour, where she acted as a turning mark, before the final stretch to the finish line in Rodney Bay. A number... Read More
  • Pirates approach catamaran in South China Sea: April 2018

    Date Published - April 30, 2018

    ...within 200 nm and turned parallel to it at 0230 LT in position 17:15.7N – 111:16.3E, South China Sea (between the Paracel Islands and Hainan... Read More
  • Bay Islands, Honduras

    Date Published - October 22, 2009

    ...and they all taught the exactly the same syllabus as per the PADI manual leaving us feeling perfectly safe and in control at all times.... Read More
  • ARC 2014 Opening Ceremony: Flags and Bands One week to the start

    Date Published - November 16, 2014

    ...behind their national flags in a stirring parade around Las Pal*]}*mas Marina. At midday on Sunday, November 16, hundreds of ARC participants took part in... Read More
  • Thursday Island

    ...and sweeping views, with excellent seafood. Upper Victoria Parade. Federal Hotel has a restaurant serving lunch and dinner. Victoria Parade. Rainbow Motel has a good... Read More
  • French Polynesia, Tahiti: Yachts burgled at Marina Papeete – August 2017

    Date Published - August 31, 2017

    ...the local police and also to the marina management, particularly as the lighting in the promenade area, which runs parallel to the pontoon, is not... Read More
  • Roatan (Coxen Hole)

    ...Proceed past the starboard marker to 16.21.17/86.26.97, turn starboard to 16.231.16/86.26.79, paralleling the reef. This will keep you clear of the (sometimes) marked shoal to... Read More
  • Lattakia – Informal Information

    Date Published - June 06, 2010 back to the official paranoia about visitors. Everyone one meets loves Syria in general and the Syrians in particular. Never can there be a... Read More
  • ARC 2013 Official Opening Ceremony: Flags and Bands

    Date Published - November 18, 2013

    ...del Ayuntamiento de Las Pal*]}*mas (City Hall of Las Pal*]}*mas) and Sr Melchor Camon, of the Patronato de Turismo de Gran Canaria. Leo Clarke, Chairman... Read More
  • Puerto Vallarta/ Banderas Bay

    ...Highlights: Banderas Bay has a variety of cruising amenities including skilled craftsmen, good provisioning, chandleries and other supplies. It also has a wide range of... Read More
  • St. Vincent, Wallilabou Bay: Masked gunmen kill German man on yacht – March 2016

    Date Published - March 06, 2016

    ...and that they are in our thoughts and our prayers,” said Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security. “Our people are not like this... Read More
  • Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

    ...1600-2000 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. There are coin and card phones all around the marina. There is an internet cafe in the commercial center.... Read More
  • Stornoway (Lewis, Western Isles)

    ...(Stornoway harbor) If requiring International clearance, report to the Harbour office with all the necessary papers and passports. Stornoway Harbour Master The inner harbor has... Read More
  • Saint-Petersburg Central (River) Yacht Club

    Date Published - January 15, 2005

    Approaches to the Saint-Petersburg Central (River) Yacht Club The docks of the Saint Petersburg Central (River) Yacht Club are situated in the mouths of the... Read More
  • Singapore

    ...documents: Passports (with retained white card portion) Crew list with approval code from agent/ICA (2 copies) Original arrival crew list endorsed by ICA on arrival... Read More
  • Macinaggio

    ...there is a restaurant U Paradise with a very good kitchen and in a beautiful setting. The position of the port is making it also... Read More
  • Antigua & Barbuda

    ...• However, still complete the process as normal, although it will not help you at all with Health. • We tried calling and emailing... Read More
  • Trinidad & Tobago

    ...2021 Medical care is available but conditions may be antiquated and the waits maybe long.  The main facilities are Port of Spain’s General Hospital and... Read More
  • Maldives

    ...and alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are only available on resort islands and should not be taken off a resort. . The export of tortoiseshell, turtle shell... Read More
  • Guatemala

    ...are also typical in several local villages throughout the country. At the markets you find local vendors selling everything from local handicrafts to livestock. One... Read More
  • Valencia

    COVID-19 – 12 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Spanish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Valencia is... Read More
  • Venezuela

    ...contract. Relative to buying separate SIM cards for all the countries you are visiting, it is also highly affordable. Unlike a Venezuela cell phone rental,... Read More
  • Tyrell Bay & Hillsborough (Carriacou)

    ...built boats, is held on the first weekend in August. The Parang Festival is a celebration of the island’s traditional Christmas music and culture and... Read More
  • Los Roques, Las Aves, Bonaire & Curacao: Latest Updates

    Date Published - February 21, 2018

    ...depend on yachts started to shout, she lowered it to 0.5 million per foot. This came to a total of 31 million (Immigration and National... Read More
  • Canet-en-Roussillon

    ...Team puerto buenos servicios , pero caro, muy caro, solo tienen plaza de mar precio por dia aunque sea mes entero 750€ mes fuera de... Read More
  • Fajardo this area sustained damage as evidenced by press photographs and media helicopter flyovers. Puerto del Rey sustained some damage to yachts, but all the... Read More
  • Los Roques

    ...Islands. Gran Roque, the capital, is the most easily accessible spot for tourists from the mainland. Consequently, all types of planes come and go at... Read More
  • Panama

    ...Dial 911 Police – Dial 104 Directory assistance – Dial 102 The Panamanian National Police (PNP) has a special Tourism Police Unit to deal with... Read More
  • Ilha de Itaparica

    ...handphones and tried to steal the dinghy with no result. All the police told him: "Well it's this time of the year when people need... Read More
  • Gibraltar

    ...Fire – Dial 190 Royal Gibraltar Police – Dial 72500 E.U. Emergency – Dial 112 Gibraltar Tourist Board Gibraltar Government Website Strait of Gibraltar... Read More
  • Golden Compass Yachts

    Address: Perigiali, Lefkada, Greece,

    ...from client: Attached are a couple of photos that show that the boat was Opal and not Coral as contracted. Also in an image showing... Read More
  • Peru

    ...1) upon entering Peruvian waters (EPW) 2) documenting any stoppage at sea (DR) 3) a final report one hour before arrival at the final destination... Read More
  • St. Vincent, Wallilabou Bay: Masked gunmen kill German man on yacht – Update

    Date Published - March 08, 2016

    ...are at this event and that they are in our thoughts and our prayers,” said Gonsalves, who is also Minister of National Security. “Our people... Read More
  • Charleston

    ...the City of Charleston is hosting the annual Charleston Harbor Christmas Parade of Boats in the Charleston Harbor from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. The... Read More
  • Piriapolis in town. For domestic departures, visit the Harbour Master to check out and pay and then the Prefectura with your payment slip. For international... Read More
  • Panama: All Visiting Yachts Now Required to Pre-Register Arrival Information

    Date Published - February 11, 2009

    .../ Puerto de Salida Panama Port of Call / Puerto de Llamada (see list above) Estimated Date of Arrival / Fecha Estimada de Arribo (It... Read More
  • Marina de Isla Graciosa – Further Comment on Berthing

    Date Published - June 04, 2012

    ...formal check-in to the Canaries when we sailed to Lanzarote. The rate for our 40 feet vessel 10 euros per day, including water but no... Read More
  • Philippines Security Advice

    Date Published - September 07, 2014 About 200 PHP per kilo is a fair price. B. Have small bottles of local whiskey to give as gifts. C. Smile Philip B.... Read More
  • Siros

    ...several small ports/anchorages, but only Finikas has anything more than tavernas and some basic provisions (it also has water). Position:   37° 26.08’N, 24° 56.94’E... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Sailing Away – Top 10 Tips

    Date Published - January 21, 2020

    ...fridge to helping you focus on setting off. Several cruisers we know flew home within months of having “sailed away”, returning for weddings or significant... Read More
  • Madagascar official record must be shown on arrival. Even with all arrangements made, pets may not be allowed to land. Electricity Voltage: 220 V Frequency:... Read More
  • Vanuatu: Sea Mercy lands first container of disaster relief supplies post Cyclone Harold amidst COVID travel restrictions

    Date Published - April 21, 2020 response to Harold, utilizing precious local knowledge gained from these two earlier missions. Working locally, Sea Mercy Fiji’s President Nigel Skeggs quickly assembled a... Read More
  • Darwin

    ...local requirements for their entry to Darwin. International arrival clearance of small craft is undertaken at the Cullen Bay Pontoon. General Clearance: On approach, contact... Read More
  • Superior Weather Tracking Created By Cruisers for Cruisers

    ...released this month. We are also a bit proud of GLOBAL-LOCAL – a new feature showing a world map with the current satellite cloud images... Read More
  • Superior Weather Tracking Created By Cruisers for Cruisers

    Date Published - January 17, 2012

    ...released this month. We are also a bit proud of GLOBAL-LOCAL – a new feature showing a world map with the current satellite cloud images... Read More
  • First Long Passage: Gibraltar to Rabat, Morocco

    Date Published - August 28, 2018

    ...out all the paperwork the marina also got their info as for when I went to visit the marina office we were all set as... Read More
  • Cuba Notes – July 2010

    Date Published - November 04, 2010

    ...customs, the harbour master and drug control, and one nameless official who was in charge of all the others. Drug control had a very well-trained... Read More
  • Sights to see in Mayotte

    Date Published - August 22, 2002 also well worth a walk at low tide, in spite of all the rubbish found. Fishing inside the reefs brought a very little result... Read More
  • Trading Goods in the South Pacific

    Date Published - May 25, 2016

    ...did not take any alcohol for exchange. I always refused if I was asked for it. I never allowed anyone to come on board after... Read More
  • Become a Citizen Oceanographer: Help Scientists Close the Data Gap

    Date Published - January 21, 2015

    ...of our planet and play a critical role in buffering the atmosphere, cycling nutrients through the food web and absorbing the massive release of CO2... Read More
  • Venezuela: Los Roques to be Nationalised

    Date Published - October 11, 2011

    ...a national park and an idyllic archipelago of deserted beaches of perfect white sand with swaying palms and dazzling coral reefs, into a state-run getaway... Read More
  • Venezuela: Los Roques to be Nationalised

    Date Published - October 11, 2011

    ...a national park and an idyllic archipelago of deserted beaches of perfect white sand with swaying palms and dazzling coral reefs, into a state-run getaway... Read More
  • African Ocean Blues: From the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean

    Date Published - October 22, 2015

    ...recording these last remaining natural paradises through documentary reports, which we produce for Italian and European television networks, and through the books that we write”.... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Boatschooling – Ages 4 to 12

    Date Published - September 19, 2020

    ...question is a legal one: where do you “live” officially, and can you homeschool? It is legal in many countries, illegal in others, but I... Read More
  • Spanish Maritime & Navigation rates affecting cruisers in the Canaries – revised for 2015 – updated

    Date Published - January 19, 2015

    ...ports and marinas under the control of the Port Authorities (essentially those in basins shared by commercial ports: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Pal*]}*mas, Arrecife,... Read More
  • Suez Canal: Transit Information

    Date Published - April 28, 2019 official or an official of the Canal Authority, on the correct procedure to follow. Although time-consuming, taking about 2-3 days, the formalities can be... Read More
  • Warning if Taking on Fuel at Turtle Bay

    Date Published - April 19, 2011

    ...wire would have been run through that hole and a seal affixed. The wire and the seal were missing and judging from the dirt have... Read More
  • SailGrib WR – Weather App for Android and iPad

    Date Published - April 10, 2018

    ...(you can also use grib data from your own sources) it has many additional features (see below), but for me the complete routing module is... Read More
  • Spanish Maritime & Navigation rates affecting cruisers in the Canaries – revised for 2015 – updated

    Date Published - January 19, 2015

    ...the control of the Port Authorities (essentially those in basins shared by commercial ports: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Pal*]}*mas, Arrecife, San Sebastian (La Gomera),... Read More
  • Gibraltar to Cadiz: Orca Encounter – First Person Report

    Date Published - June 13, 2021 Cascais, Portugal, with three challenges: The strait of Gibraltar Orcas and (almadrabas) fishing nets around Barbate Headwinds from Sagres to Cascais We were three... Read More
  • Russia

    ...get a 4 week tourist visa. Yachts arriving without visas for all crew members may be turned away. Difficulties will also be encountered if there... Read More
  • French Polynesia: Cruisers Economic Impact Survey

    Date Published - May 14, 2020

    ...of attacks against sailboats, and the resulting menace to nautical tourism. It follows several such alerts, including in the local press, and a few meetings... Read More
  • A Stop in Tunisia: Comparing Marina Prices and Service

    Date Published - September 10, 2014

    ...and operational marina. Perhaps I gave you incorrect information or you calculated the cost for a much larger vessel than ours, please be so kind... Read More
  • Bermuda: An expensive stopover

    Date Published - July 07, 2013

    ...note: Diesel almost $2/litre. even minor repairs are hard to organize as the various services are spread out and on top: expensive. lying alongside the... Read More
  • Martinique

    ...ARRIVAL FORMALITIES General process: Upon arrival, vessels should fly the French courtesy flag (not the Martinique one) and proceed to a Customs and Immigration computer... Read More
  • Dili: Practical Information for Cruisers

    Date Published - December 28, 2018

    ...a 30 days social visa, which is in contrast to all information we found earlier which clearly stated a sponsor letter is only required for... Read More
  • How to visit Syria by boat

    Date Published - May 25, 2008

    ...completed. All official offices are closed in Syria on Fridays and Saturdays as well as on several other national holidays. Make sure to arrive on... Read More
  • Madagascar and Mozambique Channel

    Date Published - January 29, 2021

    ...these communities to return to normal and this could alter the entire experience on a personal level. Obviously I am not prepared to divulge the... Read More
  • Fiji to Lombok, Indonesia: A 3800NM Non-Stop Journey

    Date Published - November 14, 2021

    ...several countries and groups of islands. Route planning is therefore one of our most important preparations. Nearly 4000NM between Fiji and Lombok. Vanuatu First, we... Read More
  • Greek Tax (TPP); Relaxation of Port Police Procedures (as at 28 April 2014)

    Date Published - May 05, 2014

    ...register the boat, and also payments of TPP, using an on-line central registry. While the boat stays in Greece, the DEKPA only has to be... Read More
  • Croatia to Thailand – Tips from our Delivery Trip

    Date Published - October 03, 2008

    ...provided all necessary services for $200. Were also contacted by Dee Dee Yacht Services for tuk-tuk and assistance ashore and we paid $50 (plus $50... Read More
  • Montenegro

    ...Medical emergency services – Dial 124   Montenegro Ministry of Tourism A useful site for sailing information for Albania & Montenegro Mediterranean Bound –... Read More
  • Cruising in Egypt – the Low Down

    Date Published - October 14, 2013

    ...$120 (receipt not expected as, technically, illegal) TOTAL: $560 Back to Ismalia We had a reasonable pilot for this leg and the benefit of the... Read More
  • Palau (Belau)

    ...declared to Customs on arrival. Electricity: Standard voltage – 120 V Frequency – 60 Hz Water: Royal Belau Yacht Club, Malakal Harbour. Fuel: Royal Belau Yacht Club, Malakal Harbour.... Read More
  • Transiting the Panama Canal without an Agent: Cruisers’ Report

    Date Published - February 10, 2016

    ...full moon rose over Cristobal was magical. On day two of the transit, at around 0700, I called Cristobal Signal Station (VHF Ch 12) to... Read More
  • Indian Ocean 2018: Threat Update and Recommendations

    Date Published - January 18, 2018

    ...Q6099. Ensure all communications (satellite phones and VHF radios) are always fully charged with spare batteries. Larger yachts may wish to consider contracting professional 3-4... Read More
  • Cruising Reports for Nicaragua: Corinto & San Juan Del Sur

    Date Published - May 23, 2005

    ...The sand/mud bottom provides good holding. There is a 2.7 meter (8.9 foot) tidal range that floods and ebbs into the estuary. The current is... Read More
  • Australian Customs Officers – Comments from Cruisers

    Date Published - December 03, 2008

    ...Australian Customs. These are posted below, however, it is always good to know what “might possibly” happen, so you can be prepared on arrival in... Read More
  • Shelter Bay Marina: Feedback from Cruisers & Marina Info.

    Date Published - June 10, 2017

    ...would return again without hesitation. Posted 30 June 2011 From Jon Hill We recently spent several days in the Shelter Bay Marina preparing for canal... Read More
  • La Unión

    ...(“Super Selectos”), all sorts of medical services, veterinary services, hardware stores and logistical and communication support. The marina itself has a small snack bar with... Read More
  • Southern Cook Islands

    ...strong northerlies. Aitutaki A visit to the Cook Islands is not complete without seeing the beautiful island of Aitutaki. The breathtaking allure of its crystal... Read More
  • Albufeira

    ...Portugal Auto Jardim Algarve SA Radio Taxis de Albufeira Visacar-aluguer De Veículos Motorizados Lda. Tourist Information – Albufeira Several cafes and restaurants (some offer discounts... Read More
  • Albania Entry – Sarande

    Date Published - July 08, 2015

    ...nights alongside in the secure commercial harbour and an Albanian courtesy flag was 70 Euros. My wife has a South African passport and did not... Read More
  • Subic Bay

    ...are all kept in natural sea pens in Subic Bay. The park also has numerous aquariums with local invertebrates and marine fish species. Zoobic Safari... Read More
  • Mindelo: Feedback from Cruisers

    Date Published - November 25, 2018

    ...different things in different stores so it pays to shop around. You will find powdered milk, carton milk, yoghurt, cheeses, canned goods, chips, sodas, alcohol…... Read More
  • Povoa de Varzim an official Port of Entry. See the Noonsite/Portugal/Formalities page for full details of clearance. Clearance can be completed at the marina office. All yachts,... Read More
  • Overcharged and Threatened in the Galapagos – San Cristobal

    Date Published - August 23, 2009

    Reported by Yacht Seren Arrival in the Galapagos – San Cristobal Fernando came aboard (an agent contracted by Yachtgala). We discussed the total price. No... Read More
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    ...Las Pal*]}*mas are the best in the Canaries and almost any type of repair can be carried out. The biggest concentration of workshops is in... Read More
  • Clearing into Australia: Cruisers Report

    Date Published - March 30, 2015

    ...found the public officials very helpful and easy to deal with, as were all of the marina staff. Rivergate is 2 miles from the railway... Read More
  • Cruising East Africa, Tanzania: A great place to sit out the cyclone season

    Date Published - July 24, 2018

    ...of Dar that has all the consulates, embassies, NGO headquarters, etc. It also has all the housing for the ex-pat’s that live in Dar. So,... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: Andy & Julie Nemier

    Date Published - January 24, 2020

    ...issue. Everyone has their own space, and everyone has their own bathroom. On the hard in Hawaii. All engine HP ratings are designed for commercial... Read More
  • IGY Rodney Bay Marina responds to negative security reports on the island

    Date Published - February 25, 2015

    ...contractor as they are considered the most professional security contractor in St Lucia with a reputation for high standards. The importance of providing a secure... Read More
  • La Linea de la Conception, Marina Alcaidesa: Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - February 07, 2018

    ...of Algeciras most probably is one of the ugliest places in all of Spain – but, if you do make a stop, don’t miss the... Read More
  • Bezzina Ship Repair Yard

    Address: 19-24 Coal Wharf, Marsa, Marsamxett Harbour, Malta, Malta,

    Architectural & civil engineers; boat storage; electrical engineers; engineering contractors; heavy haulage; industrial engineers; mechanical engineers; shipbuilding; ship repair; steel fabrication & site erection services;... Read More
  • Maritime crime incidents across Southeast Asia at highest level in years

    Date Published - October 29, 2015

    ...gangs in the region has been the petty theft of ships stores as gangs look to steal engine parts and high-value machinery for resale on... Read More
  • St Helena: Robust Mooring Field now Available

    Date Published - January 21, 2013

    ...overseen by Project Manager, Chris ‘Hedge’ Shuter of Marine Maven (T&T) Ltd, with local St Helena contractors Keith and Crag Yon and Graham Sim also... Read More
  • Six Months Cruising Brazil

