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  • Turkey

    ...links: & It is recommended printing the E Visa before going to the airport. For more information about the new airport go to:... Read More
  • Istanbul Port

    ...Tuzla. West Istanbul Marina and Marina Istanbul located in Buyukcekmece Bay opened in 2012. While these are further from the city center, they tend to... Read More
  • Wintering in the Mediterranean

    Date Published - April 15, 2019

    ...chandlery in the marina and items can be ordered in within a few days. Most of the boats in the marina are local Turkish owned.... Read More
  • Red Sea, Eritrea, Massawa: Turkish Circumnavigators Detained by Military since April

    Date Published - June 04, 2020

    The Turkish press are reporting about a Turkish catamaran, on the homeward leg of its circumnavigation, that has been detained in Eritrea after looking for... Read More
  • A Turkish cruise from Marmaris to Kakova – 2018

    Date Published - September 03, 2018

    Tony Olin has sailed extensively along this part of the Turkish coast and sums up his thoughts by concluding “All in all, a cruise along... Read More
  • Red Sea, Eritrea, Massawa: Turkish Circumnavigators Detained by Military (April 2020)

    Date Published - June 04, 2020

    Transiting north up the Red Sea a Turkish cruising catamaran took refuge in Massawa having obtained prior permission to enter. On arrival they were boarded... Read More
  • New 90/180 Visa Regulation Explained

    Date Published - February 08, 2012 is believed that the number is approximately 1,500,000 people. This is a major problem for the Turkish economy and the increased unemployment amongst Turkish... Read More
  • Tips for Sailors Roaming with Mobiles in Turkey

    Date Published - June 28, 2009

    ...sim card. All you need is your passport & a Turkish address (marina will do). Another alternative is to buy a cheap “pay as you... Read More
  • La Linea de la Conception, Marina Alcaidesa: Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - February 07, 2018

    ...quite cheap in Gibraltar, as is diesel (but Canaries are cheaper still). La Linea itself does not offer much besides the marina and shops, or... Read More
  • Istanbul

    ...reaching the old city. For full details on the new Istanbul International airport see the main transport section. Atabirlik Taxi Comet Rent A Car Gurtour... Read More
  • Turkish Search and Rescue

    Date Published - March 21, 2006

    ...Turkish GSM network by dialing 158. If you cannot reach a Turkish network you can dial internationally +90 (312) 417 5050 or 417 5052. This... Read More
  • India, Kerala – Port Report: Eight Months in Cochin (Kochi)

    Date Published - November 28, 2019

    ...or Tuk-Tuks are also plentiful and cheap and are now appearing as an option on Uber as well. Phone Service: If you arrive with a... Read More
  • South Africa Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - February 29, 2016

    ...PRICES In South Africa, most items are considered free or very cheap when compared to the prices found in North America, Europe, Singapore, Australia, and... Read More
  • West Istanbul Marina

    Address: Yakuplu Marmara Mh. Ulusum Cad. No:28, Beylikdüzü/İstanbul, Instanbul, Turkey,

    Located on the European side of Istanbul, 17 kms (10.5 miles) to Atatürk Airport and 60 kms (37.2 kms) from Istanbul city center. A sheltered... Read More
  • Istanbul and the Sea of Marmara

    Date Published - June 09, 2008

    ...they have an adequate supply of cooking gas. It is impossible to have non-Turkish bottles refilled or exchanged east of the Aegean. We had no... Read More
  • World Cruising Club – E News

    Date Published - December 20, 2017 code JG1 at the checkout. Click here to purchase your boat show tickets online [BROKEN LINK] Buy between 1 and 5 tickets at £12.00... Read More
  • South Pacific Cruising Notes: April to November 2013

    Date Published - October 21, 2014 cruising here than in the Caribbean. Getting through the Panama Canal presents fixed costs, and French Polynesia and the Galapagos are ludicrously expensive, but... Read More
  • A Turkish Cruise (Bodrum, Datca, Marmaris): Summer 2017

    Date Published - March 06, 2018 the many boatyards to see the Turkish Gulet being built is a must. I ended up drinking chai with the workers in several of... Read More
  • Phuket Island

    ...Air: Phuket International Airport is serviced by many major airlines, with direct flights from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Perth, to name a few. Domestic airlines... Read More
  • Spain & Portugal – Marina Prices

    Date Published - October 20, 2018

    A number of cruisers have contributed to this report since 2012. MARINA PRICES 2020 February 2020 – from Neil Hird Stayed Almerimar Feb 2020. Cheap... Read More
  • Cochin (Kochi)

    ...repairs can be done everywhere, contact Nazar. Local SIM cards are cheap and call rates some of the cheapest in the world. There are a... Read More
  • UK Sailmakers Istanbul

    Address: Bağdat Caddesi Yolaç İşhanı, Zühtü Paşa Mahallesi No:17 Kızıltoprak, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

    All types of rigging and sails, covers and upholstery....... Read More
  • West Marine Istanbul

    Address: Kumlar Caddesi No:8 (Kartal Sahil Yolu) Atalar Kartal, Istanbul, Kartal, Turkey, 34862

    Well stocked chandlery....... Read More
  • Gino Group Technical Services – Istanbul

    Address: Atakoy Marina, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34158

    Tel:+90 212 661 7730/1 24 Hrs: + 90 532 232 1617  ...... Read More
  • Istanbul Cyber Cafe

    Address: KucukAyasofya Mah Cayiroglu Sokak No:9/, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34410

    WiFi...... Read More
  • Istanbul Atatürk Airport

    Address: Yeşilköy, İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34149

  • Marinturk Istanbul City Port

    Address: Batı Mahallesi, Sahil Yolu, Pendik, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34890

    Position: Lat/Long 40°52.1′ N, 29°14.4’E VHF Channel 73 “Marinturk” This marina is about 15NM SE off the southern entrance to the Bosphorus. 752 berth full... Read More
  • Istanbul Dental Center

    Address: No:71, Rumeli Cd., Osmanbey/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34371

  • Harbour Master – Istanbul

    Address: Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • Istanbul Medical Center

    Address: No:26/, Caddebostan, Bağdat Cd. No:4, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34728

    Doctors...... Read More
  • Customs Office – Istanbul

    Address: Karaköy Yolcu Salonu Gümrük Müdürlüğü, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Selim Yalcin and Nadire Berker

    Date Published - September 09, 2017

    The fifth in our “Portrait of a Cruiser” series, this month we are profiling a Turkish couple who threw off their professional city life in... Read More
  • Importing Spares and Equipment into Turkey

    Date Published - March 03, 2008

    ...customs clearance service in Istanbul on my behalf for the sum of 240 Turkish Lira – payable on delivery. The shipment was processed in Istanbul... Read More
  • Turkish Hydrographic Office

    Address: Hidrografi ve Oşinografi Dairesi Başkanlığı, Çubuklu, Istanbul, Turkey, 34805

  • Gelik – Turkish restaurant

    Address: Büyükdere Cad. İstanbul Cevahir Alışveriş Ve Eğlence Merkezi No:22 D:22, Şişli/İstanbul - Avrupa, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • New Turkish Regulations for Yachts

    Date Published - March 06, 2009

    On March 3, 2009, a Turkish customs official addressed a group of approximately 70 yachtsmen and yachtswomen at a meeting at Netsel Marina in Marmaris.... Read More
  • Rent a Cheapie

    Address: 30 Marine Drive, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, South Africa,

    Rent a Cheapie are one of the most preferred cheap car rental options in the Western Cape....... Read More
  • Mindelo: Feedback from Cruisers

    Date Published - November 25, 2018

    ...feel very happy with the helpful German marina-staff and the Capeverdian marina-crew as well. Daily rates for the marina are not really cheap but still... Read More
  • Brunei stopover: because even sailboats like cheap diesel

    Date Published - August 06, 2013

    ...take a peek? Besides, they have ridiculously cheap fuel to top off our tanks- and even sailboats need diesel now and then. The kicker was... Read More
  • Cruising in Egypt – the Low Down

    Date Published - October 14, 2013 suffered damage when a warship passed exceeding the speed limit. Here we got a diesel (cheap by our standards at $0.85 per litre) water... Read More
  • Marshall Islands – Essential Information for Cruisers

    Date Published - January 28, 2008

    ...try Island Eco (see listing under SOLAR PANELS). 5) BEER & BREWING SUPPLIES: No alcohol sold on Sundays except in the restaurants. a) Beer: Pacific... Read More
  • Cruising in Egypt – the Low Down

    Date Published - October 14, 2013

    ...damage when a warship passed exceeding the speed limit. Here we got diesel (cheap by our standards at $0.85 per litre) water and gas and... Read More
  • Bandar Seri Bagawan also serviced regularly by Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, Garuda Indonesia, Philippine Airlines and Malaysian Airlines. Flight Information Enquiries, Tel. +673 (0)2 331747. Encounter... Read More
  • Greece

    ...other languages spoken are Macedonian (called “Slav-Macedonian” in Greece), Albanian, spoken in the centre and the south, Turkish, spoken by Muslim communities around the Aegean,... Read More
  • Porlamar, Margarita, but they have large plastic bottles here and to fill them costs less than 5 cents. The telephone is cheap - under a $1... Read More
  • Popular Malaysian Anchorages: Sebana Cove or Danga Bay?

    Date Published - January 15, 2014

    ...cheaper, we cleared in at Pengelih with no cost and very little waiting. You have to go past Pengelih to get to Sebana Cove. If... Read More
  • Great Customer Service Bosch, Istanbul

    Date Published - February 18, 2012

    ...from the view that they could “educate” Anfora rather than expecting much return. However, extended correspondence with Tuncay Karamahmutoglu at Bosch Turkey (Istanbul) including sending... Read More
  • Nantucket Airlines (Cape Air)

    Address: Nantucket Memorial Airport, 14 Airport Road, Nantucket,, East coast, Usa, 02554

    Nantucket Memorial Airport , 14 Airport Road , Nantucket, MA 02554 Tel:+1 (800) 635 8787 – +1 (508) 228 6234 Hourly flights running all... Read More
  • Vanuatu – Crew arriving on one way tickets – UPDATE

    Date Published - May 11, 2010

    ...and will keep you updated on my progress. But as of the end of March 2010 – the policy is no one-way tickets. Jess Bell... Read More
  • New Charts for Yachts by the Turkish Hydrographic Office

    Date Published - July 05, 2006

    The SHOD (Turkish Department for Navigation, Hydrography, and Oceanography) has just published their first two yacht folios. Folio 3001 covers the Bodrum Marmaris area and... Read More
  • Turkey: Applying for a Short Term Residency Permit

    Date Published - February 25, 2022

    After spending months cruising around the Mediterranean doing the “Schengen shuffle”, British cruisers Claire and Peter Arnold decided to try for a Turkish Short Term... Read More
  • Turkey: Blue Card scheme rolled out to all Turkish waters

    Date Published - October 30, 2013

    The Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation has announced that its ‘Blue Card Scheme’ – an environmental program to protect the sea against pollution which... Read More
  • Madagascar – Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - November 16, 2015

    ...make it to the fifth grade. BOOZE Booze is cheap. At a store, a large (.65 l) bottle of beer will cost you about 3400... Read More
  • Sri Lanka Cruising Information

    Date Published - March 11, 2015

    ...He owns a pick-up truck which he hires out, with him at the wheel. Communications: Data/voice SIMS cards are cheap $7 USD for one month... Read More
  • Cruising Brazil to Argentina

    Date Published - January 06, 2010 various grades of diesel in Brazil and I have found Petrobas to be the best, the cheaper brands are mixed with alcohol and other... Read More
  • Marina Smir: Updates from Cruisers

    Date Published - August 30, 2017

    ...that’s cheap travel. The entry to the port has plenty of water if you keep the red buoys to port as per norm. October 2016... Read More
  • Fiji, Port Denerau: Stores and Services

    Date Published - August 25, 2015 Cheap buses run frequently and there are also plenty of taxis. Markets: 4) Nadi Downtown Namaka (Farmboy) – also delivers to Musket Cove:,... Read More
  • Cruising Indonesia – General Tips and Hints

    Date Published - October 27, 2011

    ...main beer in Indonesia. Wine is very rare, the same for spirits. Eating out is very cheap and highly recommended – if you find out... Read More
  • St George’s Harbour

    ...cruisers state that it is cheaper to find a marina berth. Pennos Wharf and Ordnance Island are commercial piers reserved for ship traffic. When tied... Read More
  • Malaysia: Marinas on the West Coast

    Date Published - August 05, 2015

    ...yet open. ATM at 7-11 but doesn’t accept all cards), a laundry (much cheaper than the marina) and numerous local restaurants. There is a bus... Read More
  • A Guide to Getting Work Done on your Boat in Thailand

    Date Published - January 31, 2012 You have decided that Thailand would be a good place to haul out and get some serious work done as yards are reported to... Read More
  • Visit Thailand for Fun – Avoid Thailand for Boat Work

    Date Published - August 10, 2015 reasonably priced. AME Chandlery provides fibreglass at a good price also. Teak, as you would expect, is cheap compared to the rest of the... Read More
  • Indonesia for washing or does it with chlorine. Drinking water is much cheaper to buy here than in Singapore. Mosquito-borne Diseases: Dengue Fever is a... Read More
  • Labuan

    ...are reported to be the cheapest. If you find a driver you are happy with, ask for his phone number so you can call him... Read More
  • Tonga

    ...for a fee priced by the kg (it may be cheaper to pick it up). Last updated: October 2019 Health facilities in Tonga are basic.... Read More
  • Panama undertake re-fit work should research carefully options available to them before arriving (i.e. cheaper costs vs skilled workforce). Linton Bay Marina has the largest... Read More
  • Thailand

    ...repairs in Thailand, care should be taken to oversee all works. Whilst prices are very cheap here, often, unskilled labor is used by yards with... Read More
  • Airlines Delta – St George’s Harbour

    Address: St George's Harbour, Bermuda,

  • Continental Airlines Micronesia

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Services to Majuro and Kwajalein on its Island Hopper Route with three weekly flights originating from Guam (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and three weekly flights... Read More
  • Island Airlines (Nantucket)

    Address: Nantucket Memorial Air, 14 Airport Road, Nantucket, MA 02554, East coast, Usa,

    Nantucket Memorial Air , 14 Airport Road , Nantucket, MA 02554 Tel:+1 (800)248 7779 – +1 (508) 775 6606 – +1 (508) 228 7575 Read More
  • American Airlines

    Address: St George's, Grenada,

  • Real Tonga Airlines

    Address: Tonga,

    Telephone: Vava’u +676 71115 Ha’apai +676 7765452 Nuku’alofa +676 23777 Niua Toputpu +676 7585813 E-mail: [email protected] Read More
  • American Eagle/American Airlines – Anguilla

    Address: Wall Blake Airport, Road Bay, Anguilla,

    Expected to discontinue the service to Anguilla in April 2011....... Read More
  • Continental Airlines

    Address: Federated States of Micronesia,

    Offers a jet service to most of the major islands in Micronesia, including Palau, Yap, Truk, Guam, Saipan, Pohnpei, Kosrae, Kwajalein and Majuro from Houston... Read More
  • North American Airlines

    Address: Carmichael Street, South Cummingsburg, Georgetown, Guyana,

    Tel: +592 227 5805/ +592 227 5838/ +592 227 3896 Fax: +592 227 4164...... Read More
  • Alaska Airlines

    Address: 600 Airport Road, Sitka, AK 99835, Alaska, Usa,

    600 Airport Road, Sitka, AK 99835 Tel:(907) 966-2422 / 1-800-252-7522 Daily flights to Seattle and to various Alaskan towns....... Read More
  • South Africa Airlines

    Address: Cape Town (Table Bay), South Africa,

    Tel: +21 086 0359722 KLM, Tel:+21 086 0247747 Virgin Atlantic, Tel: 021 9349000  ...... Read More
  • American Airlines – Willemstad

    Address: Willemstad, Curacao,

    From Miami: Daily...... Read More
  • Discount Rentals & Unity Airlines

    Address: Bauerfield International Airport, Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu,

    Car Rental, tours, charter flights. 67823305...... Read More
  • United Airlines – Willemstad

    Address: Willemstad, Curacao,

    From Chicago: Daily From New York(Laguardia): Daily...... Read More
  • Delta Airlines

    Address: 600 Airport Drive, Sitka, AK 99835, Alaska, Usa,

    600 Airport Drive, Sitka, AK 99835 Tel:1-800-221-1212 Summer services only.  ...... Read More
  • Ketchikan Moorage – Ellis Airlines Terminal

    Address: 1285 Tongass Avenue, Ketchikan, AK 99901, Alaska, Usa,

    1285 Tongass Avenue , Ketchikan, AK 99901 Tel:+1 907-225-8285 Fax:+1 907-225-6086, [email protected] Aimed at super-yachts. Payment required in advance. Located in downtown. All services... Read More
  • Caribbean Airlines

    Address: CJIA, Timehri, East Bank Demerara, Georgetown, Guyana,

  • Malaysia Airlines

    Address: Sales office in City Bayview hotel building in Jalan Bendahara, Pulau Langkawi, West Coast, Malaysia,

  • Turkey: Sea Snot Clean-Up underway in Aegean and Black Seas

    Date Published - June 27, 2021

    ...Mucilage, or “Sea Snot”, a phenomenon caused by a nutrient overload in algae resulting from pollution and high temperatures, has blanketed much of the shoreline... Read More
  • Ordering spares whilst cruising the Eastern Mediterranean

    Date Published - January 19, 2015

    ...mail. I used the Turkish mail system and got a tracking #. As the package was going outside Turkey, the tracking # was free. I... Read More
  • Cyprus

    ...on the SE coast. The project is expected to be completed by 2020. The northern “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” has not been recognised by... Read More
  • Cyprus, Turkey: Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot

    This guide covers the coast of Turkey from the Bosphorus to the Syrian border and Cyprus. There is also a chapter on the Black Sea... Read More
  • Update Curacao, Spanish Waters

    Date Published - November 03, 2009

    ...called “Convooi”, and they operate on fixed routes. They run infrequent but the fare is cheap, NAFl 1.50 per person at this writing. For Spanish... Read More
  • Visiting Egypt – Twice

    Date Published - February 17, 2011

    ...Hurghada, Hurghada to Abu Tig. They were cheap, not very comfortable or clean but were an interesting way to see more of Egypt. İf foreigners... Read More
  • Cruising the Adriatic – Summer 2015

    Date Published - July 16, 2015

    ...on custom quay so went around to fuel dock where (after more queueing) we tanked up on cheap diesel – 1.15E a litre. We then... Read More
  • Day Trips to Singapore from Senibong Cove Marina, Malaysia

    Date Published - December 12, 2014

    ...of destinations in Singapore, so you have to decide where to buy a ticket to. The first time we went, we bought tickets to downtown... Read More
  • Salvador de Bahia