    Date Published - October 23, 2013

    ...The Policia Federal is a large organization and only a handful of offices, at docks and airports, handle visas. They are not always easy to... Read More
  • New Marinas for India

    Date Published - June 27, 2008

    ...he has signed a deal with a developer to build a marina in a real estate project in Goa. He declined to name the developer,... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador: Clearing In

    Date Published - June 25, 2012

    ...which is next door to the Policia Federal. These are both a short distance north of the Terminal Nautico. The Capitania dos Portos is the... Read More
  • Florida, USA: Arriving in Ft. Lauderdale from overseas

    Date Published - August 27, 2017

    ...for your tender as well. All other laws are normal as for any foreign country visited. Remember to ensure your dingy is equipped with all... Read More
  • Are Sharks Colour Blind? Why NOT to Wear Black Swim Gear

    Date Published - January 25, 2011

    ...lures that are less attractive to sharks as well as to design swimming attire and surf craft that have a lower visual contrast to sharks... Read More
  • Turkey: Applying for a Short Term Residency Permit

    Date Published - February 25, 2022 us 10 months in total from our entry date into Turkey. The reason for this is we only had a four month marina contract... Read More
  • Cruising Notes on Eritrea

    Date Published - December 30, 2008

    ...strange, no mobile phones (for international), no ATM’s- for a capital its all pretty backward. However, the main palm-lined boulevard filled with Italian style cafes... Read More
  • British Virgin Islands purchasing an annual $200 Temporary Importation Permit, then going across the street with our new permit and purchasing a resident $75 annual National Parks... Read More
  • Queensland: Four Months in Manly

    Date Published - April 20, 2015

    ...highly professional. I can report first hand on a number of the contractors all of whom were a pleasure to have aboard and work with.... Read More
  • Bahamas, Rock Sound: Cruisers Raise Funds for the Local Community

    Date Published - May 05, 2020

    ...local community for all their support and care during this unprecedented time. Cruisers flock to the Bahamas year in and year out. We need the... Read More
  • North Sea: Rescued yacht “Harrier of Down” sinks during towing

    Date Published - October 13, 2015

    ...the next day the strong contrary wind continued to blow beneath a heavy grey sky. I could not receive additional radio weather forecasts in the... Read More
  • The Current State of Kochi International Marina, Cochin, India

    Date Published - March 12, 2012

    ...Blue, the management team behind the current marina contract. There are three main pontoon fingers and all three are in a poor state. They are... Read More
  • Satun, Phithak (PSS) Shipyard: Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - January 09, 2019

    ...on our ships. After all, our goals, tasks, and priorities can change several times in one day so our flexibility and the yard’s flexibility are... Read More
  • St. Lucia

    ...boatyard. Good electrical, mechanical and electronic contractors, several of whom work as service agents for major manufacturers. Note that the Christmas period is a busy... Read More
  • Ria De Viveiro

    ...Medieval town contrasts with the busy, commercial fishing port situated to seaward. The yacht harbor is very close to the town centre, up to a... Read More
  • New South Wales to Fiji: A Challenging Voyagef

    Date Published - May 26, 2015

    ...details of the repair, I will just say it was not that easy and it took several attempts to line the shaft up with the... Read More
  • Morocco

    ...and Amazigh. French is also spoken and understood by almost all Moroccans and Spanish is widely spoken in the northern and southern regions of Morocco.... Read More
  • Neiafu, Vava’u Updates

    Date Published - May 05, 2013

    ...have no need to hurry. We fully enjoyed the experience. The only fees we paid were $100 (all amounts noted are Tongan local) for health... Read More
  • Customs and Excise Division – Antigua and Barbuda

    Address: Customs Department, Church & Thames Streets, St. John's, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

    In order to facilitate speedy customs processing, the Customs Department suggests that yachtsmen fill out their clearance document using the online eSeaClear system. COMPTROLLER OF... Read More
  • Cabedelo

    ...and deal with the Port Authority on your behalf. Nicolas will also complete all the necessary forms and translate when communicating with officials (there is... Read More
  • Ecuador

    ...should see Galapagos for more details. International Clearance: Yacht leaving the country will require an international zarpe. First visit the Port Captain with all of... Read More
  • World ARC Yachts Complete their Circumnavigation

    Date Published - March 30, 2009

    ...Having cruised up through the southern Caribbean to rendezvous at St.Lucia’s Marigot Bay last week, the final 10 nautical miles of their 23,000nm around the... Read More
  • Pacific Costa Rica – Marina Papagayo

    Date Published - February 29, 2012

    ...better, no charges) Cruising Permit to remain into national waters 90 days……USD $75.00 Local agent to take care of the sailboat and transport……USD $151.00 Agency... Read More
  • Greece: Harbour Dues Cut

    Date Published - August 14, 2014

    ...over 15,01m = 0,55 euro per day per metre c. Traditional boats/yachts (private or commercial, irrespective of LOA) = 0,08 euro per day per metre... Read More
  • Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Celebration of the Official Opening of ARC 2012

    Date Published - November 20, 2012

    ...the ARC fleet paraded behind the Banda Gran Canaria. The grand parade had a real festival atmosphere as participants young and old waved flags and... Read More
  • Cruising the Bazaruto region of Mozambique over Christmas

    Date Published - January 10, 2017

    ...up the coast to Bazaruto. The sea was alive and every day we put out the rods and caught yellowfin tuna which seemed to be... Read More
  • Galapagos: An Unforgettable Visit to a Unique Group of Islands

    Date Published - January 13, 2022

    ...The Biological department checked any corner of the boat for the import of anything which is not allowed.  It is recommended to comply with the... Read More
  • Aruba

    ...15 minutes. US Consulate General – (also responsible for Aruba) Consulate of Canada -(also responsible for Aruba) February: Carnival Parade Several weeks of celebrations with... Read More
  • Crew member dies in Clipper Round The World yacht race

    Date Published - September 05, 2015

    ...goal of sailing the world’s oceans. I am sure that Andy’s family and Andy himself would be proud of all of you. Stay strong and... Read More
  • Possible advice on avoiding Propane issues

    Date Published - February 12, 2005

    ...a new cooker anyway, perhaps one way to avoid the propane issue is to consider fitting a kerosene (Paraffin) stove. We have a pressurized kerosene... Read More
  • Crossing the Indian Ocean Guide 2015

    Date Published - January 05, 2016

    ...elephant, and absorb the beautiful countryside. 3RD – MALDIVES ARRIVAL PORT: Uligamu on Haa Alifu Island, 07.05 N and 072.56 E ARRIVAL DATE: Early March... Read More
  • Christmas Island Hardware

    Address: Poon Saan Road, Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, 6798

    Hardware store offering a range of goods including timber and hardware, key cutting, workwear, small engine sales and service, V-moto sales and service, garden supplies... Read More
  • Vanuatu Islands: Festivals and Traditional Custom Ceremonies

    Date Published - May 20, 2009

    ...To the south, the Toka Festival of Tanna is a solidarity-building event that takes place only every few years when the paramount chief deems conditions... Read More
  • Argentine entry requirements: Checking in and out of Mar Del Plata

    Date Published - November 22, 2017 raft, six parachute flares and six hand-held flares (even if just coastal cruising). I did not know about these requirements in advance and had... Read More
  • Grenada Ports Authority

    Address: The Carenage, P.O. Box 494, St. George's, Grenada,

    Grenada’s official ports of entry are operated and administered by the Grenada Ports Authority, which regulates and controls navigation within port limits. Information on the... Read More
  • Santa Cruz

    ...with about 12,000 residents. 96 Normal false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0cm... Read More
  • Port Elizabeth Sailing Club

    Address: Dom Pedro Jetty, Port Elizabeth, South Africa,

    The Port Elizabeth Sailing Club was established in order to support sailing and sailors in the Algoa Bay area and extends a warm welcome to... Read More
  • Nassau

    COVID-19: OPEN PORT See Bahamas Biosecurity for yachting protocols. Description: Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and is situated on the island of New... Read More
  • Bahia Solano

    ...There is a big festival on August 1 to celebrate life and the bay. They have parades in town, boat parades in the bay and... Read More
  • Christmas Island Visitor Centre

    Address: 1 Gaze Road, Settlement, Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island, 6798

    Make the Visitor Centre your first stop on your Christmas Island adventure.  Open seven days a week.  Relax in the lounge area and watch some... Read More
  • A Danger Zone in Front of Buenos Aires – Restriction Lifted

    Date Published - June 28, 2010

    ...Madero. This is the official report from the local National Hydrography Service: PROHIBITED ZONE TO SAIL (DISP.PZRP, HE7 NRO 192/2009) BY LAYING PIPE SUBMERGED FROM... Read More
  • Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries – South Africa

    Address: Agriculture Place, 20 Steve Biko (Formerly Beatrix) Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa, 0002

    ...*/ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} Fax: +27 12... Read More
  • Suva

    ...Limited Richard’s Small Engine Repairs Seamech Ltd Suva Marine Services Bayside Electrical Ltd Clay Engineering Cooke’s United Rizvy S. Ali – Electrician Tecair Ltd – Suva... Read More
  • St Cast – Channel

    ...France NW – St Cast Marina The building of a breakwater joining several rocky islets to the existing breakwater has allowed an all tide marina... Read More
  • Seven Weeks in the Galapagos

    Date Published - May 03, 2010

    ...a local will offer to deliver fuel to your boat at the international price plus a premium at all 3 ports. You can also on... Read More
  • Global Ocean Transport

    Address: PO Box 63, The Valley, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands, VG1150

    Daily vehicle ferry service between Virgin Gorda and Tortola. Schedule – Effective 12/1/19 Daily The Valley, VG to Beef Island departures – 8am / 12pm... Read More
  • Bandar Seri Bagawan

    ...Temburong Bridge (Vertical Clearance 25m).  When anchoring at RBYC (Kota Batu) be sure to stay to the side, out of the central navigation channel. Anchor... Read More
  • Balearics: Notes and Updates relating to the Imray RCC Pilot Book

    Date Published - October 11, 2014

    ...ferry terminal is now a new Ports IB marina. Berthing: Para 1: Club Nautico: These moorings are no longer alongside with rafting but are on... Read More
  • International Airport – Mikonos

    Address: Mikonos, Cyclades, Greece, 84600

    96 Normal false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm;... Read More
  • Yachtwerft Greifswald GmbH

    Address: Salinenstraße 22, Greifswald, Baltic Coast, Germany, 17489

    All types of repairs and maintenance. 96 Normal false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99;... Read More
  • China Opening up to Foreign Cruising Yachts

    Date Published - April 17, 2011 and pristine tropical beaches on an almost untouched paradise. If the world gets to hear about it, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef might have some... Read More
  • Pacific Ocean, Palau: Island Nation bans Fishing and Sun Creams

    Date Published - January 06, 2020

    ...sun creams that are harmful to fish and coral life. Palau’s fishing zones (c) Palau International Coral Reef Centre Situated east of the Philippines and... Read More
  • Brazil – Santos area – boatyard and yacht storage information

    Date Published - May 23, 2007

    ...on the north side and Clube Naval Charitas are excellent. The Club Naval offers very inexpensive rates for the first four days and then starts... Read More
  • FLYER 5

    Address: at the marina, Puerto Aventuras, East Coast, Mexico,

    Parasailing Parasailing  ...... Read More
  • Travel report from NE-Brazil, Cabedelo/Jacaré

    Date Published - April 19, 2007 is already at 18h dark and by then it’s better to be back at the ferry terminal in Costinha. In Lucena we had a... Read More
  • Baia da Ilha Grande

    ...(mainland shore) – There are several marinas here but most have limited draft (typically 1.8m). The town has all requirements (fuel, water, LPG, several chandleries,... Read More
  • Visit To Montenegro August 2005

    Date Published - September 21, 2005

    ...walled city, the beach town with hundreds of souvenir shops and food stands, a dolphin and seal show in the swimming pool, paragliding off the... Read More
  • Prefectura Naval Argentina

    Address: Edificio Guardacostas, Av. Eduardo Madero 235, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

    The Argentinian Naval Prefecture (Prefectura Naval Argentina) is Argentina’s security, safety and judicial police at sea and is responsible for protecting the country’s rivers and... Read More
  • Plantage Resort Frederiksdorp

    Address: 4 NM up the Commewijne River, jetty on port side, Commewijne River, Paramaribo, Suriname,

    Located about 9NM from Paramaribo. Resort with wooden dock suitable for mooring – fee US$10 per day. Anchoring is possible although the current is strong.... Read More
  • Testing Drogues and Sea Anchors

    Yachting World Magazine test a Jordan Series drogue and a ParaAnchor (September 2015). Read More
  • Coral Bay Yacht Club

    Address: Coral Bay, Saint John, U.S. Virgin Islands, 00830

    96 Normal false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-priority:99; mso-style-parent:””; mso-padding-alt:0cm 5.4pt 0cm 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0cm;... Read More
  • Grenada Customs & Excise Division

    Address: Burns Point, The Carenage, St. George's, Grenada,

    Collects revenue, facilitates trade and travellers and assists in securing the social, ecological and economic environment of Grenada, in accordance with all laws and regulations... Read More
  • Cruising Guide to the Coast of Brazil (Parts 1 and 2)

    Date Published - April 02, 2015 suitable, as it would be too small and with no color, would definitely reduce its usefulness. Val Ellis (The Noonsite Team) The Background to... Read More
  • Basseterre

    ...large hardware stores, Horsfords and Builders Paradise are a useful source of general hardware, electronics, paints, and tools. Builders Paradise Horsfords Indigo Yachts TDC Available... Read More
  • Brazil, Cabedelo & Jacare: Detailed Description of Clearing In

    Date Published - October 09, 2016

    ...the fairways are very tight and won’t allow for mistakes or crosswinds. All of the local marinas, bars, and cafes reside on the dirt road... Read More
  • ARC Pacific – new rally route from Los Angeles to Hiva Oa, via Mexico , announced for Spring 2018

    Date Published - January 19, 2017

    ...Mexico offers an ideal shake-down passage and a chance to prepare for the “big-hop”, the 2,900 nautical mile passage to Hiva Oa in the Marquesas... Read More
  • Australia: Finding Solitude in the Coral Sea

    Date Published - April 26, 2022

    ...coastline. The Coral Sea The Coral Sea occupies part of the Pacific Ocean off the north east coast of Australia, between the parallels of Sandy... Read More
  • Guadeloupe

    ...January: Festival of Music, both jazz and classical, in the churches. February: A carnival with the climax on Ash Wednesday, when Vaval, the Carnival King,... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Coral Gardening Gives Reefs a Helping Hand

    Date Published - July 05, 2021

    ...tropical beaches to dive in the beautiful underwater world. Coral reefs also protect the vulnerable coast from storms. The annual total contribution of coral reefs... Read More
  • Uruguay

    ...a significant delay in the ETA. Clearance Process: On entering the port, first, visit the Coast Guard office (Prefectura Naval). They may deal with all... Read More
  • Norway

    ...for personal use, you can show a prescription, medical certificate or pharmacy label on the packaging. When travelling within the EEA, you can carry medicines... Read More
  • Indonesia: Notes on Raja Ampat, Cendrawasi Bay and Biak

    Date Published - July 24, 2016

    Useful information on these little visited places from Hans van Rijn of SY Alk who cruised there during the first few months of 2016. SV... Read More
  • Family Cruising: A Positive Learning Environment

    ...learning to appreciate local customs (cuisine, language and communal behavioral patterns). Experiential Education and Learning Cruising creates an environment that fosters positive life-learned skills recognized... Read More
  • Puerto Baquerizo Moreno (Wreck Bay) an advantageous price. It has also been reported that local boats often go stern-to the cement pier to receive a diesel delivery. This may... Read More
  • Naxos

    ...Office – Naxos Banks and ATMs in the town. A morning market is held outside the Agricultural Bank where local fruit and vegetables can be... Read More
  • Vanuatu, Port Vila: Town and Port Upgrades for 2017

    Date Published - March 22, 2017

    ...overhead power line which was previously restricting access (for tall masts) to the inner harbour and also to Yachting World’s seawall and mooring area. The... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: Gemma and Andi Ross of SY Paws

    Date Published - February 14, 2020

    ...aluminium plate so is almost bullet proof, which, if you have ever cruised through Asia is super handy when you are trying to navigate all... Read More
  • Tahiti Nautic Center

    Address: Taravao, Tahiti, French Polynesia,

    ...facilities (plus sail repair and mechanical). Village nearby ( 2 – 3 kms) with several supermarkets, fuel station, DIY stores and chandlery. Recommended to arrive... Read More
  • Marina Papagayo

    ...and sheltered from the easterly trade winds of Papagayo, the marina offers a safe haven (albeit a five star one!). The international airport is less... Read More
  • Completing the adventure of a lifetime: World ARC 2014-15 ends in Saint Lucia

    Date Published - April 12, 2015

    ...a family bonded together by hundreds of shared experiences to last a lifetime of reflection. The Parade of Sail and official Prize Giving ceremony provided... Read More
  • Manihi Atoll

    Position: 14° 27.72’S, 146° 03.76’W (pass) The entrance in Manihi lagoon is only possible for yachts with a max draft of 9 to 10 feet.... Read More
  • Abaco Islands

    ...most businesses suffered a catastrophic loss. Work is on-going to rebuild the damaged and destroyed structures on all of these islands and volunteers are welcomed.... Read More
  • Guanaja

    ...Immigration office. To reach it walk past the Port Captain’s office to the end of the path and turn right, go almost to the end... Read More
  • Port Vila the bay) This is one of the four official clearance ports for Vanuatu. See Vanuatu Formalities for detailed information on Clearance. General Clearance Remember:  ... Read More
  • Batangas

    ...need attend but be sure to have copies of all ships paperwork (and an official stamp with the ships name is also helpful). Last updated:... Read More
  • New Caledonia

    ...30 Melanesian/Polynesian local dialects. The currency is the French Pacific Franc.  For details see General Info. New Caledonia has one time zone – New Caledonia... Read More
  • Alicante

    ...5 minutes away and the national rail network extends right to the port. Alicante–Elche Airport Europcar Car Rental – Alquiler de Coches Radio Teletaxi Alicante... Read More
  • Isla de San Andres

    ...kept me waiting. He also organised good tradesmen for work that I required onboard and even stayed for translation as my Spanish is minimum. He... Read More
  • French Polynesia, Tuamotu, Kauehi: Daylight Robbery – April 2018

    Date Published - April 01, 2018

    April 1st, 2018 Our catamaran “Gone With The Wind” was anchored just behind the mooring field off the village of Tearavero on the atoll of... Read More
  • Fortaleza/Mucuripe anchor at the commercial harbor on arrival to check in. This anchorage, however, is not safe and there’s nowhere to leave your dinghy when... Read More
  • France

    ...side of France has its special attractions. The Atlantic coast calls for more attentive navigation but brings its rewards in the many natural harbors and... Read More
  • Port Morgan (Ile-a-Vache)

    ...on one of the local boats. Cruisers report this is a wonderful experience, with fresh fruit growing in abundance all around. Alternatively, speak with Sam... Read More
  • Galapagos

    ...from inhabited port to inhabited port, there are local arrival and departure fees. Local Arrival Zarpe: 15.75 USD Local Departure Zarpe: 15.75 USD Overtime Fees... Read More
  • La Coruna

    ...Nauta Coruna, Real Club Nautico and Marina Real (prev. Darsena de la Marina)) are the closest shelter from the entrance to Golfo de Artabro. All... Read More
  • Corfu Port (Corfu)

    ...building at Gouvia Marina is open seven days a week. ATMs available in the town. Alpha Bank – Corfu Port (Corfu) Although there are several... Read More
  • Pattaya

    ...letter from the Marina about your stay and a specific "Boat Slip and Storage Lease Agreement" form also provided by the marina. The crew and... Read More
  • St. Vincent & the Grenadines

    ...Easter Regatta Sports Fishing Competition end of June – St. Vincent Carnival See Vincy Mas FB page for more details: Fire – Dial 911 Police –... Read More
  • Bonifacio

    ...good until the customs arrived. Four hours of checking paperwork followed, of course, all was in order however it was a tiresome experience. The harbor... Read More
  • Deshaies

    ...Wednesday mornings. Rental cars are available for approximately 10 Euros a day. Check when you rent your car about getting back from the car rental... Read More
  • Roatan Latest Info.