    ...visiting for its remarkable and well restored colonial buildings. Be very aware of street crime here and use common sense (no flashy jewelry etc.). Generally... Read More
  • Getting a handle on Greece

    Date Published - November 22, 2017

    ...were very cheap, but very few travellers seemed to have tickets. The train station turnstiles were locked open and there were no ticket collectors. This... Read More
  • Eastern Indonesian Anchorages

    Date Published - November 11, 2014

    ...small canoes are now lit, after a fashion. With the advent of cheap LED solar lamps, some of the local fishermen can now afford to... Read More
  • Morocco, Mohammedia: Cruisers’ Reports

    Date Published - November 08, 2018

    ...train station and purchased via cash our tickets through the ticketing vending machine.  We hopped aboard the frequent (±every 30-minutes) half-hour train to Casablanca (showing... Read More
  • Galapagos: Chosen Island San Cristobal – a decision we did not regret

    Date Published - March 23, 2015

    ...Lucia! Cheaper than any marina! Formalities We are happy we did the “real” fumigation here and did not buy a 150$ “fake “ certificate from... Read More
  • Wintering/Hauling out in Malta

    Date Published - September 08, 2010 winter but many people are put off as you can not book in the cheaper marinas. Amanda Church SY Balvenie WINTERING IN MALTA Malta... Read More
  • Eastern Tunisia: Hauling Out in Monastir

    Date Published - March 27, 2013

    ...a mile to the East. Here they can pull out a boat of 500 tonnes and a beam of 9100mm. The work there is good... Read More
  • Central America Ports: Panama to Mexico

    Date Published - May 18, 2011

    ...swell. No travel lift but a crane will pull a 45-50′ boat out for $250-300. No chandleries; bring your own materials. Cheap, cheap, cheap!! Good... Read More
  • Spain: Recommendations from Cruisers

    Date Published - May 10, 2012

    ...east. Marina del Este – cheap and very well sheltered for the winter. Gibraltar Alcaidesa Marina (La Linea, Spain) – new and cheap. You can... Read More
  • India

    ...and cheap. The Indian version of Uber is “Ola” and that is also available and cheap. Both work through apps on your smartphone. Auto Rickshaws... Read More
  • Cheap Charlie’s

    Address: Bahamas,

    Grocery store with frozen meat, fresh fish and liquor....... Read More
  • Legal, cheap & effective deterrent for unwelcome boarders

    WASP SPRAY! You can clear into any country with it, it has an effective shooting distance of 20+ feet. We keep one can in the... Read More
  • Bermuda

    ...Turkey, Turkish Republic of N. Cyprus, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, Yugoslavia (former Soc. Fed. Rep. of), Zimbabwe. Visas to enter Bermuda... Read More
  • Spain

    ...Note also that diesel is even cheaper in Gibraltar, and cheaper still in Morocco. Overall Crime and Safety: Thousands of tourists visit Spain every year... Read More
  • Reunion: Clearance and Cruising Information

    Date Published - September 09, 2015

    ...renting a small car is cheap, by just any body’s standard. Two, Reunion is large and the attractions are often far away. This requires coordinating... Read More
  • Cristobal (Colon)

    ...given for any overpayment. Note that fuel prices at the Playita and Flamenco Marinas in Balboa are cheaper than on this side of the Canal.... Read More
  • Bahamas

    ...a year. Arriving by Air: Travelers are advised to purchase return tickets (and seek reimbursement upon returning home for the unused ticket) even when they... Read More
  • La Linea

    ...billed separately. Both as a per day fix amount AND additionally metered use. Actually, Queensway would be somewhat cheaper - if you can get a... Read More
  • Melilla Ceuta. Cruisers report that long-term boat storage here is very cheap, secure and excellent value for money. “The Green Frog’s Guide to Mellila” by... Read More
  • Los Roques

    ...bunkering from a hose. Ask the Coast Guard about possibilities for obtaining fuel. A cheaper (and more unofficial) source is available from Normandia on the... Read More
  • Yalova

    ...closer to Istanbul. PTT Post Office Police HSBC Bank Nurpak Temizlik mm Migros Avis Car Rental Company Ido Taxi Istanbul Atatürk Airport Yalova Tourism Office... Read More
  • The rich variety of Turkey’s cruising grounds

    Date Published - August 19, 2002

    ...wind on the open sea.) With many mountainous Greek Islands only a stone’s throw from the Turkish coast, wind tunnels between the two countries form... Read More
  • Recife

    ...yacht club. Airlines American Airlines – scheduled flights to Miami & other USA destinations. Condor Airlines – scheduled flights to Germany Delta Airlines TAP-Air Portugal... Read More
  • Samsun the supermarkets in the city center. Hire a car via the marina office. A long-distance bus station in town. Daily flights to Istanbul with... Read More
  • UK, London Boat Show: ARC Bluewater Cruisers Question Time

    Date Published - December 26, 2015

    ...purchase your boat show tickets online The offer for discounted tickets is valid until midnight 7th January. Discover ARC Channel Islands Saturday 9 January 13:30-15:30... Read More
  • Bulgaria

    ...10:30, 16:30, 20:30 local time on VHF 26. Istanbul Broadcasts at 10:00, 16:00, 22:00 local time on VHF 67 sometimes in English and always in... Read More
  • Sanctuary Cove Show Draws International Attention

    Date Published - April 30, 2010

    ...and 30 Metre Yacht from the UK. Chinese manufacturer IAG Yachts is participating in an Australian boat show for the first time at Sanctuary Cove,... Read More
  • Sinop

    ...for provisions here and many fresh provisions can be purchased from shops near the harbor. Buses to all major cities. Flights to Istanbul six times... Read More
  • SE Asia to Turkey 2008

    Date Published - December 04, 2008

    ...Cruising guides we used were Turkish Waters and Cyprus Pilot and the Red Sea Pilot- the latest editions. Since many of the areas are so... Read More
  • How to visit Syria by boat

    Date Published - May 25, 2008

    ...checked at various places if you travel around the country, such as when buying train/bus/plane tickets and checking into hotels. The visa cost is said... Read More
  • Canakkale

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Located at... Read More
  • Samoa

    ...largess in Africa and Asia, and their development programs. There are flights from Apia to Fiji, Auckland and Sydney from where further connections can be... Read More
  • Kyrenia

    ...has a 30-ton boat hoist. Delta Marina – Kyrenia (Girne) Chandlery at Delta Marina.   To call from Turkish-Cypriot GSM to Greek-Cypriot lines or GSM.... Read More
  • Cruising in Sweden for long summer days, easy sailing and as much solitude as you might wish

    Date Published - June 01, 2015

    ...I cruise north in summer. After all, it’s cold, isn’t it? And expensive. Why go to Sweden when you can sail south fuelled by cheap... Read More
  • Crossing Canada and Voyaging Down the St. Lawrence to Nova Scotia

    Date Published - July 10, 2012

    ...this size. From initial enquiries, we selected Andrews Trucking out of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Their price was not the cheapest but we were... Read More
  • Croatia

    ...on the other hand they are cheaper than Sardinia and the marinas are generally cheaper than the west coast of Italy and Sicily. The costs... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Boatschooling – Ages 4 to 12

    Date Published - September 19, 2020 Languages such as English, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese are very difficult because there are so many different ways to write each sound. Italian,... Read More
  • Namibia Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - March 22, 2016 open to the public, which takes advantage of the extremely cheap beers (a very large draft is $1 USD), large flat screen TVs, free... Read More
  • MALDIVES: Useful Cruising Information – May 2015 – Part 2

    Date Published - May 06, 2015

    ...prepared to turn sharply to port, starb’d, or stop. Meedhoo is a large island, where a great deal of the vegetables and fruits are grown.... Read More
  • Notes for the Andaman Islands

    Date Published - June 20, 2018

    ...What they call port fees are calculated based on tonnage. My boat Unu mondo weighing in at 6T got away cheap, for bigger yachts maybe... Read More
  • A Visit to Cocos Keeling – August 2010

    Date Published - January 04, 2012

    ...a perfect anchorage in Southeasterlies (or anything east of S to N for that matter). Being an Australian territory you are supposed to have a... Read More
  • Balvenie’s Cruising Information for the Galapagos Islands of San Cristobal, Santa Cruz and Isabela – June & July 2015

    Date Published - January 19, 2016

    ...when we left Panama so he would be expecting us. Passage from Panama City This took 7 days and 23 hours, direct rhum line distance... Read More
  • The best cruising ground: Greece vs Croatia

    Date Published - November 27, 2013 grates the soul. The bottom line is that anything that is good in Croatia is better and cheaper in Greece (well the beer and... Read More
  • Cruising the Maldives: An Enjoyable Experience

    Date Published - August 16, 2012

    ...and 0400. Very cheap and reliable. Care must be taken when tying up the Dinghy on a small, rusty dock nearby, as well from the... Read More
  • Venezuela, Los Roques: Cruising Notes

    Date Published - September 03, 2020

    ...long windward beat). In hindsight this was the cheapest 2 weeks cruising we have done, with very little else to spend your money on. Anchorage... Read More
  • Panama: Update San Blas April/May 2016

    Date Published - March 15, 2017

    ...Porvenir, easy to do but far from cheap! The guide from Eric Bauhaus is from 2015 so the permit fees etc. changed and are not... Read More
  • A Summary of our Brazilian Cruise

    Date Published - September 01, 2010

    ...had any food to spare them. Supplies Virtually everything that is produced here is cheap in comparison with Europe. Especially food. However, with this climate... Read More
  • Papua, Jayapura: Clearing into Indonesia here

    Date Published - May 23, 2016

    ...makes it challenging. Fortunately, there are many cheap mini-vans that operate as taxis: white for within the city, 3000Rp per person wherever you want to... Read More
  • Two Months Cruising Cuba

    Date Published - July 23, 2013

    ...if longer stay), no anchorage fees. – Foodstuff: Mineral water: varies a bit from place to place, but basically 0.6/liter. Vegetables are extremely cheap in... Read More
  • Tunisia almost cheaper than shopping. Booze is available at the back of Carrefour Express, but expensive. Whisky 90 euros a bottle. Taxis are very cheap.... Read More
  • A Circumnavigation Under Power

    Date Published - May 22, 2019

    ...currencies in the Caribbean, but the real price was fairly consistent, at around AU$1.15 per liter. We were fortunate to find cheaper fuel when larger... Read More
  • Reflections on Antipodean Cruising

    Date Published - October 21, 2014

    ...face bulk buying this time in very different economic environments. It is possible to find bargains and there are cheaper supermarkets, but we’ve spent a... Read More
  • Japan: The Inland Sea

    Date Published - November 02, 2011

    ...cheaper tram/ferry combination, is Miyajima Island, which has hosted Buddhist and Shinto temples for over 1000 years and which is famous worldwide for the spectacular... Read More
  • Trading Goods in the South Pacific

    Date Published - May 25, 2016

    ...rainwater tanks – cheap fibreglass bog to repair larger holes – small resealable plastic containers (yogurt and mayonnaise etc.) to make waterproof storage for islanders... Read More
  • Maldives

    ...departure. If you don’t have one issued within the last 6 months, it is currently cheaper to organize this outside the Maldives elsewhere in SE... Read More
  • Tanzania Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 25, 2017 can get anything you want in Dar. Alcohol and tobacco are cheap except for imports. The fresh produce markets are a feast. Game viewing... Read More
  • Puerto Velero

    ...with poor Spanish and is very helpful. Watersports are very popular here, in particular kite surfing. There is one restaurant on site, a famous Colombian... Read More
  • The Security Situation in Turkey: Comments from Cruisers in Turkey

    Date Published - May 18, 2016 (true foreign boats, not Turks with US flags) have already departed, nearly all saying they might visit some Turkish places on their way west... Read More
  • Kastellorizou

    Description: Nisos Kastellorizon (Kastellorizou/Castellorizon/Kastelorizo) is a small rocky island lying a mere 3.2 kms (two miles) south of the Turkish mainland, across from the Turkish... Read More
  • Bocas del Toro

    ...a truck delivery from PriceSmart (Costco) at David, on the Pacific Coast, which is cheaper than going to Panama City. There are two airlines that... Read More
  • Albufeira

    ...doing so". I stopped here August 2015 on the basis that it was the cheapest of the expensive quartet of Algarve marinas - Lagos, Portimao,... Read More
  • Balboa

    ...the canal docks in Balboa and 4 miles from the marinas. Here there is access to the cheap and useful city metro system, the railway... Read More
  • Store Bay

    ...all another day). Tickets must be brought beforehand either at the Ferry Terminal on Carrington Street in Scarborough or from an authorized dealer. For information:... Read More
  • Monastir, however, space on the hard is limited so advance booking is recommended. Prices are moderate and quality reported to be good. Fuel is reported... Read More
  • Gibraltar

    ...speed limit is 13 knots and keep a good lookout. If heading into Spain from Gib, be sure to top up your tanks before departure... Read More
  • St. Helena

    ...St Helena - even after this was the third incident in recent months. The ferry service is not cheap at 2 GBP and runs hourly... Read More
  • Pulau Langkawi

    ...the Rebak marina boatyard. Diesel is cheapest at service stations. Fuel containers can be filled at Petronas service station only. Fuel available at the Royal... Read More
  • Port Vila

    ...there is no bargaining. Venture to the back where there are benches for diners to enjoy interesting freshly cooked dishes. Port Vila is known as... Read More
  • Puerto de la Navidad

    ...calling from Canada). Aerocalifornia has daily flights to Los Angeles, and Alaska Airlines on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. America West Airlines has connecting flights through... Read More
  • Sitka road access but there are taxis within the town. Alaska Airlines Alaska Marine Highway Baranof Taxi and Tours Delta Airlines Hank’s Taxi Sitka Car... Read More
  • George Charles Airport

    Address: Castries, Saint Lucia,

    ...from George Charles Airport to Hewanorra International Airport. Frequent local flights to other Caribbean islands. Airlines serving George Charles Airport include: Air Antilles Air Caraibes... Read More
  • Tenaya’s Journey from Thailand to Turkey by Ship

    Date Published - August 06, 2014

    ...accepted and Tenaya was booked to Istanbul. Chris, who works for the Sevenstar agent in Thailand, owns a charter business in Phuket. He has a... Read More
  • Blue Card Waste Disposal System – latest situation

    Date Published - January 13, 2015

    ...the established marinas in the Istanbul area and the Sea of Marmara. However, I saw no pump out station at the two city marinas in... Read More
  • Meze By Lemon Tree

    Address: Meşrutiyet Cd. 83/B, Şişhane/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Turkish restaurant...... Read More
  • Poland

    ...Poland SIM Card (ERA) will require a SIM-unlocked GSM 900 / 1800 compatible international cell phone. Local transport is by bus, tram and, train. Public... Read More
  • Chioggia

    ...hand back over his shoulder. He then asks if anyone needs to purchase tickets. You buy the tickets directly from him (cash only). Bus services,... Read More
  • Antalya

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: This is... Read More
  • Marmaris

    ...days since it needs to go to Izmir for refilling. Foreign bottle servicing is more expensive than Turkish domestic gas brands, so consider purchasing Turkish (you... Read More
  • Fethiye

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: The town... Read More
  • Yacht Insurance: Further Comments

    Date Published - February 06, 2006

    Noonsite has received a lot of emails concerning the difficulty of obtaining yacht insurance, especially for the Red Sea area. Here are the latest comments.... Read More
  • Greece and Turkey: The Migrant Situation

    Date Published - September 07, 2015 Greece from Turkey.’ There is a greatly increased level of activity by the Turkish coastguard and the Turkish navy in the channels between Turkey... Read More
  • Turkey: New Rules for Cruising Yachts in the Mugla Area (Bodrum to Fethiye)

    Date Published - February 17, 2010

    ...Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association (TURMEPA) who are implementing the scheme. Details are as follows: From 1 March 2010 in the Gocek Dalaman Area: This... Read More
  • Environmental Fines In Turkey Being Applied To Yachts

    Date Published - November 21, 2005

    ...GRT mark. We understand that this development is in harmonization to the new Turkish Penal Code Nr. 5237 adopted earlier this year. Repeated offenders will... Read More
  • Turkey – Positive Changes Afoot for New Grey Water Regulations

    Date Published - March 17, 2010 using Turkish waters, and therefore it is planned to proceed with the implementation of the Blue Card Scheme in some form. Particular emphasis was... Read More
  • Aegean Sea: Don’t clear at Eskifoca

    Date Published - June 19, 2014

    From my personal experience: 16 June 2014: Arrived at Eski Foca Back when we arrived in Cesme, we dropped anchor, only to be told by... Read More
  • Hilo a packet of taxi tickets and is much cheaper than the normal fare -$2 for one person one-way to the mall vs. $11-12 without... Read More
  • Flying Fish Cove

    ...There is no longer an egg farm supplying fresh eggs. Spirits and beer are tax-free and cheaper than in Darwin. Wine however is somewhat dearer... Read More
  • Five Enjoyable Months in Venezuela

    Date Published - June 20, 2011

    ...fruit, vegetables, beef, chicken and seafood are outstanding and reasonably priced. Fuel is extremely cheap, and medical care is good and very affordable. We had... Read More
  • Cuba

    ...available everywhere and is cheap. Wine and fizzy drinks are not. Cuban fresh produce is some of the best you will find anywhere as they... Read More
  • Soaking in Sudan

    Date Published - April 20, 2018

    ...flimsy blue coffee shack Mohammed recommended and enjoyed strong ginger-flavored Turkish-style coffee served from a small aluminum jebbana, complete with a filter of dried grass... Read More
  • Greece: Recommendations from Cruisers

    Date Published - November 29, 2011

    ...charges for yachts. Saronic Gulf Great for families with children: Moni – a little isle near Aegina island with wild animals: deers, goats and peacocks.... Read More
  • Morocco, Tangier: Everything’s right about Tanga Bay Marina

    Date Published - December 31, 2018

    ...there are over 200 berths available (pictured below). We got a hammerhead so we were happy. The water on the docks is portable and although... Read More
  • Egypt and Red Sea Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 02, 2009

    ...reasonably fast and efficient and much cheaper than checking in at Hurghada, the next option. Once completed staff come around into a marina with you... Read More
  • Uruguay: Useful Notes for Cruisers on Formalities

    Date Published - February 08, 2018

    ...the country itself and beyond. The bus network is quite affordable, good, on time, clean and most buses offer WiFi. In high season it is... Read More
  • San Cristobal and Puerto Baquerizo Moreno – Observations and Suggestions

    Date Published - April 02, 2015

    ...dollars for the two of us for 7 hours. It is cheaper and more “personalised” with a stop at an excellent restaurant in the “highlands”,... Read More
  • Denmark: Useful Updates from RCC Pilotage Foundation August 2015