    Date Published - December 12, 2017

    ...tu dinero puede pagar. Gracias Cristo por todo tu cariño, apoyo y ayuda esos quince días y esos dos viajes. Hiciste nuestra estadía en Roatán... Read More
  • Canal

    ...need to apply and wait for visas in Djibouti. Alternatively, you can also cross the Suez Canal as a boat in transit without checking into... Read More
  • Malaga

    COVID-19 – 12 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Spanish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Lying about... Read More
  • American Samoa want the boat alongside and they will visit it. Possibly the easiest is to tie alongside on the outside of the marina or go... Read More
  • Alghero

    ...24h   Bowling Alghero Diving Porto Conte Golf Club Alghero S.S.D. srl Alghero Tourist Information Centre Cattedrale di Santa Maria (Cathedral of St. Mary)  ... Read More
  • Lautoka (Vuda Point Marina)

    ...are several banks in the town.   Several supermarket chains in town. The public market, second only to Suva. Duty-free liquors only via a customs... Read More
  • Tunisia

    ...– Dial 197 Firefighters – Dial 198 Ambulance – Dial 190 Free emergency call – Dial 112 National Tourism Office (destinations). Mediterranean Bound –... Read More
  • World Cruising Club – E News

    Date Published - December 20, 2017

    ...electric/electronic cables but should never be in proximity and parallel, even less if bundled together. They all agreed that these are fundamental mistakes and offered... Read More
  • Panama City

    Data Entry Panama City will be conducting its annual Boat Parade of Lights in St. Andrew Bay on December 9, 2017. The parade will begin... Read More
  • Destin & Fort Walton

    Noonsite Team Destin History and Fishing Museum will be conducting its annual lighted boat parade in Destin Harbor on December 10, 2017, from 6:00 p.m.... Read More
  • Powderhorn Fishing Supply

    Address: 210 Barnstable Road,, Hyannis, MA 02601, Cape cod, East coast, Usa,

    210 Barnstable Road, , Hyannis , MA 02601 Tel:+1 508 775-8975 Read More
  • Puerto Natales

    ...internet services are provided by several companies in Centros de Llamada. Post Office – Puerto Natales Puerto Natales Radio This is a good port for... Read More
  • Update From Puerto Lucia Yacht Club

    Date Published - March 20, 2008

    ...arrival and departure: eight months stay. We are trying to obtain a longer time. PRIOR TO ARRIVAL: 48 hours prior to arrival all yachts must... Read More
  • Huahine

    ...the nights warm and sleep difficult. Also, there are mossies around. All in all a good stopover on a lovely island. Data Entry5 UNMARKED REEF... Read More
  • Ibiza

    ...Ibiza Avis Alquiler de Coches en Ibiza – Santa Eulalia del Rio Radio Taxi Ibiza Tourist Information Office X Extra Rent a Bike Archaeological Museum... Read More
  • Hertz – Aeropuerto de La Coruña

    Address: La Coruna Airport, La Coruna, North West Spain, Spain, 15174

    Rent a Car Also Hertz Alqioler de Coches – Tel +34 981 23 40 12...... Read More
  • Ria de Pontevedra

    ...difficult to access by boat. Last updated:  August 2019 Club Nautico de Portonovo Club Naval de Pontevedra North Sails S.L.U. Spain Davila Sport Todopesca Portonovo... Read More
  • Ayamonte (River Guandiana)

    COVID-19 – 12 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Spanish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: This attractive... Read More
  • Salvador, Maragogipe: All is not gloom and doom in the Bay of All Saints

    Date Published - August 09, 2012

    All is not gloom and doom in the Bay of All Saints (Baia de Todos os Santos). While almost every cruiser appears to have had... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador: Armed Boardings and Robberies – June/July 2012

    Date Published - July 31, 2012

    ...anchorages in the Bahia de Todos os Santos remains current. There is a notice to this effect posted at the Aratu Yacht Club to advise... Read More
  • West Island for a chat. All visitors welcome. The Cocos Club Cocos Islands Marine Centre Cocos Engineering Essential spares can be ordered from Australia. Be certain... Read More
  • Bus Station

    Address: Avda Galicia, N end of town, next to hypermarket, Ria De Viveiro, North West Spain, Spain,

    Frequent services to Lugo, Coruna, Santiago and local. Autos Galicia car hire are based here....... Read More
  • The Whitsunday Islands many others. The biggest of these being Hook, Border, Haslewood, Hamilton, Lindeman, and Shaw. In 2018 Tropical Cyclone Debbie hit the Whitsundays. There was... Read More
  • Home Island the departure of the ferry to Home Island. Car Rental All on West Island. A Car Rental, Geoff Christie, Tel: +61 9162 7646. Cocos... Read More
  • Reunion: Clearance and Cruising Information

    Date Published - September 09, 2015

    ...basin immediately turn south, then travel west and complete a button hook turn. After making the Uturn you will turn south and head towards the... Read More
  • Wicklow

    ...and South Quays. Long hose required. Also at the sailing club. Bray Net Post Office – Wicklow Bank of Ireland Several local supermarkets open 0800-2000.... Read More
  • San Sebastian

    ...25km from the port. Tel: (34) 94 36 68500 There are daily flights to Madrid & Barcelona. There are several bus companies. Two long-distance one... Read More
  • New Zealand Logistics – A Five Month Visit

    Date Published - September 10, 2012

    ...the boxes, excess packaging, promotional junk, etc. and consolidated all of the items into six USPS International Flat Rate boxes. You can send a United... Read More
  • La Paloma

    ...database (accessible by all ports). Prefecture Naval is in the Armada building, check with military guards at the checkpoint. All officials are nice and helpful.... Read More
  • Scooter Bob’s

    Address: Turtle Cove Marina, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos,

    Rental of jeeps, autos, vans and bicycles....... Read More
  • Mauritius – Rodrigues Island Cruising Information

    Date Published - July 23, 2015

    ...them via phone when things arrived. Medical and Dental Care: Locals AND foreigners get basic free medical and dental care. Call the Health Department at... Read More
  • Funchal

    ...which is rather far from the harbor, although the club maintains a base next to the marina. Clube Naval do Funchal There are various engineering... Read More
  • Mahon (Minorca)

    Mahon is the capital of Minorca. This large, natural harbour offers an easy entrance, accessible in all weathers, and has good shelter once inside. Deeper... Read More
  • Cape Cod

    ...Bus Thrifty Car Rental Town Taxi of Cape Cod   Cape Cod Kayak Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center   Cape Sea Grille Flying Bridge Restaurant... Read More
  • Cruising French Polynesia With Kids

    Date Published - November 28, 2018

    ...lagoon, with its clear water and the multi-colored untouched coral • Tuamotus (Tahanea): Enjoy the beauty and serenity of the pristine beaches and shallow waters... Read More
  • Lattakia Marina (Syrian Yacht Club)

    Address: PO Box 2503, Lattakia, Syria,

    PO Box 2503 , Lattakia , Syria Tel: +963 41 474146 Fax:+963 41 222379 , VHF Channel 16 and 73 Email: or Read More
  • Pauillac-Trompeloup

    ...side. Last updated:  April 2017 Pauillac Marina Note: The fuel pontoon at the marina will be out of action until 2012. Taxis Maison du Tourisme... Read More
  • Cebu: Clearing-in and the Yacht Club

    Date Published - June 07, 2013

    ...states you are requesting permission to enter the country. You then sign that. There were an official cashier and a nominal charge. I think it... Read More
  • Netherlands to Greece: Inland Route

    Date Published - March 20, 2008

    ...very welcome! Coming from Turkey some years ago, we went via Canal du Midi to Bordeaux and then The Netherlands. Our boat a “Pearson 365”... Read More
  • Gammarth

    ...small fishing village, Gammarth, located about 10nm north of Tunis, is now a select tourist resort. It is a good alternative to Bizerte or Sidi... Read More
  • Dover

    ...Suwena), but pontoon berths are also available in the Wellington Dock and the Tidal Basin, and visitors’ buoys in the outer harbour. There is an... Read More
  • Saint-Jean-de-Luz

    ...Gare SNCF Taxis Ecomusee de la Tradition Basque Eglise St Vincent in Ciboure Maison de L’infante Saint Jean de Luz Office de tourisme Urrugne: Florenia... Read More
  • Gaspe

    ...The town is served by the railway. Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport National Car Rental Taxi Porlier Bureau d’accueil Touristique de Gaspé Maison William Wakeham Restaurant Adams... Read More
  • Concarneau

    ...for its beautiful landscape and endless bays to explore. As well as being one of France’s most important fishing ports (particularly for tuna), the interesting,... Read More
  • Hiva Oa

    ...and are valid throughout French Polynesia. The post and telephone office, located in the center of Atuona, has an internet/email terminal. It also accepts faxes... Read More
  • Riposto

    ...of Messina. The town has several notable churches and monuments. Mt. Etna forms a striking backdrop to the port. This mountain is the highest active... Read More
  • On Passage from Argentina to Brazil: Pursuit and Attempted Collision

    Date Published - April 10, 2020

    ...deux feux blancs sont en route de collision,. pas de signalisation babord ni tribord. Alors que l’écho est à 1 MN, le moteur est allumé... Read More
  • Port Vila Notes from a resident sailor

    Date Published - June 26, 2013

    ...doctors of the medical centre, except if you have a cold). There is also a new dentist I recommend for his up to date technique... Read More
  • Grenada: A Warm Welcome in a Beautiful Country

    Date Published - February 25, 2021

    ...along with sorell, mouby, passion fruit, grapefruit, citrus, golden apple and ginger juice all home brewed.  Delicious, we will miss this. We will also miss... Read More
  • Oceania: Peters & May Yacht Shippers Connecting Countries

    Date Published - November 03, 2020

    ...also sourcing delivery skippers and crew if required and ensuring your precious cargo gets safely loaded and delivered to a marina/boatyard of your choice at... Read More
  • Anchorages – Phuket, Thailand to Saumlaki, Indonesia

    Date Published - October 11, 2017

    ...but cannot guarantee we avoided all the coral.  We had a dive phinisi as a neighbour one night but otherwise, we were all alone.  No... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Living Off Grid

    Date Published - April 23, 2020

    ...but we learned a lot. Maslow’s pyramid of needs positions as most basic, or most crucial, physiological needs, like water, food, warmth and rest, followed... Read More
  • Overland Trucking to Avoid the Red Sea

    Date Published - January 18, 2020

    ...had already predicted that his weld would not last the entire voyage. Via Nabresco I arrive at the industrial site of Aqaba, where there is... Read More
  • Majuro immediately at the shore in the north mooring field. This along with garbage disposal will be included at no additional charge for all RRE... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Pacific Reflections

    Date Published - October 05, 2020

    tecnoadictos Alucinante lo que se logra ver en este increible paraiso. Super ultra recomendado para todos!...... Read More
  • New Zealand: Maritime Borders Re-Open for Foreign Flagged Vessels

    Date Published - July 21, 2022

    ...from a medical practitioner or an overseas-qualified medical practitioner verifying the practitioner’s advice that, for medical reasons, the person should not be vaccinated; and if... Read More
  • Ogasawara Islands (Bonin Islands)

    ...the concrete pier (fender well) and then you will be visited by all the normal government representatives. At least 24hrs notice of arrival is required... Read More
  • Eastern Indonesia: Cruising West Papua

    Date Published - November 25, 2015

    ...also. Again I was required to present all relevant paperwork despite having cleared in weeks earlier in Tual. Customs also want you to visit their... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: German crew Christian, Sabrina, Joshua and Jonathan of Yacht Moya

    Date Published - May 24, 2018

    ...always close to perfect: little swell but a significant breeze. Distances in between the Greek islands and also the Turkish mainland are ideal for short... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: How to Save Energy when Cooking Onboard

    Date Published - September 07, 2021

    ...evening meal in the cool of the morning and leave it in the thermal cooker all day. It was great for overnight or extended passages... Read More
  • Yacht Transport: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport Partnership

    ...hassle-free. All insurance work and port clearances are completed in advance by our agents. All loading, unloading, cradling and fastening of yachts is overseen by... Read More
  • Gambia: The Smiling West African Coast

    Date Published - May 26, 2009

    ADVENTURES IN SENEGAL & GAMBIA by Michele Cutler SY Irony London While wintering in Turkey a couple told us of their experiences along the West... Read More
  • Fiji: Sea Mercy’s work in the Lau Group after Cyclone Winston.

    Date Published - October 26, 2016

    ...Lau by Jonathan Robinson, Sea Mercy Coordinator In the wake of Cyclone Winston’s 320km/h (200mph) winds, torrential rain, and waves of up to 12m (40ft),... Read More
  • Dockwise Yacht Transport Increases Destinations and Schedule Flexibility

    Date Published - November 05, 2007

    ...strategic alliance allows DYT to continue offering its unique float-on/float-off yacht transport service with its own fleet of four semi-submersible ships while adding an alternative... Read More
  • Swains Island – Tokelau Group

    Date Published - November 27, 2008 an opportunity to not only return all the favors and hospitality that we have enjoyed here but also to visit an island that practically... Read More
  • Yachting vs Conservationists in southwest England

    Date Published - December 16, 2010

    ...on anchoring, particularly in coral waters. Some destinations, like Bonaire in the Caribbean, have banned anchoring altogether, and instead place dozens of moorings in bays... Read More
  • Dockwise preferred transport partner for Swan yacht owners

    Date Published - July 20, 2004

    ...of a Swan yacht reliable and safe transport of their precious yacht to racing, cruising and social events around the world. Famous areas for ClubSwan... Read More
  • United Kingdom authority or local authority responsible for port health control by radio, 4 to 12 hours before arrival. See below for more details. General Process:... Read More
  • A visit to the Andaman Islands March 2014: Very special and worth the trouble

    Date Published - April 13, 2014

    ...Champagne. All regular brands of liquor.  2 locations that we know of. The newer one is opposite Unumod Bakery, the other near the veggie market.... Read More
  • Albania

    ...south. Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania. The population is approximately 3.2 million inhabitants. The official language is Albanian, recognized for its... Read More
  • Sri Lanka Cruising Information

    Date Published - March 11, 2015

    ...or not doing his normal duties. The same law also makes it illegal for a non-governmental person to offer or pay a bribe. For more... Read More
  • Yacht Transport: DYT Yacht Transport and Sevenstar Yacht Transport Partnership

    Date Published - February 19, 2014

    ...of the largest shipowners in The Netherlands, which plays a major role in the global transport market. “The partnership makes all the sense in the... Read More
  • The New Polar Yacht Guide: To Help Maintain Free Sailing in Polar Regions

    Date Published - December 05, 2020 the environment. This is a cause of concern to maritime authorities, environmentalists, governments and local people. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) is the global... Read More
  • Egypt and Red Sea Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 02, 2009

    ...little and by 4 pm we were at anchor in El Tur on the Sinai Peninsular. There were several other yachts there waiting for better... Read More
  • Weather.

    ...Response El Niño (and La Niña) Advisory Global Sailing Weather MailASail Meteorological & Hydrological Services Worldwide Meteorology – Weather Forecasts NOAA NOAA – Ocean Prediction... Read More
  • Israel – Informal Information

    Date Published - September 11, 2010

    ...first: mine was woken at 0330 with news of my arrival 15 miles out and asked to confirm my bona fides! Although the term International... Read More
  • New 1% Tax in Venezuela – All Foreign Yachts Being Checked

    Date Published - September 25, 2009 their original form: · Registration Certificate of the boat · Local Cruising or Stay Permit (in force) · Last Arrival notification issued by Seniat... Read More
  • ARC Boats Leave Green Wake with Environmental Projects

    Date Published - June 25, 2013

    ARC sailors plant trees to offset yachting carbon Sailing allows us to travel long distances with relatively low carbon emissions, but the reality is that... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Family Cruising – Jumping the Hurdles

    Date Published - November 24, 2020

    ...Return to New Zealand where we had a home, support and a first-class medical team ready to support me? Carry on and find a way... Read More
  • Centro Medico Paitilla

    Address: Calle 53 and Ave. Balboa, Balboa, Pacific, Panama,

    Tel:+507 265 8800 – urgencies +507 265 8888 This hospital has a casualty department. It is located near the World Trade Centre in the Marbella... Read More
  • Planned 4 year circumnavigation ends in the Atlantic when Skipper lost overboard

    Date Published - November 30, 2017 they were supposed to arrive according to their schedule, they became concerned. “The last signal I received from them was more than 24 hours... Read More
  • Improvement In Facilities At Melilla, Spanish North Africa

    Date Published - May 07, 2007

    ...the depths to be over 4 meters all the way in on the eastern quay where we picked up our laid mooring line. Check-in formalities... Read More
  • USA to the BVIs: The 26th ARC Caribbean 1500 Wraps Up in Tortola.

    Date Published - November 25, 2015

    ...had departed a day early. Isbjorn also took home the Steve Black Trophy for Overall Winner in the Cruising Division. Two perennial favorites in the... Read More
  • Namibia, St. Helena, Ascension Island and Brazil: Report on a Recent Visit

    Date Published - March 09, 2014

    ...commercial harbor. We anchored at 22 57.356 S 14 29.054 E. A bit further south one can see a small touristic center, restaurants, tourist agencies... Read More
  • Adriatic Cruise 2009 – Update to Croatian section of Adriatic Pilot

    Date Published - March 25, 2010

    ...means of measuring distance is surely now many years out of date. All charts and navigational instruments, logs, gps and radar all use nautical miles.... Read More
  • Venezuela, Los Roques: A Trip Worth the Effort

    Date Published - November 30, 2021 the usual timeframe sailors are allowed to stay Entry process: in general we believe that the details of the entry process as well as... Read More
  • South Africa Nautical Almanac

    ...and Sunset Time for Day Skippers. Navigation Tables including Celestial Calculator Almanac. Recommended by SAMSA. Revised SAFETY RULES, Pilotage, ports, and facilities. Lights, Radio schedules... Read More
  • BVI: Confusion over New Fees

    Date Published - March 30, 2015

    In recent weeks, some private cruising boats have been charged substantial fees when visiting the British Virgin Islands, while others have only been paying the... Read More
  • Israel: Clearing into Ashkelon – May 2017

    Date Published - July 12, 2017 We also contacted the Marina 2 weeks before our intended arrival, but we never got a reply. I spoke about those two subjects with... Read More
  • Schengen Visa Overstay

    Date Published - November 04, 2010

    Email Received 12 December 2008 We were also worried about the Schengen Visa. We sailed the summer season in 2008, on the final leg of... Read More
  • State of the Art Yacht Transporter Sets Off on Maiden Voyage

    Date Published - April 11, 2008

    ...the rising costs of diesel, he calculates that the price tag for the DYT service saves him money in the long run, not to mention... Read More
  • Mediterranean: Coping with Schengen Schenanigans

    Date Published - October 10, 2021

    ...marinas there isn’t really recommended. There’s also the chance that Turkey might possibly join the EU Schengen zone in the next decade! Perilous Pressure The... Read More
  • Mid-North Pacific: Massive Cargo Loss

    Date Published - December 07, 2020

    ...notification was sent to the JRCC in Honolulu and Guam with maritime navigational warnings subsequently broadcast. Such a large amount of container loss is rare.... Read More
  • Special celebrations in Saint Lucia conclude ARC+ 2017

    Date Published - December 07, 2017

    ...and Helen’s crew have raised almost £10,000 for SOS Aldeias Children’s Home. Although not all the crew could be present at the ceremony, ARC+ Mascot... Read More
  • A Nightmare in Nicaragua

    Date Published - June 12, 2012

    ...and we shared the visual and radar watches between the 8 of us. Conclusions My advice to anybody that should be so unfortunate to have... Read More
  • A Five-Week Sailing Holiday in Croatia

    Date Published - July 18, 2008

    ...look over a Hanse 430 which is also in charter with the same company and it is amazing what an extra three feet mean in... Read More
  • Beirut Marinas – Informal Information

    Date Published - July 12, 2010

    ...a modest fee of about US$50, they take care of all the burdensome Lebanese entry/exit/customs/immigration and visas paperwork. Arrival could hardly be more impressive: one... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Floating Studio – Working On Board Efficiently

    Date Published - August 23, 2020

    ...Keeping data like this means we always have access and aren’t limited to our computer’s battery. External hard drives: A hard drive is the the... Read More
  • Vanuatu, Tanna: Clearing at Port Resolution and the Yasur Volcano

    Date Published - November 04, 2017

    ...can get is $5,000 FJD (roughly $2,500 USD or $250,000 Vatu).  My goal was to get around $100,000 vatu, so I could cover Cathie’s too.... Read More
  • Marina Santa Cruz de la Palma

    Date Published - September 27, 2010

    ...unfavorable reports in some pilots and this website. Although undoubtedly true at the time of writing, the surge people complained about is hardly existent. We... Read More
  • FastSeas
    FastSeas is a FREE weather routing and passage planning tool. It will calculate the fastest route to take you from point A to point B... Read More
  • Australia, Queensland, Brisbane: Caution if entering Moreton Bay from the South

    Date Published - May 01, 2017

    ...parked. All six yachts were able to back off the sand into deeper water, but all turned back to the south, deciding not to wait... Read More
  • Mozambique and South Africa: Dealing with Formalities

    Date Published - November 23, 2021

    ...smaller, there was no tonnage calculation…just smaller. I paid in cash and asked for a receipt so that I had proof of the payment and... Read More
  • USA, Los Angeles to Hawaii

    Date Published - June 24, 2008

    ...BUT this is also the hurricane season! In my book, I do not recommend ocean passages during the accepted tropical storm season, which, in the... Read More
  • Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Announces Second Start Date and Stopover in Cape Verdes for 2013 rally

    Date Published - May 06, 2013

    ...the traditional ARC start, and includes a full week of activities, seminars, and social functions before the departure, all included in the entry fee. Additionally... Read More
  • Derby

    ...likely to provide a sheltered anchorage as long as care is taken with the tidal height calculations. There is a jetty but no other yachting... Read More
  • Galapagos Islands – Using an agent

    Date Published - June 26, 2006

    ...a matter of minutes, we got our Zarpe & were cleared to go. We calculated that the money Peter saved us almost covered his fee.... Read More
  • Useful Guide to Sailing the German North Sea Coast

    Date Published - December 12, 2010

    Our thanks to Claus Böhlje of SY Kira for this very informative guide to sailing in this area. General Sailing Information for the German North... Read More
  • New 1% Tax in Venezuela – Not for Visiting Yachts

    Date Published - September 25, 2009 also verified by Christer Isaksson I have my yacht in Venezuela and I can inform all of you that the info about 1% tax... Read More
  • Caribbean: When to Leave and Which Way to Go?

    Date Published - May 26, 2021

    ...North Atlantic ocean passages. The chart shows positions of icebergs that have been seen well south of the normal area. On the front of the chart... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: Thomas and Evelien Rodemeier

    Date Published - December 11, 2017 spend their holiday on the water with us. This means that we are doing the sailing, cleaning and chores while trying not to turn... Read More
  • Dominican Republic

    ...Salinas, although a Port of Entry, it is best just used for clearing out. Several ports are best to avoid, unless one has special permission... Read More
  • Israel

    ...Embassies in Israel Emergency numbers Police – Dial 972 100 Ambulance – Dial 972 101 Fire service – Dial 972 102 Official tourist information Read More
  • Clearing in at Bocas del Toro

    Date Published - October 01, 2010

    ...wait – the immigration office, particularly, almost always has a queue of half an hour to an hour – and people are not always in... Read More
  • Fiji: New Five Year Duty-Free Allowance for Yachts

    Date Published - June 29, 2021

    ...resolved. Yachts that are already in Fiji and have exhausted their 24 month allowance can now apply for an additional 36 months. This 36-month extension... Read More
  • Madagascar Cruising Notes

    Date Published - October 12, 2015

    ...of great places to stop over. If you are accessing the internet via a local service provider you will have strong signal inshore down the... Read More
  • Pacific Ocean Lockdown: What are the Options?

    Date Published - May 23, 2020 departure and a 14 day quarantine period. See this article with full details.  VANUATU Status: Closed Vanuatu banned all international arrivals by pleasure yachts... Read More
  • Yemen: Zuquar Island – Attempted Pirate Attack whilst at anchor

    Date Published - April 19, 2010 Dubai to alert the Coalition Naval forces to the situation. But as I knew they were all patrolling in Gulf of Aden, 300 miles... Read More
  • Terschelling

    ...coast of the island. On entry, avoid the ferry terminal and continue alongside the dyke to the yacht harbour. Last updated January 2011. Yacht Harbour... Read More
  • Farsain Cruises

    Address: Watersports Centre, Craobh Haven & Ardfern, Argyl and Bute, United Kingdom, PA31 8AU

    A good way to experience the Corrywreckan before trusting to your own pilotage and tidal calculations! Daily wildlife trips to Corryvreckan whirlpools, the islands. Ferry... Read More
  • Greek Cruising Tax: CA working for fair Greek tax system

    Date Published - November 30, 2017

    ...can find at (in Greek). This article is replacing the TPP (law 4211/2013 government gazette No 256 A) The new “duty” is imposed on... Read More
  • South Pacific: Options for Getting Out of the Cyclone Zone

    Date Published - April 20, 2020

    ...Japan is open to the majority of cruisers (albeit with quarantine on arrival), this could be an alternative destination for the season. See Japan Biosecuity... Read More
  • Taxes Levied by Marinas in Tenerife and La Gomera – Updated

    Date Published - February 13, 2013

    ...LOA, the tax is minimal (this tax was discounted back in 2011 to less than half the original intended fee). However, for a sail over... Read More
  • Sailing Advisory Panama to Galapagos

    Date Published - February 22, 2016

    ...Humboldt Current (also called the Peru Current) becoming the Equatorial Current towards the west. The Humboldt Current comes north along Peru’s coast and turns towards... Read More
  • Atlantic Crossing: Announcing ARC January

    Date Published - February 23, 2021

    ...Wind Route: ARC January will set sail from Las Pal*]}*mas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands on Sunday 9 January 2022, allowing crews to... Read More
  • Australia, Queensland: OCC Get Approval for International Yacht Arrivals on a Case-by-Case Basis

    Date Published - July 07, 2020

    ...whose entry would be in the national interest; critical medical services, including air ambulance and delivery of supplies that regularly arrive into Australia from international... Read More
  • Cruising in Egypt – the Low Down

    Date Published - October 14, 2013

    ...the water) and the maximum is 9knots. The pilots’ role is advisory, the skipper is always in command (although the pilots may well not give... Read More
  • The 2009 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Wraps Up In St. Lucia

    Date Published - December 22, 2009

    ...selfless assistance, delaying their own arrival by several days, was a fine example of the comradeship of the sea, and earned them the much-coveted “Spirit... Read More
  • From the Ionian to the Dodecanese: Preveza to Kalynmos

    Date Published - March 18, 2018

    ...and the wind can blow strongly as it funnels through the canal, but all in all it is an enjoyable experience. Epidhavros: Having paid our... Read More
  • Mexico

    ...advance. All officials will stamp and sign all crew lists and each official will keep a copy. Immigration requirements can now be processed prior to... Read More
  • Crusing Report Romania

    Date Published - November 18, 2005

    ...are now several ATMs along the main street. At one restaurant (Cozina) here they tried to charge us 133 lei noi for a meal that... Read More
  • Essaouira and Jorf Lasfar – Morocco

    Date Published - January 07, 2019

    ...tie alongside tugs and go ashore for clearance. The office is just in front. Coordinates of this dock are 33° 7,45’N and 8° 37,48’ W.... Read More
  • The Challenge of Passage Planning in the SW Indian Ocean

    Date Published - March 14, 2018 by the lifeboat with minimal damage. Both these incidents highlighted to me the fact that this coast deserves real respect and very careful consideration... Read More
  • Portugal: Cruising the Algarve

    Date Published - April 24, 2017 explore the small, but isolated town. Further Information Noonsite Portugal Portuguese marinas and harbours [BROKEN LINK] Cruising in Portugal Distance and sailing time calculator... Read More
  • Agadir

    ...The nearby fuel dock offers diesel, gasoline, and cooking gas at normal local gas station rates. The water here is not potable.   The free... Read More
  • Lessons from a Circumnavigation Part III: Cost of Cruising

    ...I learned that my American Express card would not cover car rental insurance, but a MasterCard would. There is no way to anticipate these irrational... Read More
  • Apataki Carenage

    Address: South of the Atoll, French Polynesia,

    DIY Yard. Mono and Multihulls up to 20 tons, 2.2m draft and up to 14m beam. Climate dry and cyclones rare (buried-chain system for cyclone... Read More
  • Spain: Yachting Protest over Matriculation Tax in Palma de Mallorca

    Date Published - May 02, 2011

    ...air horns, which were funded and distributed by various nautical association members. Anyone who has visited Palma will know that the promenade Paseo Maritimo runs... Read More
  • Buying Boat Insurance: A Brief Guide

    Date Published - May 12, 2020

    ...can vary between insurance providers. You should also consider whether you want to have cover for Personal Effects, Trailers and/or Cradles. Third Party Liability Liability... Read More
  • The Complete Anchoring Handbook: Book Review

    ...project is rounded off by the results of a study in rode behavior by Alain Fraysse, whose diagrams and calculations will show to those who... Read More
  • Caribbean: Where are the Yachts?

    Date Published - June 20, 2021 the Tobago Cays. Also almost no boats in Canouan and Mayreau, although Clifton (Union Island) had more than on my last visit.” Bequia’s Admiralty... Read More
  • Oyster Yacht sank and five crew rescued after ‘incident that compromised hull integrity’

    Date Published - August 14, 2015

    Oyster Marine issues an official statement on the loss of a 90ft Oyster which sank with five crew on board off the Spanish coast in... Read More
  • Frisian Islands

    Our thanks to Claus Böhlje of SY Kira for this very informative guide to sailing in this area. General Sailing Information for the German North... Read More
  • Hawaii: German Yacht Skipper Appears in Court in Kona,

    Date Published - May 25, 2014

    ...for local boat owners. The German skipper was directed to Kailua Bay by the Harbourmaster as a designated anchorage, also confirmed by charts and the... Read More
  • Lenakel

    ...make collect calls from anywhere in Vanuatu. Vanuatu is on GSM digital and as such, roaming agreements exist with a few international mobile phone companies.... Read More
  • FSM: An Explanation of the charges in Chuuk

    Date Published - March 04, 2013

    ...usually amounts to $20 per official. One official is sent per department except for Immigrations that sends two. Official hours are from 8:00 to 16:00,... Read More
  • Marina Las Palmas

    Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,

    Visitors’ berths, all facilities, showers, internet, WiFi, laundry (24 hours), fuel and more. Requires special water tap connections, only some electricity connections working (connection charge... Read More
  • COVID-19 Field Report: 4,200kms through the Med

    Date Published - July 04, 2020

    ...longer than 48 hours. Also we inform you that you must have an agent to take care for all that you reguest because our small... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Provisioning for a Long Offshore Passage

    Date Published - April 05, 2021

    ...Alphabetical? Colour? For example – provisions wanted early in the voyage forward and week two and three, ‘aft’?. Or, all the meat in tins on... Read More
  • Nicaragua

    ...and other unmanned aerial vehicles, including small recreational items such as those frequently used by hobbyists. You should not attempt to import or use a... Read More
  • Passage through the GOA and up the Red Sea: March 2015

    Date Published - April 20, 2015

    ...350$. Garbage disposal, we were forced to pay 75$, so total harbour fees: 210$. There is no infrastructure, no water or electricity, and you are... Read More
  • Calling all ocean sailors: maybe YOU can help

    Date Published - May 04, 2009

    ...which are, almost unbelievably, the size of France or Texas. Nickolai Maximenko and Peter Niiler (Scripps Institution of Oceanography) have analyzed the tracks of nearly... Read More
  • Panama To The Galapagos

    Date Published - February 10, 2009 NOAA/NWS several times daily is showing the location of ITCZ. Due to ITCZ yachts should calculate a fair amount of motor sailing on this... Read More
  • Schengen Visas and VAT: Reports on Cruisers’ Understanding

    Date Published - December 09, 2016

    ...a clear and precise answer. In the Mediterranean, there are only a few countries easily accessible by boat left to re-set the EU VAT clock;... Read More
  • Canary Islands, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Burglary

    Date Published - January 21, 2009

    ...gizmos. Stabil/binocs, ITT nite scope, GPSmap76cs and acc, celestial calculator, noise canceling headphones. Valise with clothes had been shuffled through. Pontoon 17 is sort of... Read More
  • New Zealand: Rena Disaster – Ship breaks up in storm

    Date Published - January 09, 2012

    ...Navigational warnings had also been issued to shipping, with the port company communicating with individual ships via port radio and warnings issued to recreational vessels... Read More
  • St Helier Marina

    Address: Maritime House, La Route du Port Elizabeth, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands, JE1 1HB

    St. Helier Marina closed 13 October, 2021, until further notice. See NOTICE. All visiting craft are directed to St Helier Marina. It is accessible three... Read More
  • Ria De Cedeira

    COVID19: OPEN PORT  Status: Open to all yachts from 15 June, 2020. See Spain Biosecurity for details. Description: Cedeira is a very pretty town located in one... Read More
  • Termofaial-instalação E Projectos Térmicos Do Faial Lda

    Address: Rua das Angustias, 60, Horta, Faial, Azores, 9900

    Air Conditioning Contractor....... Read More
  • Italy: Recommendations from Cruisers

    Date Published - November 18, 2011

    ...houses, and above all food. Especially go to Lingua, a smaller village where you can find the best granita (pistacchio and gelsi flavour) of all... Read More
  • Marina Tropical

    Address: 5 min. walk from town, Luperon, Dominican Republic,

    CLOSED until further notice due to environmental and license/permit issues. If your boat is currently on the hard and you have any concerns, please contact... Read More
  • Anchorages, Marinas and Boatyards in Malta

    Date Published - March 05, 2013 total. Anchorages: Malta, West coast: All anchorages are good from May until September, but even until the end of November it is possible –... Read More
  • Hawaii inspected on arrival by an agricultural inspector of the State of Hawaii. They must inform the agricultural department of their arrival. Domestic Cruising: After... Read More
  • Panama/Ecuador to Chile

    Date Published - March 21, 2017

    ...plenty of room! There are several submerged and semi-submerged wrecks and reefs, and, the water in the “channel” is shallow. I came in on high... Read More
  • Indonesia, Tanjungpinang (Bintan Island, Riau Islands): Cruisers report on Clearing Out here

    Date Published - April 29, 2017 with a Singapore agent. Pre-approval for arrival in Singapore must be obtained while one has access to the internet and a printer if nothing... Read More
  • Mozambique Security Update

    Date Published - January 20, 2020

    ...tribal leaders who have come under the influence of these jihadis. It has to be realized that the days of engaging with the local tribes are over... Read More
  • St John’s Dock (Redcliffe Quay)

    Address: St. John's, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda,

    Water, electricity but no fuel. Very limited docking space. Short term berthing is free, long term contracts are available....... Read More
  • Thailand: Cruising Around Phuket

    Date Published - February 27, 2022

    ...Seal – National Park Anchoring Fees: Many parts of Phang Nga Bay are national parks and anchoring fees can be charged whether you use... Read More
  • Crete, Agios Nikolaos Wintering: Facilities and Lifestyle – Latest Update

    Date Published - November 07, 2017

    ...are and we are puzzled by the apparent contradiction here. The surge that Mr Flint mentions is quite often blown up out of all proportion... Read More
  • Bridgetown

    ...You can walk along the beach and there are various restaurants along the way. We took the local bus which goes from Princess Alice bus... Read More
  • Spain & Portugal – Marina Prices

    Date Published - October 20, 2018

    ...Vigo – Marina Davila: 33€ Portugal Povoa de Varzim: 27€ Leixoes: 18€ Peniche: 24€ Lisbon, Alcantara: 22€ Sines: 25€ Albufeira (Algarve): 42€ Gibraltar: £15.50 (excluding... Read More
  • Edgar Huertas

    Address: Panama,

    Taxi service. Knows where all of the marine suppliers and outside contractors are. 10 passenger van (new/AC)....... Read More
  • Questions of VAT: Mallorca

    Date Published - August 19, 2002

    I kept getting different information regarding VAT at every turn. In addition to general guidelines for VAT exemptions in the EU generally, each country has... Read More
  • Receiving spare parts and hauling out in the Seychelles

    Date Published - July 17, 2015

    ...Max Total: 675scr Hauling Out VAT at 15% is charged on a haulout, and also on any work carried out by a boatyard or contractor. ... Read More
  • Tuamotu Archipelago

    Date Published - August 19, 2002 many times after that, and made our Tuamotu visit much more enjoyable. In the atolls, the bottom is often sand with many coral heads... Read More
  • Sicily, Licata: Cruisers comment on Marina di Cala del Sole

    Date Published - April 25, 2016

    ...marina was almost full this winter and many have renewed already their contracts. However, if this report of my also positive experiences should influence some... Read More
  • Viti Levu, Vuda Point Marina: Feedback from Cruisers

    Date Published - November 05, 2018

    ...the water, features local music, a laundry, general store with a yacht shop to complete the scene. We headed out to Musket Cove from here... Read More
  • An update for Venezuela sailing – November 2013

    Date Published - November 22, 2013

    ...more than 4000 Bolivares with an agent. This is for a 3 month or 6-month stay depending on where you clear in. Renewal is cheaper.... Read More
  • UK: 900,000 UK Boaters Set To Be Hit By Post-Brexit Travel Rules

    Date Published - October 13, 2020

    ...after the Brexit transition period. RYA calls on Government to seek reciprocal visa arrangements in EU negotiations. Almost 900,000 UK boaters are due to be... Read More
  • Croatia: Sailors flee Croatia as EU fees imposed

    Date Published - June 17, 2014

    ...organise necessary paperwork or owners can deal with it themselves. Mr Foot said: ‘As well as the yard fees I asked if I could also... Read More
  • Seahorse Boat Repair
    General contractor who has a group of very good specialists on hand. Recommended by cruisers. Reported to speak good English and be punctu*]}*al....... Read More
  • Costa Rica Yacht Club

    Address: Location 09º58.8''N, 84º47.8'W, P.O. Box 151, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 5400

    ...of repairs carried out here has risen recently due to a fee now having to be paid by contractors who work at the club. Approach... Read More
  • Cayman Islands

    ...its beauty. Many indigenous species are protected including sea turtles, iguanas, and orchids. In the Marine Parks and Environmental Zones, no marine life at all... Read More
  • Compliments to CMP for replacement of bent Rocna anchor

    Date Published - July 31, 2017

    ...circumnavigation in July 2009 and had no problems with our anchor. On the contrary, we were very happy with it as it was setting quick... Read More
  • Niue: All Territorial Waters Designated as Maritime Conservation Area

    Date Published - June 28, 2022

    ...year to look for signs of illegal fishing.  The future of Niue’s marine species also will be protected by Global Fishing Watch, which uses satellite... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Maryanne and Kyle Webb

    Date Published - February 23, 2019

    ...and we also have the sailing kit which adds to our fun. On the plus side we don’t need to also carry a life raft... Read More
  • Oranjestad

    COVID19: CLOSED PORT Aruba Port Control do not allow yachts to clear in Oranjestad at the current time, all vessels must clear into the country... Read More
  • Cape Verde: The Problems that follow a Daylight Robbery

    Date Published - October 09, 2021

    ...children there. Although one must always expect something like this in Cape Verde, we are shocked and surprised by the brutality and determination with which... Read More
  • Piracy fears drive yachts away from Oman and Yemen