    Date Published - September 13, 2015 the hour for two days and is very accurate. In Danish but it is possible to sort out the areas. It is regularly updated.... Read More
  • Mexico, Caribbean Side: Clearing in and out – Cruisers’ Experiences

    Date Published - January 22, 2019 as many blogs and websites as I could find.  It is simple, relatively cheap, and very easy to clear in or out of Mexico... Read More
  • France: Recommendations from Cruisers

    Date Published - January 19, 2019

    ...are in the middle of Antibes. Nice cheap (for Antibes) place is the BLUE LADY at 5 min walk (and many more I could recommend... Read More
  • Thailand: How to Apply for the Special Tourist Visa

    Date Published - December 23, 2020

    ...Attorney amongst all of the other previous paperwork. Costs: Costs vary. Some are boat related, some per person. Some agents are cheaper than others and... Read More
  • Cebu: Local information, workers and fees

    Date Published - March 25, 2014 can do to upgrade your boat for cheap while you are there. We were there in April 2013, so I am afraid I have... Read More
  • Trip From Brazil to Venezuela

    Date Published - December 27, 2010 very good along with all the coast. Transportation: Taxis are relatively cheap in Brazil. Use a Taxi for large shopping – the Taxi driver... Read More
  • Tunisia: A Five-Star Schengen Bolthole

    Date Published - June 29, 2021

    British sailors Mark Prior and Pamela Jeen recently discovered that Tunisia is not only a friendly and cheap country with an amazing cultural heritage, but... Read More
  • Borneo, Sarawak: Voyaging up the Regang River past Sibu to Kapit

    Date Published - March 03, 2016

    ...largest in Malaysia. There is a fast ferry from Kuching to Sibu and accommodation is cheap. Sibu to Kapit by my boat was another story.... Read More
  • South Africa

    ...outlets almost always quote prices including VAT. The current VAT rate is 15% Provisions Excellent choice and prices are cheap. Contacts Durban: Port Control VHF... Read More
  • United Arab Emirates

    ...standard with a large expatriate Indian workforce which means that major repairs can be done very cost-effectively. The cost of labor is cheap and the... Read More
  • General Cruising Info. for PNG & the Solomons

    Date Published - September 01, 2012

    ...produce was really cheap – if you are on a shoestring budget stock up on used t-shirts – you will get a week’s worth of... Read More
  • Thailand: Cruising Around Phuket

    Date Published - February 27, 2022

    ...bars and restaurants. Swimming pool and gym. Loads of choice, not cheap. Boat Lagoon, Phuket. Royal Phuket – Might be a little cheaper than Boat... Read More
  • Portugal

    ...Portugal. Note also that diesel is even cheaper in Gibraltar, and cheaper still in Morocco. Overall Crime and Safety: Crime rates are low in Portugal.... Read More
  • Puerto Lucia (La Libertad)

    ...large and has floating pontoons with water and electricity on both its northern and southern sides. The north pontoons all have short fingers, the south... Read More
  • Five Weeks in Salvador, Brazil

    Date Published - August 11, 2010

    ...or comfortable pontoon at the (small) marina. Contact: 55 7136311668. Great bars and laid back atmosphere. 4) Generally speaking, Salvador is NOT cheap. Gas refill... Read More
  • Puerto Pollenca (Mallorca)

    ...pool and restaurant and about 80 visitors’ berths, north of the breakwater. Cheaper berths may be available on the Town Quay (Muelle de Transit). Entrance... Read More
  • A Passage around the ‘Wild-West’ end of Cuba – January 2015

    Date Published - April 26, 2015

    ...Nacionale in Havana was cheaper! Cuba Summary Whilst there were lots of things about visiting Cuba which we enjoyed, being on the boat and the... Read More
  • Hemingway Marina (Havana)

    ...Marina, there is a shuttle bus for 1cuc to the “Playa” from where you can get the double-decker tourist bus to Old Havana for 5cuc.... Read More
  • Charlotteville

    ...NP gas (filling) station, approx 5 minutes walk from the jetty. Here there is a laundry with washer & dryer services. Taxis are available. Bus... Read More
  • Ria de Vigo and Baiona

    ...port is the Puerto Deportivo de Baiona. The Puerto Deportivo de Baiona marina tends to be where most visitors are directed on arrival and is... Read More
  • Cape Verdes

    ...The main international airport – Amilcar Cabral Airport – is located on Ilha do Sal. The main carrier is Cabo Verde Airlines [], but TAP... Read More
  • Bodrum

    ...Mall. It is like a marine super-store and appears to be the cheapest. Restaurants abound, from cheap eats to fully fledged fish restaurants with a... Read More
  • Rabat

    ...24/7. Accepts credit cards. In the Rabat area the cooking gas tanks use the same regulater as Turkish tanks. Difficult to fill other tanks. (U.S,... Read More
  • Lesvos

    ...reported to be very friendly here. This port tends to be used more by yachts for clearing into Greece, as well as by a number... Read More
  • Gocek

    ...Moby Marine Ltd – Elvstrom Sails Turkey UK Sailmakers Gocek Erbas Yat Doseme Ocean’s Blue Marine Ertekin Technical Services Emek Marin Ltd Turkish gas and... Read More
  • Morocco

    ...that fuel prices are now more or less the same as in Europe. If heading to Morocco, Gibraltar is the cheapest place to refuel. LPG:... Read More
  • Mindelo (Sao Vicente)

    ...both on the outermost pontoon) and you cannot fill jerry cans here. It provides diesel at prices cheaper than the normal filling stations, open Mon-Sat.... Read More
  • Galle

    ...Ask the prices before confirming the service as I considered that they should cheap but turned out to be not as cheap as I thought... Read More
  • Egypt sort out a cheaper solution. The Canal transit takes 2 days with a stop-over at Ismalia. Canal Warning: There have been reports of several... Read More
  • Ria Formosa (Faro & Olhao)

    ...conditions. You can save yourself all that tricky shoal draft pilotage by catching the ferries that run to Faro and Olhao. They are very cheap... Read More
  • Saranda

    ...the port. There are several good restaurants close to the port and further around the bay, including bars. It was fairly cheap shopping and eating... Read More
  • Valencia

    ...are within walking distance. Data Entry Posted on behalf of Tony Hall: The marina here has to be one to visit, well protected, clean showers,... Read More
  • Puerto Lindo

    ...a new rudder.AS owner said himself " cheap price, cheap services:... Data Entry3 The below comment by Patrick refers to Panamarina. Data Entry3 Linton Bay... Read More
  • Big Blue Dive Center

    Address: Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • S.T.T. Marine Trading and Services Ltd

    Address: Omer Avni, Mahallesi Dumen Sok, Gumus palas Apt No 1/7 Gumussuyu, Taksim, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 80090

  • Dökar Yacht

    Address: KOSB Kimyacilar Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Analitik Cad. C-15 No: 30, Tuzla Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34957

  • Promar

    Address: Postane Mh, Derinsu Sk No:8, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34940

  • Marine Market Denizcilik San.Tic.Ltd.Sti

    Address: Necatibey Caddesi, Ihsan Zini Han No 95/A, Karakoy, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34425

    Admiralty Chart Agent...... Read More
  • Horizon Ltd

    Address: Kalamis Marina, 41 Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Chandlery....... Read More
  • Ozsay Deniz Nakliyali Ltd

    Address: Guyelyali E-5 Ugeri No 18, Pendik, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34903

  • Thomas Gunn Yasden Deniz Malzemeleri Ltd

    Address: Evliya Çelebi Mh, Tuzla/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34940

    Admiralty Chart agent....... Read More
  • ECR Marine

    Address: Atakoy Marina ve Yat Isletmeleri, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • Ukraine

    ...the threat of drifting mines. Black Sea Coast: Since late February, there have been reports of naval mines in the water near Odesa, Ukraine.  Media reports and... Read More
  • Yigit Shipping Company – Head Office

    Address: Inonu Caddesi Sumko Sitesi G3 Blok D:2 Kotzyatagi, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey, 34742

    Opening hours: 24 hour number +90 533 694 1800 Admiralty Chart Agent...... Read More
  • Taka Yat Sanayl ve Ticaret Ltd (Taka Yachts)

    Address: Tersaneler Bolgesi, Nuh Sanayi Sites, B-13, Tuzla, Istanbul, Turkey, 34944

    Chandlery, hull treatments and boatbuilders....... Read More
  • Vento Marin – Elvstrom Sails Turkey

    Address: Göztepe, Cemil Topuzlu Cad. No:78 D:6, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • Yigit Shipping Company – Tuzla Branch

    Address: Icmeler Mevki Sahilyolu Caddesi 24/28 Kat:1, Akbasoglu Denizciler Ticaret Merkezi Tuzla ys, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Tel:+90(0)212 249 6730/251 8249 Opening hours: 24-hour number +90 533 694 1806 Admiralty Chart Agent...... Read More
  • Yapi Kredi Bank

    Address: Müeyyetzade Mah. No: 2, Kemeraltı Cd, Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34425

  • HSBC Bank/ATM

    Address: Sancaktepe Mah, Osmangazi Cad. 77/A, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • North Sails Turkey

    Address: Dereboyu Cad, Tuná Sokak, Halkali, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, TR-34660