    Date Published - December 09, 2011

    ...leader of a Thailand to Turkey rally in 2010, told Muscat Daily that the yachts who do decide to make the perilous journey are counting... Read More
  • Tanzania

    ...The seal will be inspected on departure. Damage or removal of the seal may result in massive fines and/or prison time. Expensive items such as... Read More
  • Gambia

    ...Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. CFA francs are accepted. All foreign currency must be declared on arrival. Credit cards are only normally accepted with prior approval.... Read More
  • 2005 Report On Cruising Croatia

    Date Published - September 06, 2005

    Croatia is now almost back to normal after the turmoil of the ’90s. The break up of Yugoslavia was a political and cultural upheaval that... Read More
  • St. John’s

    ...principal port for Antigua and Barbuda. Popular with cruise ships, the affluent cruise ship terminal shopping center with its designer boutiques and jewelry shops contrasts... Read More
  • Marina di Cala del Sole

    Address: Corso Argentina, snc, Licata (ag), Licata, Sicily, Italy, 97027

    Offers attractive winter rates (for 7 months October to end April). CA members get an extra free month on any 6 or 12-month contract. All... Read More
  • Punto Fijo and Puerto Cabello Updates

    Date Published - January 30, 2012

    ...permit) then arranged for our inspection. I have to say also that we did not trust Gustavo, but our inspector did seem like a good... Read More
  • Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay Marina & Lagoon: Spike in Petty Theft – September/October 2014

    Date Published - November 01, 2014

    ...Marina’s response In response to the unusual and sudden spike in petty theft in Rodney Bay Marina, the General Manager ‘Simon Bryan’, who also sits... Read More
  • ARC 2013 Opens for Entries: 60 entries received within five days

    Date Published - September 20, 2012

    ...there are now 60 entries. The ARC sets sail from Las Pal*]}*mas de Gran Canaria, bound for Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia, over 2700 nautical... Read More
  • Grand Bahama: Progress in West End & Port Lucaya after Hurricane Matthew

    Date Published - June 26, 2017

    ...Allard. See the original report here: West End – Old Bahama Bay West End is one of the key locations for cruisers either entering... Read More
  • Rolnautic Varadero Boatyard

    Address: Joaquín Blanco Torrent, 0 S/N, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 35004

    ...of small boats up to 19ft LOA. Services available include anti-fouling, painting & polishing, osmosis treatment, rigging, mechanical, electrical & electronics, aluminum & stainless steel,... Read More
  • Pirate Alley and Eritrea

    Date Published - April 08, 2011

    ...Turkey convoy and Vasco da Gama Rally- were being monitored closely by the relevant authorities and that Naval forces were directed to pay special attention... Read More
  • B.C. Victoria to Pt. Montt, Chile

    Date Published - May 15, 2008

    ...trip… from Victoria BC to Pt Montt Chile. The quickest way is probably the direct route: down the west coast of USA and Mexico, then... Read More
  • Italian Anchorages and Marinas 2013 – Part 3: Italian West Coast and the Islands

    Date Published - May 14, 2014

    ...have the use of the Renualt electric two-seater car, so we went to the bank and then to Cetrero Alta and walked around the beautiful... Read More
  • Tips for Sailors Roaming with Mobiles in Turkey

    Date Published - June 28, 2009 the local Turkcell dealer when Turkey first changed the law over registering phones last year. This can still be done at the Turkcell stores... Read More
  • Report On Forth Clyde Canal

    Date Published - February 06, 2006

    ...LOA and the 4ft9ins draft. More draft than that is very risky. Max air draft in the canal is a bare 3 meters so masts... Read More
  • Anchorages in the Visayas

    Date Published - July 07, 2015

    ...time a quick check from the dinghy would reveal all. Badian Bay south of Moalboal is too deep in most places for most small boats,... Read More
  • Question About Mozambique Current

    Date Published - July 10, 2008

    ...reach to the channel bottom. In the deep sea, our observations have also identified a rather strong Mozambique Undercurrent which flows equatorward along the continental... Read More
  • Piracy attacks in East and West Africa dominate IMB’s world report

    Date Published - January 25, 2012

    ...of vessels in line with the Best Management Practices (BMP) and the deterrent effect of Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP), have all contributed to... Read More
  • Turks & Caicos

    ...for several international banks in the Turks and Caicos Islands, primarily on the main island of Providenciales. Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and First... Read More
  • Problems en-route to Isla Beata, DR: Incredible assistance from the DR Navy

    Date Published - December 18, 2014

    ...between the ax of the rudder and the rudder. But this time we couldn’t steer at all, contrary to 2009. We thought that the rudder... Read More
  • California: Visiting yachts to have dye placed in holding tank

    Date Published - September 09, 2010

    ...sure-fire winner – with dye in your holding tank, you’d probably always hold on until you found an official outlet. It’d be like wetting your... Read More
  • Rybovich Superyacht Marina & Shipyard – West Palm Beach

    Address: 4200 N Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, FL 33407

    ...refinishing, mechanical and electrical work, carpentry, piping, information technology, metal fabrication services. mast and rigging work. Cafe, gym, pool, lounge and shuttle services are available... Read More
  • Sailors cruise ahead in a study of the oceans’ phytoplankton

    Date Published - December 07, 2017

    ...central role in the global carbon cycle. A recent study of a 100-year trend in global phytoplankton primary production revealed a 40% decline since 1950... Read More
  • Malaysia West Coast, Lumut: Pangkor Marina or “Hotel California”

    Date Published - February 08, 2018

    ...than in Penang, an international medical vacation destination. Pantai Hospital in Sitiawan is excellent and brand new. Prices are inexpensive with walk-in services available. It... Read More
  • Isla Canela

    ...the commercial centre. No bank but at least one cash dispenser in a commercial area. Two small supermarkets in the commercial area. A visit to... Read More
  • Solomon Islands: Major Fee Increase for Visiting Yachts

    Date Published - February 26, 2019

    ...just to clear into the country. In contrast, nearby Western Pacific Islands, including Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu, have no clearance fees if clearing... Read More
  • Cruising Yacht Club of Australia

    Address: New Beach Road, Darling Point, Rushcutters Bay, New South Wales, 2027

    ...204 boats and hardstand for up to 20 Etchells and J24s, and a crane for the use of owners. On-site contract boating services such as... Read More
  • Singapore: Returning to Home Base after a Two Year COVID Delay

    Date Published - January 28, 2022

    ...You need to ask MOM.” Finally, we were able to break the deadlock and obtain the official approvals.  Although the approvals were in place, they... Read More
  • Galapagos New Rules

    Date Published - December 14, 2010

    ...Although only a very small percentage of visiting yachts request the cruising permit for the Park Area, it is still good news that requirements for... Read More
  • Our Experience of Guyana

    Date Published - March 13, 2009 deal with pleasure boats (very high very rusty floating dock, right next to Georgetown’s main market, no security at all). An agent jumped onto... Read More
  • Djibouti: Expensive, Difficult and Dirty – A visit April 2017

    Date Published - July 14, 2017 town has an ATM machine next to it and there you can also get US dollars from the ATM and local Djibouti Francs. The... Read More
  • Kos Marina

    Address: Georgiou Papandreou Street, P.O. Box 30, Kos, Dodecanese, Greece, 85300

    ...mechanical, electrical and a sailmaker. Advisable to book ahead in the season, especially Thursdays-Sundays. Waiting list for long-term contracts. Position:  36°53’,36 N,   27°18’,6 E.... Read More
  • Black Sea Ports – Clearing in

    Date Published - November 08, 2010

    ...all of ten minutes at the Black Sea Yacht Club and cost nothing. Clearing out took no longer. By contrast, in Odessa, it took us... Read More
  • Rescued at sea for the second time in four months

    Date Published - March 27, 2013 be in the Caribbean. The couple will take the biggest hit financially when they outfit the new boat. All the bedding, kitchen supplies, nautical... Read More
  • Danger of Piracy off Somalia: ISAF Update March 2012

    Date Published - March 16, 2012

    ...the following organisations: the Royal Yachting Association, the Cruising Association; the Royal Yacht Squadron; the Ocean Cruising Club; the Royal Cruising Club and the World... Read More
  • Cocos Keeling

    ...Notice of Arrival. See Formalities for all the details. The Cocos Keeling Islands consist of two atolls, North Keeling and South Keeling, comprising 27 low... Read More
  • Cyclone Season at Vuda Point Marina

    Date Published - June 14, 2011 a cost. All ladders, scaffolding, metal drums, yacht legs, wooden benches and electricity are charged for. After antifouling, there is also a charge for... Read More
  • South Africa remind all incoming yachts to South Africa that it is a LEGAL requirement for ALL yachts (even local ones) who are returning to the... Read More
  • Travelling North and South through the Red Sea

    Date Published - June 24, 2021 recent years: 2019: 75 total 2020: 55 total (Northbound 40, Southbound 15) 2021: 24 total (Northbound 14, Southbound 10) 2022: 50-60 are expected to... Read More
  • Greece: Costly Misinterpretation of EU Law

    Date Published - May 24, 2021

    ...time restriction.  France has already agreed to offer six-month visas to boat owners allowing them summer long cruising. Many yachts will now move to overwinter... Read More
  • The rich variety of Turkey’s cruising grounds

    Date Published - August 19, 2002

    A useful summary of each cruising area in Turkey. Turkey’s history spans almost 10,000 years. Along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, there are acres of... Read More
  • A Short Cruise in Northern Haiti

    Date Published - May 05, 2013 We thought it prudent to leave someone on the boat at all times. People also offered to look after the boat for us for... Read More
  • UK will Rollout eLoran Stations to Backup GPS

    Date Published - August 07, 2013

    ...deployment to deliver initial operational capability by Summer 2014. Setting the global benchmark Several nations around the world are consulting with the GLAs to benefit... Read More
  • Bahamas: Oil Spill in waters off Great Exuma

    Date Published - July 25, 2022

    ...the site of the spill on 20 July. The Bahamas’ Minister of works & utilities, The Hon. Alfred Sears, Q.C., along with Pedro Rolle, Chairman... Read More
  • Portimao

    Portugal: **OPEN** (from 15 June)  See Portugal Biosecurity for details Description: Located at the mouth of the River Arade, Portimao is a natural harbor. It is, conveniently, just... Read More
  • Port Dickson

    ...SE Asia and how to avoid pitfalls see: Getting work done on your boat whilst long distance cruising.  The marina can arrange local contractors... Read More
  • Isla Cristina

    ...of the local contractors. 32-ton travel lift.  Puerto Deportivo Isla Canela Puerto Deportivo Isla Christina Sail repairs can be arranged at Nautica Levante SYS... Read More
  • Christmas Island

    ...200 people. Emergency Numbers: Christmas Island Police (Australian Federal Police)  – Dial 000 See General Info/Emergencies for more details Last updated:  July 2022 Christmas Island... Read More
  • Karpaz Gate Marina

    Address: P.O. Box 12, Yenierenkoy, Iskele, TRNC, Via Mersin 10, Northern Cyprus, Cyprus,

    ...hull wash and anti-fouling application with 21 days hard standing for annual berth holders, VIP Care Packages, ‘Freezing Option’ to suspend annual contract, Flexible package... Read More
  • Pangaimotu in Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu: The benefits of stopping here

    Date Published - November 10, 2014

    Greetings from Canadian yacht A-TRAIN, currently anchored in front of Big Mamma’s at Pangaimotu in Nuku’alofa, Tongatapu, Tonga. First, thanks for the hard work you... Read More
  • Papua, Sorong: Clearing into Indonesia here

    Date Published - June 28, 2016

    ...(drops on the tongue) for nominal cost. I’d restate that Warwick was very helpful, a fount of local knowledge, with extensive engineering skills. He is... Read More
  • Marina Zarpar – Cruisers Comments

    Date Published - March 19, 2014

    ...(We have been told that almost a third of the town is Italian, and they have Italian restaurants to prove it.) A very cordial immigration... Read More
  • Roatan, Honduras – Introduction of Mandatory Yacht Fees

    Date Published - April 28, 2010

    ...There will be circumstances when vessels will be allowed to anchor temporarily, but these will be assessed upon a case to case basis. The RMP... Read More
  • Venezuelan Mainland: 3 months in Puerto La Cruz

    Date Published - September 13, 2018 of all kind while underway and at anchor. Although it should be stressed that pirates are also attacking Venezuelan boats. A few weeks ago,... Read More
  • Thailand, Phang Nga, Ko Panyi: Burgled while away from the vessel – December 2018

    Date Published - December 13, 2018

    ...theft occurred. They also involved a technical chap to contact my phone service provider to see if the phone could be located on the local... Read More
  • Puerto Lucia, Ecuador – Comments from Cruisers

    Date Published - May 14, 2009

    ...almost off the deck, on the pontoon many are already gone or broken, so there are not enough cleats to tie up and to secure... Read More
  • Issues With Yacht Fumigation in Australia

    Date Published - March 20, 2007 an AQIS entomologist. Perhaps by pooling resources and information, a concentrated representation could be made to perhaps the Federal Minister for this department to... Read More
  • Belitung (Tanjung Pandan): Clearance Updates

    Date Published - January 25, 2018

    ...our arrival to Belitung. Arrival in Indonesia We arrived on January 17th – 10 days after departing Kuching. We did not want to bring the... Read More
  • USA East Coast: Covid19 Field Report

    Date Published - April 10, 2020

    ...rental car to return to Annapolis. Stopped by law enforcement several times who accepted that we were headed home to quarantine. Enterprise Rental Car quarantined... Read More
  • Rio de Janeiro

    ...historical neighbourhood Centro. International Airport is on Governador Island within the bay. National flights leave from the Aeroporto Santos Dumont just north of the entrance... Read More
  • Cruising through PNG and the Solomon Islands 2014-2015

    Date Published - April 16, 2015

    ...him. Excellent anchorages can also be found among the Killerton Islands about ten miles east of Alotou. The road from East Cape to Alotou runs... Read More
  • Hermit Atoll in Papua New Guinea: Latest cruising news – March 2011.

    Date Published - June 30, 2011

    ...hills, in contrast with the Ninigo inhabitants, who will see all their islets swallowed up by the sea. Hermit island has fresh water wells, an... Read More
  • European Black Water Regulations

    Date Published - November 22, 2009 water directly into the sea, where a local boat would be prohibited from discharging its holding tank. Inland Waters: Internal waters are considered to... Read More
  • Rybovich Superyacht Marina & Shipyard – Riviera Beach

    Address: 2010 Avenue B, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA, FL 33407

    ...outs, fueling, crane access, in house yacht escort and towing, provisioning & sub-contractor access. Captains and subcontractors can rent office space at the crew lounge.... Read More
  • European Black and Grey Water Regulations

    Date Published - January 10, 2019

    ...all pleasure boats, including foreign-flagged boats, are prohibited from discharging sewage into the lakes, internal waters and territorial waters (12 nautical miles) of Sweden. Recreational... Read More
  • South of France, Gruissan: Winter Storage at Nautiland

    Date Published - June 19, 2017

    ...shove off. There are also half a dozen nautical service companies in the same complex. The immediate area has several good size supermarkets and many... Read More
  • Clearing in and out of the Solomon Islands

    Date Published - September 15, 2017 clear in here for three years now. We also tried the provincial town of Kirakira and although the police were pleased to see us... Read More
  • Vilamoura

    Portugal: **OPEN** (from 15 June)  See Portugal Biosecurity for details Description: This purpose-built resort town and marina lies about 10nm east of Albufeira. It is a popular stop... Read More
  • Shore Marine Surveyors

    Address: P.O Box 014 SBMA, Post office, Olongapo,

    Specialize in surveys for vessels under 40 meters. Also, offer maintenance contracts/deliveries etc. Registered as full member International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS) with Lloyd’s... Read More
  • Australia, Daw Island: An Outpost of Nature

    Date Published - November 23, 2021

    ...when going east, we were keen to explore Daw Island. Especially after Ted, our tuna fisherman friend in Albany told us that Daw Island once... Read More
  • Turkey, Marmaris: Surviving a Winter Storm

    Date Published - June 18, 2021

    ...quite nice. We had spent the previous three days with local contractors bolting on additional supports for the custom hardtop that makes Grateful extra special.... Read More
  • Pacific Coast: Marina Puesta Del Sol – Updates

    Date Published - April 13, 2012

    ...lists current waypoints of the approach to the channel and Sea Buoy. The Marina Office monitors Channel 16 and can be contracted with questions. The... Read More
  • Clearing into Mozambique

    Date Published - November 02, 2006

    ...that to the contrary the bulk of officials were friendly, honest, efficient and most welcoming. Mozambique can be proud of its Immigration people in particular.... Read More
  • Brixham Marina

    Address: Berry Head Road, Brixham, TQ5 9BW

    Easy access in all weather conditions. Marina with all facilities, fuel (diesel only), WiFi, launderette, provisions, bar and restaurant. 50-ton boat lift for essential repairs,... Read More
  • North Sea, Netherlands: The Ocean Cleanup unveils first prototype

    Date Published - June 21, 2016

    ...ocean debris. The system is powered by the ocean’s natural currents. Testing the barriers is important because of their crucial role in the cleanup concept.... Read More
  • NOAA National Weather Service to Use New Hurricane Wind Scale

    Date Published - April 10, 2010

    ...flooding effects to each category. Herbert Saffir, a consulting engineer, and Robert Simpson, who was director of the National Hurricane Center from 1967 through 1973,... Read More
  • Sierra Leone

    ...sits on a coastal peninsula, situated next to the Sierra Leone Harbour, the world’s third largest natural harbour. The country has a special significance in... Read More
  • Mayotte August 2014: Many beautiful and well-protected anchorages

    Date Published - October 27, 2014

    In August 2014 we visited Mayotte, anchoring on the north side of Petite Terre near the Mayotte Yacht Club (known as ACHM). Although Noonsite reports... Read More
  • Northern Europe: New scheme could see Belgians relax over red diesel

    Date Published - October 30, 2013

    ...having the dyed fuel in their tanks. The Belgian authorities have claimed it contravenes EU legislation which states only white diesel should be used in... Read More
  • UK, Wales: Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon gets green light on planning

    Date Published - June 14, 2015

    The building of a tidal lagoon in Swansea Bay has been given planning consent by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. This... Read More
  • Cariati

    ...the south. The town, which is on the hill above the marina, is still completely surrounded by the original Medieval walls. Position 39°30.28’N, 16° 56.82’E... Read More
  • Morningstar Marina – Bahia Bleu

    Address: 2812 River Drive, Thunderbolt, Savannah, East Coast, USA, GA 31404

    ...Extremely deep dockside depth: 20ft. All amenities, 30/50amp power, water, toilets, showers, laundry, ice, marine supplies, wifi, pump-out. Fuel available. Some repairs, contractors in the... Read More
  • North Coast: Entering the Bay of Falmouth

    Date Published - January 02, 2013

    ...  This bay is only accessible for yachts with a draft less than 1m.   The buoys in the access channel are in contrast to... Read More
  • Vanuatu: Yacht penalized for calling into Port Resolution unannounced

    Date Published - August 12, 2014

    ...the other hand, legitimate visitors can experience a higher level of facilitation by Vanuatu Customs to visit the islands of Vanuatu. Vanuatu Customs hope this... Read More
  • Phuket Premier Boatyard – Multihull Friendly

    Address: 177/6 Moo 7 Tumbol Maikhao Thalang, Phuket Islands, Thailand,, DIY and liveaboards are welcome. Small chandlery and on-site contractors available. WiFi, metered power 220/380V, water, clean toilets, and showers. North Phuket next to... Read More
  • Greece makes the yachting buzz in April! The end of Charter Licences?