  • Mediterranean Fuels

    Address: Villa della Moscova 13, Lombardy, Italy, 20121 – Milano

    Supply marine fuels, lubricants and LPG Gas. Serviceable Ports and Countries Croatia: Dubrovnik, Zadar Cyrpus: Larnaca, Limassol Egypt: Port Said, Suez France: Ajaccio, Antibes, Bastia,... Read More
  • Ayasofya Pharmacy

    Address: Alemdar Mh, Faith/Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34110

  • Cihangir Nur Pharmacy

    Address: Kılıçali Paşa, Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34433

  • Black Sea Ports – Clearing in

    Date Published - November 08, 2010

    In September 2010 we sailed from Istanbul to Varna, Bulgaria, on to Odessa and Sevastopol, Ukraine, and back to Istanbul. Varna is pleasant and the... Read More
  • Blew Stoub Turquie – UTL Skiper

    Address: Cagla 1 Mahallesi.2ci cadde, No 4, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

  • Atabirlik Taxi

    Address: Ataköy 1, Bakırköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34158

    Taxi rank....... Read More
  • Kadikoy Sifa Hospital

    Address: Caferağa Mh, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34710

  • Sonwy Laundry

    Address: Müşir Süleyman Paşa Sok. No:45 D:1, Fatih/İstanbul, Avrupa, Turkey,

  • Med-Amerikan Hospital

    Address: Caddebostan Mh, Kadıköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34728

  • Ataköy Marina Hotel

    Address: Ataköy 1. Kısım Mahallesi No.10 Ataköy, Rauf Orbay Cd, Bakırköy/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34140

    4 star hotel...... Read More
  • Gurtour Travel Agency

    Address: Ergenekon Mah. Cumhuriyet Cad, Kamera Center Seyhan Apt. 157 / 5 Harbiye, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34373

  • Georgia no longer a yacht club in Poti. Provisioning is good and very cheap and diesel fuel is available in all ports. Note that in... Read More
  • Sultanahmet Travel

    Address: Sultanahmet Mh., Divan Yolu Cad. 16/B, Fatih/Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Travel agent...... Read More
  • Alexandroupolis shop on the waterfront. It is possible to hire cars and motorbikes. There are buses to Kavala and Istanbul. The train service runs to... Read More
  • Ataköy Marina

    Address: Ataköy 1, Kisim Mah, Rauf Orbay cad, No:16 Bakirköy, Istanbul, Turkey, 34710

    Position: N 40° 58′ 22” E 28° 52′ 55” VHF Channel 73 “Atakoy Marina” All facilities, fuel berth, laundry, WiFi, TV & telephone connections, health... Read More
  • Sile

    This small holiday town lies about 33.7kms (21 miles) east of the Bosphorus. It is a favorite resort for the residents of Istanbul and at... Read More
  • Setur Kalamis & Fenerbahce Marinas

    Address: Munir Nurettin Selcuk Cadessi, Kalamis, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey,

    Position: Lat/Long 40° 58.5′ N , 29° 01.9′ E This marina is close to the city center, on the Asian side. All facilities, fuel, provisions,... Read More
  • Comet Rent A Car

    Address: 8 Basın Ekspres Havalimanı Yolu Mahmutbey Çıkışı Ağoglu My Office 212 No:137, Güneşli/Bağcılar/İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 34212

  • Schengen Visa Overstay

    Date Published - November 04, 2010

    ...of days we were in the Schengen Treaty countries. During our exit, the immigration and airlines were only checking for valid passports. Lois Hofmann SV... Read More
  • Georgetown

    ...produce market in Georgetown. There are flights from Georgetown to Barbados, Trinidad, Brazil, Toronto and New York. Caribbean Airlines Cheddi Jagan International Airport North American... Read More
  • Antigua Airport

    Address: (V.C. Bird International), St. John's, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

    Several major airline fly to/from here, including American Airlines, Ai r Canada, British Airways and several Caribbean airlines....... Read More
  • Angola

    ...Credit cards only accepted in a few places (hotels, airlines etc.) US dollars are widely accepted. The international dialling code for Angola is +244. There... Read More
  • Port Louis (Mauritius)

    ...Reunion and Madagascar Airlines BA, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Air Madagascar all have offices in Caudan Waterfront. Air Mauritius flies regionally and flies direct to... Read More
  • Nantucket

    ...Affordable Car Rentals Cap’n Tobey’s Native Water Taxi Cranberry Transportation Services East Creek Taxis and Tours Harbour Launch Island Airlines (Nantucket) Nantucket Airlines (Cape Air)... Read More
  • Thursday Island

    ...operates between Thursday Island and Horn Island, then a minibus shuttle service between Horn Island jetty and the airport, connecting to the flights. Local airlines... Read More
  • Cairns

    ...Cairns International, with direct flights to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Further international connections are available through Brisbane, 2 hours flying time south... Read More
  • Limassol

    ...away. Paphos is mostly used by charter and discount airlines, Larnaca serviced by many full services and some discount airlines. Intercity buses depart and arrive... Read More
  • Philippines: New Requirement when Flying Back into the Country

    Date Published - May 22, 2013

    American Airlines now require an onward reservation when returning to the Philippines even if you have documents supporting the fact your boat is berthed there.... Read More
  • Wintering in Limassol, Cyprus

    Date Published - March 23, 2015 mostly used by charter and discount airlines, Larnaca serviced by many full services and some discount airlines. Intercity buses depart and arrive from just... Read More
  • Puerto Plata / Cofresi

    ...rates. In the marina. Caribbean Fuels In the marina. Supermarket Tropical Puerto Plata’s airport (POP) has daily flights serviced by American Airlines, other airlines from... Read More
  • Belgium

    ...and bus transport network. Rail Travel: Brussels Airlines: Taxis tend to operate from special waiting ranks, rather than stopping for you on the street. All... Read More
  • NZ Temporary Import Entry (TIE) document: Read this before getting one

    Date Published - March 24, 2017

    ...the vessel (Kelaerin)  at the marina and intended to depart New Zealand on that vessel.    Before boarding our return flight to NZ, we were... Read More
  • St George’s

    ...the airport, or it is a 15-minute taxi ride away from St George’s. Airlines British Airways, LIAT, American Eagle, Air Jamaica, Virgin Atlantic, SVG Air,... Read More
  • Home Island

    ...Airport. The Islands are serviced by bi-weekly flights (currently Mondays and Fridays) to and from Perth, Western Australia. Airlines National Jet Systems, Tel: +61 9162... Read More
  • Puerto Ayora (Academy Bay)

    ...Pan located on the Calle Indefatigable, Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz – Tel +1 (954)252 6005 There are daily flights to Guayaquil and Quito by TAME... Read More
  • Niue

    ...Visas not required by bona fide tourists staying less than 30 days with return or onward tickets and sufficient funds for length of stay. Extensions... Read More
  • Clearing into French Polynesia: Dealing with the Bond & Duty Free Fuel

    Date Published - June 29, 2016

    ...other airlines do refundable tickets, but I know for sure AIR NZ does. About 10 days later I called from Fatu Hiva, where there is... Read More
  • Scarborough is just off Wilson Road. Access by air to Tobago is through Crown Point International Airport. Virgin Atlantic, BA, Condor, Delta, Monarch, Caribbean Airlines... Read More
  • West Island

    ...well in advance of departure. West Island Supermarket Airports West Island Airport. The Islands are serviced by bi-weekly flights (currently Mondays and Fridays) to and... Read More
  • Latvia

    ...found traveling on public transport without a ticket or with a ticket which has not been validated. Tickets can be bought from the driver or... Read More
  • ARC Flotilla St. Lucia – All Boats Welcome

    Date Published - October 22, 2010

    ...the event for all the participants ….. FREE REGISTRATION !!!! SKIPPERS BRIEFING & distribution of tickets for the reception: FRIDAY 19th NOVEMBER, 6 pm @... Read More
  • Central Bus Station

    Address: (Estacion de Guaguas Minicipales), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,

    Tickets for city buses can be bought from the driver. Tickets also available for 10 journeys (bono guagua) or a monthly pass with no limit... Read More
  • Antigua Race Week – Just over a week to go

    Date Published - April 17, 2011 want to buy your tickets for Shirley Heights online, click here. The cost is EC $50 in advance or EC $60 at the door.... Read More
  • Turkey: Wildfires threaten Coastal areas of South West Turkey

    Date Published - August 03, 2021

    ...from the sea – photo taken from Facebook. BBC World News reports that Turkish Coastguard vessels have been assisted by private boats and yachts to... Read More
  • Bebek

    ...bay provides good shelter. Visitors will usually have to anchor although there may be a berth on the quay available. There are regular buses to... Read More
  • Trabzon

    ...daily flights to and from Istanbul and charter flights to UK, Azerbaijan and other places. Overnight ferries to Sochi, Russia. It’s worth checking out the... Read More
  • EMYR (Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally)

    Address: Marina Alanya, Akhan Mevkii, Kızılpınar Mahallesi, Alanya, Antalya--Turkiye, Cyprus, 07400

    ...from Kas and finishes 24 June in Istanbul. It is possible to do only part of the Rally. There are British, Dutch and Turkish sailors... Read More
  • Amasra

    Amasra lies about 12.8 kms (eight miles) ENE of Bartin. It is an old town catering to Turkish tourists, there are therefore plenty of restaurants... Read More
  • Karabiga Harbour

    Karabiga Harbour is located in the western corner of the Gulf (Korfezi in Turkish) of Erdek, on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara... Read More
  • Inebolu

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Inebolu is... Read More
  • Erdek Harbour

    Erdek Harbour is located in the east corner of the Gulf (Korfezi in Turkish) of Erdek on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara,... Read More
  • Gelibolu