    Date Published - May 08, 2014

    ...International. © SY Josephine See this story at This new law which concerns commercial/private yachts and commercial touristic day-trip boats revolutionises the way yachts... Read More
  • Naples Boat Club

    Address: 895 10th St South, Naples, Florida, USA, FL 34102

    ...with dockage for 47 yachts up to 110ft. Transients welcome. All amenities, 30/50/100amp power, water, toilets, showers, laundry, pump out. Most repairs available or able... Read More
  • Agent Recommendations for the Galapagos

    Date Published - April 21, 2015

    ...makes it really simple. All was payable upon arrival, no money to pay in advance. We had to do the initial entry in Puerto Baquerizo... Read More
  • Cuba: A Boat can Stay as Long as You Want

    Date Published - May 15, 2015 a service known as Guarda y Cuidado. A captain can contract with the marina and a Marinero, one of the highly-qualified Cubans who is... Read More
  • Iridium Airtime – How it Works

    Date Published - April 23, 2010

    ...line rental (expiry) at any time in 30-day increments (just the line rental, no minutes). You do NOT have to let a 500 min voucher... Read More
  • Eroski Centre/SYP Supermarket

    Address: Ibiza, Balearics, Spain,

    It is one of the largest supermarkets on the island. Just 2 kilometres from the Port on the Contra de San Juan....... Read More
  • Visiting Nicaragua

    Date Published - March 22, 2011

    ...there are local sailboats. They were all very curious and came around wanting water. They were friendly and did not appear dangerous at all. From... Read More
  • Peake Yacht Services and Marina

    Address: Lot #5 Western Main Road Chaguaramas, Chaguaramas, Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago,

    Peake marina has seventeen stern-to moorings accommodating vessels up to 120 feet and includes a dinghy dock. Has water, electricity, and wifi. Alongside docking can... Read More
  • Manoel Island Yacht Yard

    Address: Manoel Island, Gzira, Malta, Malta, GZR03

    Tel:+356 2133 4453/4 Ex 38 Good security (photo pass issued) and gate guards diligent. Travel lift. Charges made for external contractors working in the yard....... Read More
  • Fortaleza – Latest Info.

    Date Published - July 21, 2010

    ...but there is always a risk that another boat will foul your bow / stern anchor. This happened while I was there. Some people anchor... Read More
  • Ionian Marine Safety

    Address: Lefkas, Greece,

    (Part of Contract Yacht Services) Ministry approved liferaft service. E.P.I.R.B annual testing, fire, extinguisher inspection. Service and supply of all types of marine safety equipment.... Read More
  • Good News in Ecuador for Yachts

    Date Published - May 18, 2011 Last week, we reached a watershed. All yachts will be allowed the same time the owner is allowed as a tourist. Everyone receives 90... Read More
  • Somalia: Piracy attacks drop to zero for first full month in five years

    Date Published - August 26, 2012

    ...“All of this tactical and operational progress is however easily lost if we do not irreversibly change the strategic context on the ground that allows... Read More
  • Australian Long Distance Cruisers: Useful Services that are hard to find

    Date Published - August 13, 2014

    ...we recently went to Cambodia resulting in a leptospirosis contraction and a $17 000 USD hospital bill and this company was fantastic to deal with... Read More
  • Cape Verde: Mindelo marina and town

    Date Published - December 02, 2018

    ...each other just beyond the ferry terminal. Border Police had a simple form to fill out and would hold our ship’s original documentation paper, to... Read More
  • World Cruising Club: Latest News

    Date Published - April 09, 2019

    ...itinerary includes the Estonian capital Tallin, the former Russian Imperial capital St. Petersburg, the Finnish capital Helsinki, the Finnish provincial capital Mariehamn, and the Swedish... Read More
  • What are the options for keeping your boat in French Polynesia during the cyclone season?

    Date Published - August 18, 2016

    ...French Polynesia allows foreign boats to stay for up to 3 years, without incurring customs duties. We love it here and want other cruisers to... Read More
  • Caribbean to West Africa

    Date Published - July 10, 2008 hard on the wind all the way. There is also some contrary (west-setting) current. Personally, I would not even recommend it. However, if your... Read More
  • Mindelo (Sao Vicente)

    ...also put a stern anchor. However, during my stay, the wind always blew from the valley. Facilities on shore are minimal. There's a nice restaurant... Read More
  • Sint Maarten – Cost of Anchoring

    Date Published - June 30, 2009

    ...– they boarded the boat in black boots, leaving marks all over our paintwork, and inspected not only paperwork but flares etc. In contrast, we... Read More
  • Channel Islands

    ...Customs and Immigration Declaration submitted immediately on arrival. If you are unable to submit the declaration on your personal device, facilities will be available at... Read More
  • Wintering/Hauling out in Malta

    Date Published - September 08, 2010

    ...full with local boats, it is a “turn up and see” situation, so we turned up to see! We stayed the first night tied to... Read More
  • Marina Trinidad, Casilda, Cuba – update April 2014

    Date Published - June 10, 2014

    ...“Casilda is the commercial/fishing port for Trinidad. It is a scruffy, uninteresting place and most cruisers feel that it is a logistical hassle going to... Read More
  • Entering Guatemala: Rules from our last visit (2016-2017)

    Date Published - October 01, 2018

    ...where the buoy is, but you will be able to follow your arrival route in reverse. If you want to make everything easier you can... Read More
  • Australia: Tropical Cyclone Debbie Strengthens as it Approaches Landfall in Queensland

    Date Published - March 26, 2017

    ...set records for the lack of tropical cyclone activity. Tropical cyclone season in the Southern Hemisphere is Nov. 1 through April 30, although tropical cyclones... Read More
  • Fortaleza Update plus Visas Required

    Date Published - September 13, 2011

    Posted July 2011 The new Imray Brazil Cruising guide states visas are not required for people arriving by yacht. Noonsite also indicates some contradiction. In... Read More
  • Dominican Republic, Luperon: Burglary at Puerto Blanco Marina – January 2014

    Date Published - January 15, 2014

    ...I WAS AT HOME IN BRAZIL BUT I CONTRACTED A GUY CALLED “15” (QUINZE) TO TAKE CARE OF THE BOAT. Nature of Security Incident: Thieves... Read More
  • Venezuela to Canada

    Date Published - September 15, 2009

    ...the isthmus from the Pacific. Ruins of the several Spanish fortifications are well preserved. Tuesday, November 27 in the continuous torrential rain we motored to... Read More
  • Shelter Bay Marina

    Address: Fort Sherman, Building 30, Shelter Bay, Cristobal (Colon), Caribbean, Panama,

    ...the shipyard manager is very helpful, friendly and always ready to solve problems or request. Eduardo Vega the dock- master is equally nice, and does... Read More
  • SVG, Union Island: Yacht stolen and burgled – April 2017

    Date Published - April 30, 2017

    ...Grenada Coast Guard was notified but took no immediate action. The pilot returned the owner to Union and he travelled by local boat to Carriacou... Read More
  • Wrangell

    ...This is not a Port of Entry. Wrangell has three full service recreational and commercial harbour basins which can accommodate everything from 18′ skiffs to... Read More
  • Maritima del Atlantico Boatyard

    Address: Ocean World Marina, Calle Principal Playa Cofresi, Suite 1-4, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 57000

    Situated on the Ocean World marina premises run by Jorge Fernandez. The only professional haul out facility on the North coast with qualified contractors for... Read More
  • Excel Corporation Boatyard

    Address: Kuala Penyu, Labuan, Malaysian Borneo (Sabah), Malaysia,

    Contact Lindi Freddy Majalap (speaks English). Opened 2013, recommended by cruisers for a quick turnaround. Can assist with technicians for various repair work. Liveaboards (up... Read More
  • SafeYachts Grenada

    Address: West Indies, Prickly Bay, Grenada,

    For moorings in Prickly Bay with guardianage/boat watch. Fully checked/serviced moorings by a professional dive company every 4 months. Can also assist with water and land... Read More
  • The definitive guidebook to maritime anti-piracy just released

    Date Published - May 07, 2013

    ...slower moving commercial vessels such as tugs and commercial shipping. This definitive guide covers all subjects that need to be known when a vessel will... Read More
  • Colombia: A visit to Providencia

    Date Published - February 10, 2020

    ...check in. On arrival you should contact one of the two local agents on ch 16 VHF, Mr Bush and ‘Alex’ who will make the... Read More
  • Tropical Season 2020: What will this Tropical Season bring, where can I go, and when and how might I try to get there?

    Date Published - April 13, 2020

    ...quasi-stationary, and other environmental factors are supportive, then a LO with Tropical or sub-Tropical characteristics can develop. Although this sort of Tropical LO formation can... Read More
  • Cuba, East Coast: Puerto de Vita to Santiago

    Date Published - January 02, 2019

    ...contradictory to the information given to us in Puerto de Vita. Baracoa: One person had to stay on the boat all the time, the others... Read More
  • Galapagos Islands: Notes on a visit early 2013

    Date Published - March 25, 2013

    ...yet overly commercial San Cristobal agents and arrival procedures Bolivar Pesantes ( and Johnny Romero ( are the two agents everyone seemed to use this... Read More
  • Doc’s Refrigeration

    Address: 30 Edinburgh Street, Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia, 5606

    Air conditioning contractor...... Read More
  • Stark Bros. Ltd.

    Address: 11 Cyrus Williams Quay, Lyttelton (PO Box 144), Christchurch (Lyttelton), South Island, New Zealand, 8082

    Shipbuilders and repairers; docking contractors; all marine engineering needs.  ...... Read More
  • Cruising in Sweden for long summer days, easy sailing and as much solitude as you might wish

    Date Published - June 01, 2015

    ...get you to and through the Kiel Canal. Once inside the Baltic, you must use local charts. Paper charts are vital; without them, it’s simply... Read More
  • Cruising Romania 2006

    Date Published - June 30, 2006

    ...of the western breakwater. Large ferries and fishing boats occupied the northern end of the western breakwater. The local boats were all on moorings all... Read More
  • Phuket Cruising Yacht Club (PCYC)

    Address: On the beach at Chalong, 300m N of jetty, yacht check-in office & town centre, Phuket Island, Thailand,

    Welcome visitors. Showers, marine guides, tide charts, book swap, dinghy lines under lights, WIFI, water, preferred contractors list, bar & restaurant and much more....... Read More
  • Indonesia, Kupang: Cruisers report on clearing-in and out here

    Date Published - November 22, 2017

    ...we left with the port clearance that we required. The four copies of everything were thus consumed, by all 4 departments. We found all four... Read More
  • Portugal

    ...Portugal. Camping Gaz bottles can be exchanged at marine supply stores. Euro Credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs in all towns. International Dialing Code for... Read More
  • Cruising the Egyptian Red Sea Coast & Through The Canal

    Date Published - May 05, 2005

    ...Hurghada/Safaga. We also met several people that had boat parts ordered via Felix; they all seemed happy with the arrangements. It seems to be the... Read More
  • Cruising to Barbados: Cruisers’ Impressions

    Date Published - December 14, 2017

    ...very strong LIME wifi signals, at a cost of only $10US per week. We have easily sourced grocery stores and all the other usual amenities.... Read More
  • Costa Rica, Isla del Coco: Permit or not?

    Date Published - July 16, 2018

    ...Contraloría General de la República, 400 metros Oeste y 25 metros Sur, Frente al Ministerio de Economía Industria y Comercio (MEIC) Tel: 2291-1215 Fax: 2291-1264... Read More
  • Gambia, Banjul: The Anchorage at Lamin Lodge

    Date Published - April 28, 2019

    ...always a navigable passage. What makes the anchorage attractive is not only the lodge but also the group of friendly men hanging around outside the... Read More
  • Yachts Now Welcomed To Palau

    Date Published - April 20, 2005

    There are lots of wonderful positive changes made to the benefit of cruising yachts visiting Palau, courtesy of the Royal Belau Yacht Club which now... Read More
  • Panama: Canal Transit Information

    Date Published - January 09, 2019

    ...Channels: Cristobal Signal Station and Flamenco Signal Station Balboa (Panama Canal Authority) listen on Channels 12 & 16 and use these channels for Port and... Read More
  • Greece: Is it Yachting as Usual?

    Date Published - July 13, 2015

    ...Spain, and Turkey. I’ve spoken with several hoteliers and businessmen working in Messinia, and I’ve also kept abreast of CA reports and YBW reports, as... Read More
  • Bahamas

    ...section for details. ARRIVAL FORMALITIES Prior to Arrival: All foreign vessels entering the Bahamas need a cruising permit. Bahamas Customs went digital in February 2021... Read More
  • Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, Navigation Hazard

    Date Published - May 15, 2009

    ...Efforts were made to raise and remove it, but the mast and rigging began to fall apart during this effort. SLASPA now has contracted with... Read More
  • Taiwan

    ...Control) should also be visited upon arrival. Customs generally ignore smaller private yachts (or are often extremely informal). It may also be unnecessary to visit... Read More
  • Pacific Coast: Two Marinas and staying Two Years

    Date Published - January 14, 2013

    ...but the Permisode Permanencia in Costa Rica is still open. The key to making all of this happen is (a) the right agent – who... Read More
  • Bonaire: Useful Information for Cruisers Visiting this Island

    Date Published - October 15, 2017

    ...and Saturdays. MUSEUMS & FORTS • Historical Monuments all around Bonaire. • Terramar Museum: Is a historical & archaeological museum displaying 7000 years of Caribbean... Read More
  • Turkey: New Visa Rules starting next month to apply to ALL countries

    Date Published - January 30, 2012

    ...– tricky if you don’t have a marina contract whilst cruising! Add to all the above the proliferation of the oppressive Blue Card “environmental protection... Read More
  • U.K.:Brussels Rocks the Boat in UK Yacht Fuel Tax Dispute

    Date Published - May 30, 2013

    ...UK laws, which allow recreational boat owners to buy a fuel commonly used by fishing vessels known as red diesel. The fuel used to be... Read More
  • Bahamas – Good News if Importing Spare Parts

    Date Published - June 18, 2009

    ...are allowed to import boat repair/replacement parts DUTY-FREE. In addition, the original exemption on printed matter and original artwork have been reinstated. Mr. Munroe stated... Read More
  • Berkeley Yacht Club

    Address: One Seawall Drive, Berkeley, California, USA, 94710

    ...prior reservation is advisable. Berkeley Yacht Club uses minimal professional staff. Bartenders are usually members, and when there is no bartender on duty the members... Read More
  • Thailand: New rules for boat/yacht stays – with further updates

    Date Published - February 10, 2014

    ...30-day visa is granted to most nationalities on arrival (a VOA). So, if the owner arrives on a 1-month permit to stay in the country,... Read More
  • Impressions of Torrevieja

    Date Published - August 15, 2017 Alicante airport if you do not want to take the 50 euro taxi. We also used the Salinas yard which have all facilities and... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador de Bahia, Itaparica Island: Assault and Robbery – March 2014

    Date Published - April 02, 2014

    ...very helpful, took them to the hospital for treatment and returned several times during the day to offer assistance. The dinghy was found on the... Read More
  • Comments on Docking in Panjim, Goa

    Date Published - June 30, 2008

    ...and three yachts were also hit by a local tripper boat 2 weeks ago. The three yachts were damaged with various levels of seriousness. A... Read More
  • Grenada

    ...16:00  Monday to Thursday and 08:00 to 16:30 on Fridays. Federal Express, DHL and UPS also provide postal services for local, regional and international mailing,... Read More
  • G&T Boatyard

    Address: Ao Po, Tambon Paklok, Amphur Thalang, Phuket Island, Thailand, 83110

    ...220V) and water. Roadbase surface. Chandlery on site. Long term storage available. DIY friendly. Can also supply workers and recommend contractors. Inexpensive bungalows are available... Read More
  • Liferaft Service in Panama City: A Warning

    Date Published - May 13, 2014

    ...certificate: $75). No official certificate: The certificate was useless: all tests were marked “NO”, there was no “next revision”- date, no expiration dates of any... Read More
  • Mediterranean: Bureaucrats and Clear Waters

    Date Published - June 12, 2021

    ...the Med;  Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Montenegro, Albania, and Croatia are the options.  COVID restrictions make it very difficult to get into the EU once you... Read More
  • Marsamxett Harbour : Msida Marina – updates from Cruisers

    Date Published - February 20, 2017

    ...Local food stores, butchers, hardware stores etc. are all walking distance. Lidl is a 15 min walk. There a local chandler a five-minute walk from... Read More
  • Getting a handle on Greece

    Date Published - November 22, 2017

    ...Aegean Sea all the way to the coast of Turkey and south to Crete. There are several shipping companies that run fleets of vessels, mostly... Read More
  • Guam

    ...Guam Memorial Hospital Authority (GMHA) located in Tamuning and the Guam Regional Medical City (GRMC) located in Dededo. There is a U.S. Naval hospital for... Read More
  • Dr. Jeffers – orthopedic surgeon

    Address: Tapion Hospital, Castries, St. Lucia,

    Comes well recommended by cruisers. Tapion is a private hospital which requires payment for services prior to being given. Contact one’s medical insurance company before... Read More
  • FCC Petition RM-11831 Threatens Amateur Radio Services

    Date Published - April 24, 2019 the public of all amateur radio transmissions in the HF spectrum that routinely cross international borders.” In contrast, Winlink has posted a message on... Read More
  • Southern Sicily: Wintering in Marina di Ragusa

    Date Published - December 30, 2012

    ...dropped to about 60 people over the Christmas period. But with the international airport at Catania only 90 minutes away on a direct bus, more... Read More
  • Club de Pesca de Cartagena

    Address: Fuerte San Sebastian del Pastelillo, Calle 2, #16-18, Manga, Cartagena, Colombia, all marina facilities for vessels at anchor in the bay (weekly/monthly fee) Above: a high-flying drone shot shows the Club’s location at Fuerte San... Read More
  • Panama: Covid19 Field Report

    Date Published - March 23, 2020

    ...can do anything else). Canal transits continue as normal, but agents cannot move lines, fenders and line handlers between the two ends of the canal,... Read More
  • Mauritius

    ...the map (courtesy of SY Crystal Blues June 2015), click here. ARRIVAL FORMALITIES Pre-Arrival: Use of an agent is not mandatory, however, an agent will... Read More
  • USA, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale: Plans to dredge the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)

    Date Published - July 24, 2014

    ...a special Florida taxing district made up of counties that the ICW runs through and is partially funding the project. It also partially funded and... Read More
  • Canada: Northwest Passage Claims Yacht

    Date Published - September 05, 2018

    ...That’s exactly what the Canadian authorities have urged all crews in recent days. It is not foreseeable that the passage would open at all this... Read More
  • Turkey: Cruising for longer than 90 days now greatly simplified

    Date Published - May 31, 2012

    ...stay of foreign citizens in Turkey could negatively affect foreigners intending to stay longer in our country, particularly yachtsmen visiting Turkey could prefer neighboring countries.”... Read More
  • Bab El Mandeb Straits To Eritrea: Cruising Report 2005

    Date Published - February 25, 2005

    ...Abraham will tell you what to do. The official rate of exchange is 15 Nakfa: US$1, but the real rate is >20. You can easily... Read More
  • ARC 2013 Opens for Entries: 60 entries received within five days

    Date Published - September 20, 2012

    ...are now 60 entries. The ARC sets sail from Las Pal*]}*mas de Gran Canaria, bound for Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia, over 2700 nautical miles... Read More
  • Missing on-board pet causes problems with Fiji Bio-Security

    Date Published - September 21, 2014

    ...animal on shore unless permitted by a biosecurity officer, and then only as directed by the officer. (7) A master who contravenes subsection (1)(b), fails... Read More
  • Rarotonga

    ...traveler’s cheques. They are open for the arrival and departure of all International flights. Major credit cards are accepted throughout the island at most shops,... Read More
  • Nova Scotia, Halifax to Azores

    Date Published - January 12, 2009

    ...Light and contrary winds dogged the crossing. We went on to Faial, Pico and to anchor in Praia da Vitoria on August 13. The winds... Read More
  • Niue – A Cruiser’s Visit September 2011

    Date Published - September 28, 2011

    ...10 minutes Niue Rental received the funds in their bank account from PayPal. Several minutes later while in the Niue Rental office we confirmed our... Read More
  • Japan Cruising Notes – Kyushu

    Date Published - June 30, 2011 from abpwweb.txt (yes saildocs will send ftp files…). We used the interval parameter when we subscribed, setting “interval=1”. This meant that every hour saildocs... Read More
  • Cairns