    ...  Light repairs can be carried out here. Hardware stores in the town, but no chandlery. Fuel has to be carried from the town. Turkish... Read More
  • Bandirma

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Bandirma Harbor... Read More
  • Alanya

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Alanya is... Read More
  • Orhaniye

    ...gained full Turkish marina status. For the last two years, access has been difficult because the jetty was occupied by Sunsail charter yachts. Sunsail is... Read More
  • Visit to Israel

    Date Published - February 17, 2011

    September 2009 We had not planned to go to Israel but the batten pockets on our new Turkish-made mainsail were tearing and the only sailmaker... Read More
  • Mersin, Turkey – Informal Information

    Date Published - May 30, 2010

    ...full of local Turkish motorboats, many so full of plants on the deck and below the waterline that one suspects visitors will have a long... Read More
  • Kemer

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: An increasingly... Read More
  • Kefken

    This is a small fishing harbor on the northern Turkish Coast in the Black Sea, 30NM east of Sile. Position: 41°10.21’N, 30°13.30E (harbor entrance) WARNING:... Read More
  • Kemer – a very agreeable place to spend the winter

    Date Published - April 21, 2010

    ...going, birthdays and anniversaries, DVD and book swaps, library sorting, visa runs, jumble sales, laundry shifts, Turkish conversation and every evening the big get-together for... Read More
  • Dikili

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Situated on... Read More
  • Eastern Mediterranean: Oil Slick from Syria Threatens Northern Cyprus

    Date Published - September 05, 2021

    ...absorb the oil on the surface and vacuuming systems. Original Report 04 September, 2021: Serhan Aktunç, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment of... Read More
  • Fines for Pollution Rearranged

    Date Published - July 18, 2006

    The Turkish Administration has rearranged the fines for environmental pollution. Some readers may remember, that fines used to be undifferentiated and thus for small vessels... Read More
  • Simi

    Description: Tucked in close to the Turkish mainland, Simi is an irregular shaped island with many useful anchorages. It was once famous for its shipbuilding... Read More
  • Turkey to Italy: Smugglers now offer passage to the EU on yachts

    Date Published - June 09, 2017

    ...crackdown by the Turkish authorities has apparently not discouraged a widening network of hard-pressed but accomplished Ukrainian yachtsmen who ply the narrow Bosporus and are... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser #12: Tony & Linda Olin

    Date Published - April 25, 2018

    ...a great friend to have onboard. What type of cruising are you doing currently? We are presently cruising Turkey having crossed over from Greece in... Read More
  • Turkey: Cruising for longer than 90 days now greatly simplified

    Date Published - May 31, 2012

    ...a house, hotel or pension”. Latest reports from cruisers who have obtained a Turkish residence permit this month shows that things have become much more... Read More
  • We can all help Clean up the Med!

    Date Published - June 20, 2012

    ...away just a few bags of rubbish. I know the Turkish councils are doing their best to educate the Turkish people about keeping the environment... Read More
  • Road Bay Marigot Bay, St Martin. There are some flights to neighboring islands. International connections are available from Antigua, Sint Maarten, and Puerto Rica. American Eagle/American... Read More
  • Cartagena (Murcia) an airport serviced by all the budget airlines close by at Murcia/San Javier. Entrance Notes and Cautions: Care should be taken on entering due... Read More
  • Galapagos

    ...filling station with jerry cans. Including the cost of the water taxi and taxi to the filling station, this is still cheaper than using an... Read More
  • Finland not taken out of the country within one year of arrival, appropriate taxes and fees must be paid. A cheaper alternative is to leave... Read More
  • Domburg

    ...and offer computer classes. Tickets can be obtained there to have WiFi to your boat. Internet in the village can be of varying quality. RBTT... Read More
  • French Polynesia

    ...In many cases, it may be cheaper to find what you need in a local chandlery and pay the local prices. Many cruisers who have... Read More
  • New Caledonia

    ...cruisers may have missed whilst sailing the Pacific, such as dairy products, big supermarkets, wines and health services. Perhaps not the cheapest place to provision,... Read More
  • Wintering in Ashkelon – 2009

    Date Published - December 13, 2009

    ...stepped prices increases in Turkish marinas and the confusion over transit logs and agents fees. Israel does not levy charges for visas or cruising permits... Read More
  • Venezuela to Canada

    Date Published - September 15, 2009

    ...swell, it is otherwise smooth and secure with both water and electricity. Moreover, it is cheaper and more convenient than the other options, even the... Read More
  • Jakarta, Batavia Marina – Update

    Date Published - July 22, 2013 and can be booked either by phone yourself or the marina front desk will do it for you. The wait time for a taxi... Read More
  • Bristol: A Visit to Portishead Quays Marina

    Date Published - September 30, 2016

    ...cheaper than the south coast marinas. Portishead Lock (from marina website) The marina’s comprehensive website gives detailed information about access and services Manager, Keith... Read More
  • Cruising updates for Walvis Bay, Namibia

    Date Published - January 26, 2015

    ...but Europcar has a hire base in the nearest hotel 200m from the club or taxis are cheap at about 20 NR pp one way.... Read More
  • Cruising Notes for Mediterranean France 2011-2013

    Date Published - June 24, 2014

    ...That’s where we stayed. 47 euros/night in May. We learned that St. Louis du Rhone was much cheaper. It’s also where the lock is to... Read More
  • Borneo West Coast: Shopping in Labuan

    Date Published - August 28, 2012

    ...dealing in Carlsburg, if you are in luck they will have stocks of other brands including Skoll and their price is about RM4 per carton... Read More
  • Welcome to Algeria – we were met with goodwill and generosity

    Date Published - May 11, 2014

    ...and mainly aimed at Algerians with motorboats. It is, however, the one place with a fuel pontoon where you can easily get fuel. Fuel is... Read More
  • Cruisers Report from Jacare, Cabedelo

    Date Published - July 16, 2015

    ...There are numerous restaurants and local eateries around from cheap to expensive. In the afternoon, you can expect a couple of party boats traveling past... Read More
  • Eastern Tunisia: Long Term Storage at Monastir

    Date Published - April 16, 2014

    ...with limited success. Are things cheaper here?…. yes and no. Basics like groceries are much cheaper. Restaurants are a different story if you start to... Read More
  • Longyearbyen

    ...gun can hire one locally. SAR insurance cover is also available locally but is probably much cheaper if it is arranged through one’s own insurance... Read More
  • Visiting The Tourist Sites In Egypt

    Date Published - September 25, 2018

    We spend a lot of time going around Aswan, Luxor and Cairo. It is easy and cheap to travel on your own. Prices below are... Read More
  • A Five-Week Sailing Holiday in Croatia

    Date Published - July 18, 2008

    ...wharf (with electricity and water) – quite a lot cheaper than the ACI Marina type facilities. We had a walk around the village and made... Read More
  • Notes on Cruising Cuba: Santiago de Cuba to Havana

    Date Published - July 06, 2015

    ...can be bought from hotel lobbies or ETEKSA offices (where they are much cheaper). There is an office opposite the Union hotel in Cienfuegos –... Read More
  • Panama Canal Agents: Beware!

    Date Published - April 15, 2010 well. But we didn’t have much luck with ours, Mr Stanley Scott. He was cheaper than the others and offered a fixed price (which... Read More
  • Visit To Panjim, Goa

    Date Published - April 05, 2006 office, immigration and customs are spread all over the town but it’s only a short and cheap taxi ride to these places. The officials... Read More
  • Mauritius: Clearance and Cruising Information

    Date Published - February 12, 2019

    ...marina is cheap, about $10 USD per day which includes electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and showers. Space is limited and rafting is often required. You will... Read More
  • Puerto Amistad (Bahía de Caráquez): Cruiser’s Impressions

    Date Published - April 14, 2015

    ...a breath of fresh air, and very cheap to boot! The climate is also a nice change from the Panama thunderstorms. It is warm during... Read More
  • Cruising Updates for St. Helena 2015

    Date Published - March 23, 2015

    ...Diesel A barge will come and fill your tanks or your cans for £1.08 a liter which is cheaper than at the garage for some... Read More
  • San Juan del Sur Updates

    Date Published - December 18, 2012

    ...experience (we stayed a week) and seemed very safe and with cheap food. Jan Klintegaard s/y Anaconda Update November 4, 2012 Immigration and water taxi... Read More
  • Six Months Cruising Brazil

    Date Published - October 23, 2013

    ...source of charts, but we found them to be generally poorly stocked – more below. Recife The old yacht club, to port, as you go... Read More
  • Sicily, Licata: Cruisers comment on Marina di Cala del Sole

    Date Published - April 25, 2016

    ...fee here sound good and cheap when you have to add on that there a real possibility that unless your boat is copper coated like... Read More
  • Brunei

    ...medical services, housing support, international education scholarships, no income tax, cheap loans etc. Brunei has a long maritime history and the pattern of settlement has... Read More
  • Oman Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 02, 2009

    ...on the premises and not cheap. There is another Lulus in Aden if you forget anything. Fuel and Water No diesel at anchorage. Diesel jugs... Read More
  • Securing your boat from intruders

    Date Published - April 10, 2014

    ...we secure it with a simple wood bar that easily slides into wooden notches I screwed in under the hatch.  It is simple, cheap and... Read More
  • Luperon

    ...the water; beach at bay entrance; good cheap medical care; dog-friendly; limited groceries (good supermarkets in Puerto Plata); good restaurants; Puerto Plata (45 mins) and... Read More
  • Rodrigues – A Welcome Stopover

    Date Published - June 17, 2014

    ...Car hire is the cheapest from Mr Kong at a shop in the main high street opposite the EMTEL shop. Motorcycles can be hired easily.... Read More
  • Suriname

    ...and prices for services have doubled. That said, things do appear to be improving and Suriname is still a lot cheaper than nearby countries. Suriname... Read More
  • Luperon, Dominican Republic

    Date Published - June 26, 2008 keep you entertained, cheap food and lots of fantastic countries to see. In Luperon itself, the main get-together is the Sunday flea-market/swap-meet at the... Read More
  • Services in Gibraltar

    Date Published - August 22, 2008

    Gibraltar 2008 – marinas, fuel, provisions and anchoring. Gibraltar – marinas, fuel, provisions and anchoring We have just spent a few days in Queensway Marina.... Read More
  • St. John’s

    ...the historic building, but probably best avoided when a cruise ship is in the harbor. Groceries and other provisions are readily available in St. Johns... Read More
  • Israel: A visit to Haifa

    Date Published - May 28, 2017

    ...are keen to assist their guests. The downside was the distance from the marina to Haifa and shops, and the taxis are not cheap. However... Read More
  • Five Months in Hout Bay, Cape Town.