    ...west of Cairns. Restaurants Al Porto Café and Restaurant at Reef Fleet Terminal – quality waterfront dining. Along Pier Marketplace and the Esplanade (5 mins... Read More
  • Temco

    Address: Happy Valley, Pembroke, Hamilton, Bermuda,

    Electrical contractors and suppliers. Air conditioning and plumbing  ...... Read More
  • USA, Assateague Island: Warnings Issued About Submerged Dredge Pipe In Bay; Six Vessels Damaged So Far

    Date Published - September 11, 2015 do next.” For that boat owner, the issue became sentimental as well as financial after the initial incident. “It was my father’s boat and... Read More
  • Mallorca: Marinas and services in and around Andraitx

    Date Published - January 28, 2019

    ...Report by Peter of who visited Andraitx area in October 2013 with a 1942 classic w/3m of draft Port de Andraix (Andratx, Andraitx) is... Read More
  • United Arab Emirates need for a contract. Foreign Embassies in United Arab Emirates Police – Dial 999 Ambulance – Dial 998 Fire – Dial 997 Marine emergency... Read More
  • Fiji, Viti Levu, Lautoka: Vuda Marina is now a Yacht Clearing Station

    Date Published - August 24, 2013

    ...can commence almost immediately through the use of the Marinas 63 Tonne Travel Hoist. Departing vessels can also do the same. This is a huge... Read More
  • Yemen

    ...Gulf of Aden). The total population of Yemen is 28.25 million. Yemen operates on Arabia Standard Time. For specifics see General Info. The country has a sub... Read More
  • Kingfisher Marine – Concarneau for 25 years, good contacts with local contractors. Service all ports and marinas in the Brittany region including St Malo, Roscoff, Brest, Port la... Read More
  • Checking in to Tobago: Time your arrival to avoid high fees

    Date Published - March 15, 2019

    ...within walkable distance. In contrary to Store Bay in the South where you’ll need a taxi for all your crew members to get to Scarborough.... Read More
  • Greece: Rules Tighten for Visiting Yachts

    Date Published - June 14, 2022

    ...the entire insurance period. The original insurance contract must be provided in Greek and English and the original insurance certificate must be carried. Michaelis Roditis,... Read More
  • Sudan

    ...uphill beat all the way to the Suez Canal, while southbound boats usually have to fight contrary winds as far as Bab el Mandeb and... Read More
  • Pandemic Pursuits: Planning for a Circumnavigation

    Date Published - March 08, 2021

    ...cranny, intent on finding drugs! They left several hours later, as did the ‘professional crew’. A mechanic was called out to investigate the engine alarm... Read More
  • Antigua to Southampton: Record 52 Yacht Shipment

    Date Published - June 20, 2018 operations director at Peters & May. “On this sailing alone, we had seven Antigua Sailing Week participants on board. About a third of yachts... Read More
  • Shelter Island Boatyard

    Address: 2330 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, West Coast, USA, CA 92106

    Lift capability: two Travelifts 80 ton and 30 ton, 25-ton crane. All repairs possible through various sub-contractors (mainly on-site)....... Read More
  • Cruising The South Coast of Cuba

    Date Published - June 10, 2009

    ...we did not visit. We had been using the 1999 Nigel Calder cruising guide, but this needs updating. Arrival There is no need to radio-in... Read More
  • Komiza (Vis)

    ...of the bay in almost all winds, although the entrance can be difficult in strong W and SW winds. Last updated March 2018. Nauticki Centar... Read More
  • Puerto Olimpico de Barcelona

    Address: Edifici Capitania, Barcelona, Mediterranean Coast, Spain, 08005

    Situated in the heart of the city, this long-standing marina was taken over by the City Council in 2020. There are cafes, bars, restaurants, shops... Read More
  • Vuda Point Marina

    Address: Vuda Road, P O Box 5717, Lautoka (Vuda Point Marina), Viti Levu, Fiji,

    ...12m wide is not yet finished (Aug 2013). Marina holds a list of accredited contractors for boat work. NOTE: Cruisers report that the entrance to... Read More
  • Greek Cruising Tax considered lawful by European Commission

    Date Published - February 20, 2015

    Although it has yet to be implemented, the new Circulation Tax (TPP) applicable to all boats over 7m sailing in Greek waters, has now been... Read More
  • Venezuela: Closing of Sea Border Adds Risk to Southern Caribbean

    Date Published - February 22, 2019

    ...modern radar operated by several countries and most vessels are easily tracked. 5. There are naval patrol vessels providing almost complete coverage of the area.... Read More
  • Tips and Comments for a Visit to Western Samoa

    Date Published - April 25, 2019

    ...and candid local press addressing local issues, as well as articles from the wider global news services. You can also get a handle on economic... Read More
  • Gulf of Cariaco

    ...are made on the way. Special cruiser’s dinners. There is now a very useful boatyard, M&M Marina, adjacent to the Medregal-Village Hotel. See boatyards for... Read More
  • Pulau Langkawi Telaga. Almost always Customs is open if you are patient. The Harbor Master, it would take a miracle, but it could happen! Data Entry3... Read More
  • St Katharine Docks (by Tower Bridge)

    Address: 50 St Katharine's Way, London, E1W 1LA

    ...on visiting or long-term berthing contracts all year round. Depth 4m. This locked marina has tidal access approximately 4 hrs around high water (locking times... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: Phil and Yvonne Chapman

    Date Published - January 19, 2018, with the intention of cruising the Mediterranean. We bought all the cruising guides for Italy, Malta Tunisia, Greece, Turkey, etc. Then Yvonne and I... Read More
  • USVI: new U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) building under construction

    Date Published - January 24, 2019

    ...Hook or downtown Charlotte Amalie. The completion of the permanent CBP building will allow ferries to clear Customs in St. John. During the construction, the... Read More
  • European Black Water Regulations

    Date Published - November 22, 2009

    ...waste) from all pleasure boats on all inland waterways, lakes, the Waddensea and territorial waters. Pleasure boats can be installed with holding tanks, dry or... Read More
  • Marshall Islands – Essential Information for Cruisers

    Date Published - January 28, 2008 afraid to ask on the morning Majuro Cruiser’s Net at 0730, VHF 68. The islands only newspaper, the Marshall Islands Journal, is also a... Read More
  • Power Boats

    Address: Chaguaramas, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago,

    ...dry storage and Plastic “Shrink” Wrap Service. Advance booking necessary. All facilities, provisions, chandlery, restaurants & cafe. Work on own boat permitted. Outside contractors must... Read More
  • Seabrook Marina & Boatyard

    Address: 1900 Shipyard Drive, Seabrook, Gulf Coast, USA, TX 77586

    Full-service marina with dockage (both covered and uncovered) for yachts up to 125ft. Maximum draught is 9ft at all docks. All possible amenities: 30/50/100amp power,... Read More
  • Good News in Ecuador for Yachts

    Date Published - May 16, 2011 Last week, we reached a watershed. All yachts will be allowed the same time the owner is allowed as a tourist. Everyone receives 90... Read More
  • Seaspray Marine Services

    Address: Pulau Langkawi, West Coast, Malaysia, and the talks. Her commissions were also highly competitive, a big saving over expensive deals. I would also highly recommend her husband Mark for... Read More
  • Alcaidesa Puerto Deportivo

    Address: Avda. Príncipe de Asturias, La Línea, Mediterranean Coast, Spain, 11300

    Opened in 2010, this marina is reported to be clean with plenty of space and friendly staff. 600 berths (extra wide), finger pontoons with med-style... Read More
  • Annapolis

    ...well as many national and international races and regattas. Position:   38° 58.62’N, 76° 28.69’W (approach to City Dock) This is an official Port of... Read More
  • Thailand, Phuket: Sunken pillar at Chalong Marina poses threat to boats

    Date Published - June 17, 2014

    Officials have posted a line of small red and white flags to mark a large metal pillar that lies submerged near Chalong Pier and is... Read More
  • Our Cuba Story – 2009

    Date Published - April 24, 2009

    ...wearing armbands. The market was out of this town but was devoid of vegetables except for local potato-like tubers. The three hurricanes that hit this... Read More
  • Rivergate Marina and Shipyard

    Address: 7 Rivergate Place, Murarrie, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 4172

    Now the yacht clearing station. 105 berth marina with all the latest facilities plus discounted berth and fuel rates. Shipyard with 75 & 300-ton travel... Read More
  • Approaches to Cartagena

    Date Published - April 16, 2003

    ...stops on the way may be ill-advised despite various recent informal guides suggesting the contrary. In Colombia, the situation hasn’t deteriorated in the last 10... Read More
  • UK Boat Owners Left Stranded in Europe due to Government Inaction

    Date Published - October 01, 2020

    ...Government to commit to a transitional provision so that a recreational craft is eligible for relief from VAT and import duty on arrival in the... Read More
  • Rynn Pat Engineering Ltd

    Address: New Docks, Galway, Ireland,

    New Docks , Galway , Ireland Tel:+353 (0)91 562568 Marine engineers and contractors...... Read More
  • Maumere

    ...the resort which will also arrange tours of local attractions. Services Solar (Diesel), gas, water and laundry services are available. Radio VHF Channel 16 is... Read More
  • One Stop Marine

    Address: Marina Puerto Del Rey, Fajardo, Puerto Rico,

    Newest contractor at Puerto Del Rey Marina. Services include boat maintenance, bottom painting, electrical systems, electronics, engine service and repair, exterior finishing, fiberglass & composites,... Read More
  • Green Cove Springs Marina

    Address: 851 Bulkhead Road, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville, Florida, USA, FL 32043

    Large marina and boatyard approximately 40nm up the St. Johns River past Jacksonville. Long-term/hurricane storage possible. The marina is primarily for repairs/servicing. DIY docks and... Read More
  • Queenborough/River Medway

    Description: The entry into the Medway provides an essential, all weather, all tide refuge in the Thames estuary. It is the best place to wait... Read More
  • Australia

    ...the marina prior to arrival – they may be able to assist with finding a local provider. The alternative is to avoid marinas and anchor... Read More
  • Sciacca

    ...well known for its Marde Gras festival, but it also has several other colourful parades during the year. An interesting tourist attraction is the Castello... Read More
  • Somosomo

    ...National Heritage Park is a project founded in 1990 with the technical assistance of NZ. The park has a visitor centre at Korovou with a... Read More
  • Antarctica: A Place of Exhilarating and Unforgettable Experiences

    Date Published - March 03, 2022

    ...our arrival. Antarctica had yet, however, failed to reveal her darker side. We all went ashore after a briefing on wild life encounters and do’s... Read More
  • New Providence

    New Providence, with the national capital Nassau, is the scene of the fun-in-the-sun-seeking tourist, mainly out of the US. With all its shops, casinos and... Read More
  • Cruising Europe: ICC Course Now Available to All (A Clarification)

    Date Published - November 28, 2014

    For those cruisers who need to obtain evidence of sailing competency when in European waters, it is now possible for anyone to obtain an International... Read More
  • Cruising Report: Jordan To Israel, Through Suez Canal

    Date Published - February 28, 2005 El Tur, (28° 13.85′ N, 33° 36.84′ E) a commercial port on the West coast of the Sinai peninsula, Egypt, and one of several... Read More
  • Spain, Balearics: Meteotsunami (rissaga) floods islands of Mallorca and Menorca

    Date Published - July 19, 2018

    ...extreme side. The 1.5m wave hit numerous ports along the coasts of both islands. Particularly affected in Mallorca were Puerto de Alcudia, Andraitx, Porto Colom,... Read More
  • Tanzania Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 25, 2017

    ...all the way along the Tanzanian and Kenyan coastline and runs at 1.5-3 knots. This results in all the safe anchorages off the islands being... Read More
  • Pacific – List of Radio Nets

    Date Published - December 12, 2018

    ...after the Australian MSL wefax broadcast). Leans towards the irreverent and informal. Several land-based regulars who’ll help solve local problems. All licensed hams are welcome,... Read More
  • Nelson Facilities

    Date Published - August 07, 2005

    ...mechanical, electrical, electronic, rigging, painting, and haulouts/repairs available; all within walking distance of the marina. Town also is a 10-minute walk to CBD. Kind regards,... Read More
  • Brazil – Clearing In When Entering from the South

    Date Published - February 14, 2010 a commercial port that is not set up for private yachts. A new 2009 law requests that all yachts in transit not flying a... Read More
  • Cape Town (Table Bay)

    ...International Arrivals: Yachts must report to either the V&A Marina or Royal Cape Yacht Club (RCYC). All international vessels and yachts visiting the Port of... Read More
  • A Race Too Far

    ...allowed and participants had to start between 1 June and 31 October 1968. Several sailors were already silently planning such a voyage and eventually, nine... Read More
  • Delfzijl

    This is a pleasant town. The port is approached via a long channel parallel to the coast. Position 53° 19.05’N, 07° 00.55’E (entrance channel) This... Read More
  • Gulf of Aden: An exciting transit with welcome support (April 2016)

    Date Published - December 14, 2018

    ...overtake a vessel. Hopefully, those pirate days in the GOA are all in the past, and all we will read about them will be in... Read More
  • Environment: Entries Open for Brian Black Memorial Award for Environmental Writing

    Date Published - March 15, 2022

    Entries are now open for the 2022 Brian Black Memorial Award award that celebrates the best writing about marine environmental issues, as explored by sailing... Read More
  • Ria de Arousa

    ...provide a real taste of Galician food and character. The various marinas here offer secure facilities to leave a boat long-term. Although the summer season... Read More
  • The Bicycle Co Hire & Repair

    Address: Grand Parade, High Street, Poole,

    Grand Parade High St, Poole 01202 671611...... Read More
  • Piracy & Security Incident Reports 2015

    ...French Polynesia, Huahine, Baie D’Avea: Night Boarding – September 2015 Grenada, Mt. Hartman Bay: Attempted Sexual Assault – September 2015 Philippines, Samal Island: Cruisers Abducted... Read More
  • French Polynesia: Clearing in with a Dog on Board

    Date Published - July 25, 2022

    ...West Indies. We were told the dog was not allowed to disembark in Panama, but on arrival in Nuku Hiva it turned out that this... Read More
  • A Maldives Warning

    Date Published - August 13, 2015

    ...others cruising these most beautiful waters. We were greeted in Uligan by the nicest officials of any country so far. Our agent was exceptional, answering... Read More
  • Tarempa, Siantan (Anambas Islands)

    ...the bridge, turn left and the immigration office is on the left. The sign outside the office is “Kantor Immigrasi”. The Navy may also visit... Read More
  • Passage Planning: From the SW Pacific to NZ

    Date Published - October 02, 2015

    ...mechanics. Experience is also a wonderful thing – sometimes hard to get but easy to pass along. That’s where this article leads us. There are... Read More
  • Venezuela cruising: An update from Isla Margarita

    Date Published - March 20, 2017

    ...Perhaps Medregal Village is now all local business focusing more on hotel/restaurant. We wonder how the former Puerto La Cruz Marina (now we believe renamed... Read More
  • Dominica: Emerging from Maria’s Aftermath!

    Date Published - June 12, 2018

    The last several months were a challenging time for all of the Eastern Caribbean islanders hit by Hurricane Maria last September. The storm is now... Read More
  • Two Months Cruising Cuba

    Date Published - July 23, 2013

    ...and cigarettes: Beer: 1CUC/can local beer, Rum: white: 3.60, Dark: 5.90, Mojito in a bar: 2 to 4. Local cigarettes (Upmann’s): 0.6 to 0.9/pack. Cigars:... Read More
  • France: Recommendations from Cruisers

    Date Published - January 19, 2019

    ...stock up and enough bars to enjoy a pleasant meal or drink. The most peaceful anchorage we found around Nice/Antibes when all the marinas were... Read More
  • Cruising Cuba: Trying to go ashore when there’s no marina

    Date Published - September 01, 2013

    ...documents that the policy was altered and that the boat specifically was insured in Cuba and crossing the North Atlantic in June. They confiscated all... Read More
  • Honduras Cruising Notes: Christmas 2012

    Date Published - August 08, 2012

    ...some lively squalls so we decided to try for a night arrival. The lighthouse is no longer operational on the farthermost west island but there... Read More
  • Horn of Africa: Suspicious activity reported November 2014

    Date Published - January 09, 2015

    ...parallel course with occasional change of direction. Embarked AST stood to, the master ordered hoses activated, attempts made to contact naval forces. No shots fired... Read More
  • Hilo

    ...the observatories. On June 11th and the weekends around this date: King Kamehameha Day (parades, music, traditional ceremonies). The Merrie Monarch Festival is a week-long... Read More
  • St George’s

    ...minimum depth of 19.5 metres, that leads almost to quay. About 800 metres before quay, the channel turns north and there are shoals either side.... Read More
  • Montserrat

    ...masquerader street performances, the Festival Queen competition, and a parade of costumed troupes on New Year’s Day. Fire – Dial 911 Police – Dial 999... Read More
  • Birding Aboard “SeaBC” Has Sailors Reporting Unusual Birds

    Date Published - August 10, 2015

    ...uncertain global population and range. • Two homeschooled children, ages 10 and 11, logged all the birds they saw during their two-week transatlantic, scoring a... Read More
  • Sail Raja Ampat

    The first rally took place in June/July 2014. See the report for more details. [Broken Link] UPDATE HISTORY (followed by the update history)...... Read More
  • The Maldives: A wonderful cruising destination but careful planning required

    Date Published - June 16, 2017

    ...overly expensive. Medical Care There is excellent Medical Care available in Hulhumale at the local hospital. One of our crew had an eye infection and... Read More
  • Santa Pola

    COVID-19 – 12 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Spanish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: An attractive... Read More
  • Mediterranean: The Migrant Crisis – Tragedy and Treachery

    Date Published - July 26, 2021

    ...very experienced crew Taffy Thomas made up a robust team. Not long before the equinox, the nautical twilight before dawn provided a good coastal view.... Read More
  • Orhaniye

    ...surrounding the head of the bay are five restaurant jetties all offering varied facilities to yachts that dock there. Position: 36°46.55’N, 28°06.98’E (bay entrance) Although... Read More
  • Galapagos: Chosen Island San Cristobal – a decision we did not regret

    Date Published - March 23, 2015

    ...$ (full lobster) – against 100 $ on Anegada, BVI’s. Local traditional lunch is 5 $ at Rosita’s. ORGANIC LOCAL GROWN fruits and vegetables at... Read More
  • Fiji, Savusavu: An update for yachts clearing-in here

    Date Published - April 24, 2017

    ...out availability prior to arrival. All the marinas should receive your VHF transmission from at least outside the commercial wharf. So enjoy Savusavu, Fiji’s Hidden... Read More
  • Utila

    ...high, cylindrical, white tanks); alternatively, the area farther to the east, inside the harbor’s protective reef. Another anchorage is available west of the Municipal Dock,... Read More
  • Voyaging with Kids

    Date Published - December 07, 2015 how to deal with the naysayers, how to kid-proof your boat effectively (for all ages!), , getting medical care “out there” and dealing on... Read More
  • NE Indonesia, Raja Ampat: one of our best experiences on our journey around the world

    Date Published - April 16, 2013

    ...the epicentre of all marine life. We have not seen this many different species of fish and healthy coral anywhere else in the world. And... Read More
  • Penang

    ...multicultural and friendly population. Services catering specifically to cruisers are sparse, but many services are available in the well developed industrial and commercial environment for... Read More
  • Safaga in, although this is sometimes unsuitable for small boats. The recommended anchorage (26°47.59’N, 33°56.33’E) is in front of the Paradise Hotel. Last updated:  December... Read More
  • Clearance, Marinas, Mishaps and other Local Information

    Date Published - March 27, 2012 a fibreglass one (their major concern was termites). All paperwork with all services was done in less than half an hour and all agents... Read More
  • Bulgarian Port Update 2006

    Date Published - June 27, 2006 primarily a commercial port this all falls within the realm of commercial vessels and the paperwork remains the same even though there are a... Read More
  • Le bout du monde

    Address: 4 Rue de la Fregate Nivose, Noumea,

    Under shady parasols enjoy best-grilled meat and fish or sample the fresh buffet....... Read More
  • San Sebastian de La Gomera found on the first floor of the Service Building (Harbour Master´s Office), west of the marina. International Clearance: San Sebastian is not a frontier... Read More
  • Cananeia a very useful fuel dock at Central Nautico who have a small dock where you can leave your dinghy safely as they have 24hr... Read More
  • Clearing out of Indonesia: An unforgettable experience

    Date Published - July 03, 2013

    ...made introductions with what turned out to be personnel from the local Navy post. The boat was under the command of Budi Wiratno, who understood... Read More
  • Confusion in the San Blas Islands

    Date Published - September 17, 2008

    ...From the wording, it would appear to apply only to local charter operations. To date, the normal charges for visiting yachtsmen only apply. For more... Read More
  • Caribbean: Bequia, Port Elizabeth – Burglary

    Date Published - April 19, 2010

    ...cell phone. As the money was substantial we reported the theft to the Police and they prepared a report. The Charter Co. provided a better... Read More
  • Hout Bay Backpackers

    Address: Corner of Harbor & North Shore Drive, Cape Town, Western Cape, Hout Bay, South Africa, 7806

    Skydiving, Shark Cage Diving, Abseil Table Mountain, Kayak around Hout Bay, Paraglide Lions Head, Surfing  ...... Read More
  • Canary Islands, La Gomera: San Sebastian Marina – Dinghy Stolen – October 2011

    Date Published - October 31, 2011

    ...have also sent a poster out to all the marinas in the area with a request to place it on their notice boards. The dinghy... Read More
  • San Blas, Porvenir: Aground and holed on a reef

    Date Published - April 12, 2015

    ...nature, so I began turning off electrical circuits at the panel.  I also retrieved Spike, who was very glad to see me, from the after... Read More
  • Fiji Clearance June 2011

    Date Published - June 08, 2011

    ...under investigation and they could face substantial fines. (Fijian 5000) It took over a week, but they were overjoyed to find that they had been... Read More
  • Ushuaia

    ...Seal Pelagic Expeditions S/Y Sarah W. Vorwerk Yacht Persimmon There are several national telephone companies with branches in the town, many in Avenida San Martin.... Read More
  • A Jellyfish Summer in Europe

    Date Published - July 08, 2008

    ...tenderizer, sugar, vinegar, plant juices, and sodium bicarbonate have all been used with varying degrees of success. If swelling and pain from more serious stings... Read More
  • Balearics: Changes in Menorca over the last 10 years

    Date Published - May 30, 2011

    ...years ago. We were in Cala Binibeca a few days ago. It has the usual swimming area marked with yellow buoys and a small boat... Read More
  • Angra dos Reis

    ...There is also a marina at Port Bracuhy with some of the best repair facilities in Brazil. It is also possible to anchor in front... Read More
  • ARC Portugal 2020: August Departure Confirmed

    Date Published - June 29, 2020

    ...August this year. ARC Portugal Route As restrictions are eased in Spain and Portugal allowing tourists to return, World Cruising Club are now able to... Read More
  • Ashmore Reef Report October 2005

    Date Published - October 23, 2005

    ...beautiful sandy beach covered with all sorts of shells, which, because Ashmore Reef is a National Park, you are asked not to touch. Also of... Read More
  • Breaching the Wall in China

    Date Published - April 27, 2011

    ...two-day procedure. Upon arrival, we had to anchor at Anchorage no 5 where commercial vessels have to anchor just by the Special Economic Zone. We... Read More
  • Medical Supply List used for eye infections) Skin conditions Eczema and localised allergic rashes: hydrocortisone cream 1% Bacterial skin infections: neomycin sulphate cream or powder. Fungal infections... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Selim Yalcin and Nadire Berker

    Date Published - September 09, 2017

    ...the boat is surfing over soft waves. And also all the moments of arrival in a safe beautiful harbor after a long crossing. Favorite cruising... Read More
  • Family Cruising in Papua New Guinea

    Date Published - March 13, 2013 Milne Bay Province (which includes the Louisiades) is in Alotau. We chose to skip Alotau, delaying official clearance into PNG because of safety concerns.... Read More
  • Panama Canal Transit Spring 2012 – Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - April 24, 2012

    ...Joll, who transited the Panama Canal 9 March 2012 We crossed Atlantic to Pacific on the 9th March. While 8 knts gets mentioned it was... Read More
  • Reality of Cruising in The Netherlands

    Date Published - July 06, 2009

    ...turn it off because of the chatter on all channels, including 16. (3) Holding tanks etc. The rules are being ignored to a large extent.... Read More
  • Summary of Security & Piracy Reports 2015

    Maritime Security Incidents Worldwide – March 2015 CARIBBEAN Bahamas Bahamas, New Providence: Liveaboard British Man shot dead on board by armed robbers – May 2015... Read More
  • Bahamas: Entry Fees are high if only staying a few days

    Date Published - May 21, 2015

    ...for shelter in the Bahamas that was only 240 miles away. I think it was a tropical depression and when I got to Bahamas Customs... Read More
  • Cruising the Marshall Islands

    Date Published - January 17, 2012

    ...tablets, passage west in the North Pacific and more. The day before Xmas, we had a night boat parade with Xmas lights on all 12... Read More
  • MALDIVES: Useful Cruising Information – May 2015 – Part 2

    Date Published - May 06, 2015

    ...several years. Islam is the only allowed faith. With it goes the total outlawing of alcohol, dogs, pigs, gold jewelry for men, and discussions about... Read More
  • Kiritimati Island (the island time forgot!)

    Date Published - June 16, 2015

    ...not evident. On arrival I notified Marine Radio Christmas Island on CH16. Within an hour we had four officials waiting for us to collect them... Read More
  • Venezuela, Morrocoy National Park: Three local motorboats held hostage and ransacked – March 2015

    Date Published - March 12, 2015

    Morrocoy National Park is located in the easternmost coast of Falcón state and northwestern of Golfo Triste, in the west-central Venezuelan coast, near the towns... Read More
  • Jamaica

    ...of bay Oracabessa – Fair Falmouth – Uncertain Local Forecasts: Jamaica Meteorological Service See the Caribbean National, Regional and Island Weather Websites report for more.... Read More
  • Procedure to Request an Extension of Visa in Brazil

    Date Published - January 03, 2010

    ...with all the other documents to provide. 12. On this form the data “Cartão de entrada/saida (sequential)” is the number of the “Arrival/Departure Card” that... Read More
  • Bulgaria

    ...10:30, 16:30, 20:30 local time on VHF 26. Istanbul Broadcasts at 10:00, 16:00, 22:00 local time on VHF 67 sometimes in English and always in... Read More
  • Super Cyclone Harold: A Disaster for Vanuatu

    Date Published - April 10, 2020

    ...huge financial strain on the country, local small businesses, farmers etc. Recovery from the financial devastation caused by a cyclone in normal times is very... Read More

    Address: Sir Winston Churchillweg 247, District Wanica, Domburg, Suriname,

    Located on the road from Domburg to Suriname. Gas bottle refills....... Read More
  • Warning: Cayo Piedras NE of Varadero

    Date Published - July 09, 2012

    Cruisers sailing close of Cayo Piedras, the Guardafronteras base NE of Varadero (Cuba) should take special care as there are hidden concrete and steel rail... Read More
  • Carriacou Carnival 2014

    Address: Tyrell Bay & Hillsborough (Carriacou), Grenada,

    ...– Carriacou Carnival encompasses wild and wonderfully expressive street dances, soca frenzy, a parade of the bands and a calypso competition that combines rhythm with... Read More
  • Channel Island Boats Beware in Greece

    Date Published - October 18, 2012

    ...we had stamped by the Port Police on several islands and we cleared out of Greece, for Turkey, in Simi with no problems. We cleared... Read More
  • St Mary’s

    ...tidal constraints and is approximately 0.5 metres above Chart Datum. Available in cans also from fuel stations on Telegraph Road and at Port Cressa. Butane... Read More
  • Sidney

    ...Sydney Compass Rose Nautical Books Ltd Tanner’s Books West Marine Chandlery Bosun’s Charters Island Cruising Canada Post RBC Royal Bank Save-on-Food Dollar Rent A Car... Read More
  • Cruising Montenegro – July 2009

    Date Published - August 23, 2009

    ...variable winds overnight of 10 – 15 knots, but always on the nose and relatively flat water so just kept on motoring through. Several friends... Read More
  • The Populated Islands of Yap State, FSM

    Date Published - February 18, 2013

    ...are not official Ports of Entry, so prior arrangements must be made to visit it. (Ed. See Clearance) It is also the local custom to... Read More
  • Sandy Island/Oyster Bed Marine Protected Area
    ...other (Lauriston Mangroves) a 20-minute walk from Paradise Beach to Behind Sands Beach. There are also 3 uninhabited islands within SIOBMPA: Sister Rocks, Mabouya and... Read More
  • San Salvador

    Description: San Salvador Island, located in the southeastern Bahamas, is a sparsely populated tropical Out Island Paradise rimmed by a combination of scenic rocky shoreline... Read More
  • The Beautiful Archipelago of Ha’apai

    Date Published - October 27, 2014

    ...the north part of Tonga (Vava’u) and the south part (Tongapatu). There are many paradise islands to stop and enjoy on route. The islands are... Read More
  • Mexico Cruising: Views from Cruisers

    Date Published - July 31, 2014 for the regular 16 pesos when driving several passengers, they always tried to “milk” one more poor Gringo. So, more than once the Tourist... Read More
  • New Zealand Weather

    Date Published - August 19, 2002

    ...3-4 mts deep, good thick gloopy mud, and the southerly ( centre of the bay) and norwester ( western shoreline) here is an offshore wind.... Read More
  • Guayaquil

    ...Both are navigable, although currents are strong. For a fee, the artificial canal, which has a depth of 2.7 meters (nine feet) at high water... Read More
  • Turkey to Indonesia via the Red Sea

    Date Published - October 19, 2020

    ...LTD. We are legal, safe from weather and entertained by a parade of commercial shipping. We’ll hope for an easing of Covid and an easing... Read More
  • Saint Lucia: World Arc 2018-19 Comes to an End

    Date Published - April 17, 2019

    ...Rodney Bay Marina, they gathered for a short drinks reception hosted by General Manager Sean Deveaux and his team. The final rally dinner was held... Read More
  • Medaire

    Address: 4722 North, 24th Street, Suite 450, Phoenix, AZ, USA, 85016

    Their remote medical assistance services, including MedLink and crew support, are led by doctors, paramedics and nurses with extensive experience providing remote medical guidance. MedAire... Read More
  • Federated States of Micronesia visit just be sure to have all in order BEFORE arrival. Lynda Lim January 2019. Our arrival clearance in Kosrae was very easy and... Read More
  • West End

    ...main Bahamas Clearance information. The Old Bahama Bay Marina and Harbour House Marina are official ports of entry. Bahamas Customs and Immigration are open at... Read More
  • Netherlands

    ...2022: Russian flagged or registered yachts are not permitted to enter any ports in Netherlands. See news item for details. ARRIVAL FORMALITIES General Process: Although... Read More
  • Brazil, Maragogipe: Armed Night Robbery – March 2018

    Date Published - March 20, 2018

    ...the small town of Maragogipe on the Rio Paraguacu near the city of Salvador in the State of Bahia in Brazil. The intention was to... Read More
  • Canary Islands, Lanzarote, Arrecife: Marina Lanzarote is officially open

    Date Published - October 21, 2014

    ...lift provides an essential service for both the local tourist and commercial fleets and an easy facility for superyachts needing technical assistance. Shops and restaurants,... Read More
  • Unforgettable Pitcairn

    Date Published - January 11, 2019

    ...Paradise remained an elusive dream for all but John Adams, in the end is the sole survivor of them all. He then sat there with... Read More
  • Kenya

    ...Visas on arrival are no longer possible. All visitors must have a valid passport valid for at least 6 months. Other Visa Information: All nationalities... Read More
  • Corralejo shore-side bathrooms. Larger yachts should come alongside the E. quay or the ferry terminal, but this should be prearranged with the port official. Anchoring... Read More
  • Portland Jamboree

    Address: Jamaica,

    Weeklong Jamboree held in mid-August featuring float parade, street dancing, food fair and live music....... Read More
  • Galley Wench Tales from Dana Greyson

    ...tropical paradise. They bought a 36′ Pearson 365 sailboat and set off. So far they’ve cruised through 31 countries in the Caribbean, the South Pacific,... Read More
  • Suwarrow Atoll Report 2005

    Date Published - June 19, 2006

    Cruising Notes, Suwarrow Atoll, Cook Islands, South Pacific By Liliana Vedana and Thomas Müller, Yacht MIZ MAE General The Suwarrow Atoll was named by the... Read More
  • Maritime Authority Suriname (MAS)

    Address: Cornelis Jongbaw str. #2, P.O Box 888, Paramaribo, Suriname,

    MAS act like Customs in Suriname and must be visited on arrival to obtain entry documents – no fees reported. On departure, a visit to... Read More
  • Sevilla

    COVID-19 – 12 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Spanish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: This city... Read More
  • Vanuatu, Ambae Island: Information for cruisers

    Date Published - August 20, 2018

    ...1500-5000 Vatu. Vanuatu has much more to offer than the well worn “Tourist trail” and we recommend Ambae for a unique experience amongst warm, local... Read More
  • Acapulco

    ...Mercado Parazal in Calle Velasquez de Leonis an outdoor crafts market offering selections of silver and intricately decorated pottery, typical of the state of Guerrero.... Read More
  • Surin Islands: NW Thailand

    ...Khao Lak on the western side of the Phang Nga Province. An idyllic paradise offering relative solitude. This cruising report from UPDATE HISTORY... Read More
  • Colombia, Islas del Rossario, Isla Grande: Boarded & Attacked – July 2016

    Date Published - July 14, 2016

    ...con mucha violencia. Mi mujer sangraba por una mano y por el cuello, yo sangraba mucho sin saber por donde. Después de un rato mi... Read More
  • BIOT (Chagos)

    ...scientists and the international community as essential to the conservation and sustainable management of oceans and fisheries. BIOT hosts the world’s largest contiguous ‘no-take’ marine... Read More
  • French for Cruisers

    This practical, easy-to-use guide provides the vocabulary and language skills necessary to cruise in French-speaking waters. Whether your boating plans include the Caribbean, French Polynesia,... Read More
  • U.K. Customs And Excise Offices

    Date Published - April 15, 2011

    ...(also Brightlingsea, Walton on the Naze) Holyhead, Customs Offices, Platform 1, Railway Station, Holyhead L65 1PD (also Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Chester) Hull, Custom House, King George... Read More
  • Useful Directions for Entering the Endau River, Malaysia

    Date Published - April 08, 2011

    ...a sandbank which runs parallel to the river and it is imperative to follow the directions to go around it. Do not attempt to go... Read More
  • Caribbean: Hurricane Season is Here

    Date Published - June 09, 2021

    The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially started on June 1, although one tropical storm – Ana – has already been named and formed earlier than... Read More
  • Pacific Crossing: Niue Departure tax increase for ALL visitors

    Date Published - June 19, 2017 four officials attend the initial clearance on the wharf. Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Health officials all have documentation to be completed. On final clearance,... Read More
  • Brest

    ...35-ton travel lifts, 4 ton and 12-ton cranes. There are also two sets of drying grids here. The usual repair facilities are available in the... Read More
  • Fiji: Checking in to Suva – Cruisers Report

    Date Published - May 30, 2018

    ...the usual arrival cards for the three of us and some other forms of little significance. I checked yes to several of the questions on... Read More
  • Broderna Arvidssons Fisk AB

    Address: Kyrkogatan 25, Hamngatan (Kajen) vid Paradisparken, Marstrand, West Coast, Sweden, 44030

    Kyrkogatan 25, Marstrand, Hamngatan (Kajen) vid Paradisparken, 44030 Marstrand, Sweden Tel: +46 303 60040 Fast food stands with fish’n’chips, hamburgers and delicacies with fresh fish... Read More
  • Chipiona

    ...202 The international airport at Seville, national airport at Jerez for connections to Madrid etc. Information tel +34 902 404 704 Tourist Information Office Good... Read More
  • Association de Voiliers en Polynesie

    Address: BP 43442, Papeete, Tahiti,

    ...French Polynesia protect the interests of sailors and defend their rights towards the authorities and decision makers in French Polynesia- Remind sailors of their responsibilities... Read More
  • Timor Leste: An Interesting Report on a Visit to the Oe-Cusse Enclave

    Date Published - September 06, 2017

    ...linger during our short visit. For more information please contact: Inacia Teixeira – Secretarial Regional para o Turismo Comunitario Tel:77340023 Email: Barbara... Read More
  • Union Island

    ALERT: La Soufrière volanco on the northern end of St. Vincent erupted on Friday April 9, 2021. 16,000 people had to be evacuated and falling... Read More
  • Millennium General Ship Suppliers

    Address: Rua Xavier da Silva nr 47, Tuiuti, Paranagua, Southern Brazil, Brazil, PR 83203-620

    Admiralty Chart Agent...... Read More
  • Guyana

    ...Numbers: Police – dial 911 (or 225 64 11) Fire Service – dial 912 Medical emergency services – dial 913 (or 226 9449 – Georgetown... Read More
  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines: Emergency Solar Light Campaign Underway

    Date Published - May 06, 2021

    ...on the ground, we’ll also be handling logistics for our boat’s arrival in the next 30 days. When we’re fully funded, the boat will passage... Read More
  • Cuba, Isla de la Juventud: Deck gear stolen overnight – May 2016

    Date Published - May 26, 2016

    ...they awoke in the morning, their life sling, cockpit cushions, dock lines, sunglasses, and other miscellaneous cockpit paraphernalia had been taken by persons unknown. No... Read More
  • Crossing the Atlantic to Europe: Where Can I Stop?

    Date Published - April 30, 2020 able to do so as normal, however there is to be no physical interaction between the fuel supplier and the crew of the vessel.... Read More
  • Portugal: Yacht Runs Aground at Figueira da Foz

    Date Published - October 13, 2021

    ...the couple was rescued by firefighters and the National Institute of Medical Emergency (INEM). The sailboat had damage to the mast and rudder due to... Read More
  • Protection at Anchor

    ...a couple who had not only wired an agricultural electric fence charger to the lifelines of their 20 metre ketch, but also that of the... Read More
  • Enjoying Guyana

    Date Published - June 26, 2014

    ...some magical days and nights there. The Waypoints in Doyles Guidebook or on his website are excellent and work all the way to Bartica if... Read More
  • ARC+2015 Cape Verde sets sail from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    Date Published - March 26, 2019

    ...Gran Canaria. At the pre-start skipper’s briefing, ARC weatherman Chris Tibbs, described the forecast for the start as “near perfect for the passage” although, as... Read More
  • Venezuela, Offshore: Two Yachts Followed in Suspicious Circumstances

    Date Published - June 02, 2022

    ...Bonaire, with lights and AIS ON, on a planned course 80-100 miles off the mainland and well north of the offshore Venezuelan islands. At about... Read More
  • Iceland: Updated Information for this Destination

    Date Published - May 10, 2013

    ...picks them up on the other side.  There is a local ski lift in town.  Spring and fall are a bird watcher, photographer and hikers... Read More
  • Advice on Quick Circumnavigation

    Date Published - May 25, 2008

    ...unfortunately does not go all the way around the world. My main question is: Is there any way at all to sail west from the... Read More
  • St. Helena for Cruisers

    Date Published - March 28, 2016

    ...choice for boats heading NW from Cape Town: it’s along the path of a logical route, whether you are pointing to Brazil or to the... Read More
  • UK: CA 180-Day Visa Campaign for UK Boaters in Europe

    Date Published - February 25, 2021

    ...Initially we are focussing our efforts on governments, MPs and local politicians in Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. In parallel, our members... Read More
  • USA: FCC Approve Icom M802 Waiver

    Date Published - October 20, 2017

    ...some sense for commercial vessels, they would have had almost no impact on cruisers. The M802 remains the only affordable Digital Select Calling (DSC) marine... Read More