    Date Published - July 02, 2012 about £115 per month, cheap compared with the UK. Electricity is available to each berth at R55 per month, also cheap. My vessel is... Read More
  • Sailing the Northern Colombia Coast

    Date Published - February 18, 2011

    ...there (probably temporary). Laundry and groceries are convenient. Food is cheap (at least, before the current weather disruptions in the country) and good – a... Read More
  • Honduras Cruising Notes: Christmas 2012

    Date Published - August 08, 2012

    ...stayed for Christmas, the Manati Lodge ashore serves good food and cheap drinks. Good signal for phone/internet. We did a great hike over the island... Read More
  • Vanuatu

    ...out in Port Vila, but not Luganville. Port Vila is known as a cheap place to buy duty-free spirits and wine primarily targeted at visiting... Read More
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    ...island to explore; ferry link to Cadiz on mainland Spain; cheap flights from all over Europe; port 30 mins from airport. Green buoy stationed 500m... Read More
  • Albania Entry – Sarande

    Date Published - July 08, 2015

    ...this area, the blue eye and the amphitheatre of Butrint are a must do. Electricity and water available, eat and drink well for cheap, great... Read More
  • Why are there so few yachts in the DR?

    Date Published - May 20, 2010 taxi service to the store which makes your provisioning easy. It is really cheap too, as most things in the Dominican Republic are compared... Read More
  • More Cruising Information for Ascension Island – March 2016

    Date Published - March 23, 2016

    ...too and cheaper (£71) than the AIG stores). There’s a large book swap outside the museum. We arrived just before the RMS St. Helena came... Read More
  • Colombia Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 29, 2013

    ...him at least a days notice of departure. No payment until you leave, we were charged USD140, Colombia is not a cheap place to check... Read More
  • Fiji – Simpler Clearance in Suva

    Date Published - October 19, 2009

    New procedure for customs clearance in Suva – Quicker & Cheaper To avoid unnecessary waiting in the Suva offshore for customs, health & quarantine and... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Homeschooling on Board for the College Bound Student

    Date Published - May 18, 2021 There are cheaper versions that use all online classes, but Oak Meadow is the best known accredited secular program that offers full offline instruction.... Read More
  • Salvador, Maragogipe: All is not gloom and doom in the Bay of All Saints

    Date Published - August 09, 2012

    ...of the most pleasurable weeks of our cruise with the friendliest people. Maragogipe was very popular ten years ago as a victualling place for cruisers.... Read More
  • Lumut, Pangkor Marina: Comments from Cruisers

    Date Published - April 22, 2014

    ...rudder bearings. Tel: 0195205934. Mechanic – Muhtu is a mechanic who will work on your engine professionally but not especially cheaply. It may be better... Read More
  • Israel: Clearing into Ashkelon – May 2017

    Date Published - July 12, 2017

    ...immediately. We had been told that it is cheaper to clear out in Haifa because the Main Office of Port Control is in Haifa. Marina... Read More
  • Around the End of the World – Tierra del Fuego

    Date Published - April 20, 2011

    ...people Very friendly and helpful all over. The language is Spanish all the way and there are few places where English is spoken. Travelling around... Read More
  • A visit to the Andaman Islands March 2014: Very special and worth the trouble

    Date Published - April 13, 2014

    ...apart. (4) bottles of wine & (2) bottles of alcohol per person.  Wine is cheap about $3-5 U.S. a bottle. It’s from India and it’s... Read More
  • Southern Sicily: Wintering in Marina di Ragusa

    Date Published - December 30, 2012

    ...The marina is cheap with a six-month contract on our 42 footers costing 1,170 euros, electricity and water are extra to this. We use about... Read More
  • Valdivia

    ...accept credit cards. Travellers’ cheques are less easy to exchange. There is a daily fresh produce market by the Armada office and a large, cheap... Read More
  • Suez Canal Transits: Cruisers’ Experiences

    Date Published - July 17, 2017

    ...moorings not cheap, and the same applies at Ismailia, where the toilet block is filthy. Notably, Aqaba in Jordan is clean, gracious, and the fuel... Read More
  • Crossing the Indian Ocean Guide 2015

    Date Published - January 05, 2016 a true first world country again, though doing so comes at a monetary price. Yacht service companies abound, rental cars are cheap, and who... Read More
  • Cruising Report On Ukraine

    Date Published - August 27, 2007

    ...the commercial harbour. The city harbour is crowded, not safe and very noisy and expensive. No services at all. The commercial harbour is empty and... Read More
  • Cruising in Egypt – from the Med to Hurghada

    Date Published - February 17, 2012

    ...get some diesel at the pump in the Marina. Call him 24h in advance. Do not pay more than US$1/litre. Do not try to jerry... Read More
  • Kwandang / Saronde Island

    ...Mrs Mia on Saronde Island. Check with Mrs Mia first as it may be cheaper to get water from Saronde rather than Kwandang. Mrs Mia... Read More
  • 10 reasons to love cruising in Madagascar

    Date Published - November 16, 2015 couscous) was the cheapest yet in the Indian Ocean; gorgeous produce and herbs waited in the market. Imported cheeses that didn’t cost crazy prices,... Read More
  • Mahon (Minorca)

    ...are expensive. They do however have some floating pontoons with varying services at cheaper prices. Just a little further into the harbour but also on... Read More
  • Philippines: Six Months in Subic Bay

    Date Published - January 12, 2021, readily available and more cost effective than a hire car at USD35/per day. Subic Bay is an easy place to live during boat repairs.... Read More
  • Kelibia

    ...not a “marina” by any stretch of the imagination, however, is reported to be a clean port with friendly officials and of course, is cheap.... Read More
  • Cienfuegos

    ...and a comfortable lobby. Virtually all internet access is through ETEKSA cards. These can be bought from hotel lobbies or ETEKSA offices (where they are... Read More
  • Romania Next

    Date Published - August 24, 2017

    We are just completing our Black Sea experience, which was relatively brief. There was a quest for cheaper fuel, but we were partially sated in... Read More
  • Port Djibouti Updates

    Date Published - April 14, 2016

    ...Provisioning: Fruit and vegetables can be bought in good quality and much more cheaply in the market and little stores in town. For a full... Read More
  • North Queensland Haulout Facilities and Costs

    Date Published - August 24, 2011

    ...(in Cairns harbour) and did essential repairs between tides. I planned to sail south to Cardwell (where I was told, haulouts are much cheaper)to do... Read More
  • Bali: What we wish we had known before arrival

    Date Published - September 08, 2012

    ...will show up to chase you off shortly after you drop anchor here. REPAIRS AND SUPPLIES Good News: Local produce, services, and goods are cheap... Read More
  • Marina Zarpar – Cruisers Comments

    Date Published - March 19, 2014 very well maintained and managed, and the water is free. An excellent cheap bus service connects with the capital Santo Domingo the beautifully restored... Read More
  • Canary Islands: A Low Season Refuge

    Date Published - September 16, 2021

    ...government (Puertos Canarios) are considerably cheaper than privately-owned marinas. This becomes important for the budget, now high season is slowly kicking off. Though I emphasize... Read More
  • Sarawak, Kuching Marina: Cruisers Reports

    Date Published - October 24, 2017 stay there: Several times the marina staff offered me a taxi service, saying it was cheaper than radio taxis. On checking, I found out,... Read More
  • Santiago de Cuba to be recommended

    Date Published - May 21, 2009

    ...“unofficial” taxi is usually a very old Moscwitch, Lada or, if you’re lucky, a 1955 Chevy Bel Air. There is also a bus service –... Read More
  • Cruising Reports for Nicaragua: Corinto & San Juan Del Sur

    Date Published - May 23, 2005

    ...Cheap eats for about US$1.50 can be eaten in the market everyday at noon. For a more varied European cuisine of vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals... Read More
  • Fernando de Noronha – April 2010

    Date Published - May 02, 2010

    ...expect anything to be cheap. Transport The only thing on the island which is cheap is the bus, which will take you the full length... Read More
  • Italian Anchorages and Marinas 2013 – Part 3: Italian West Coast and the Islands

    Date Published - May 14, 2014

    ...the best being the daily open market with lots of fish and vegetable vendors at very reasonable prices, much cheaper than in any other cities... Read More
  • Cuba and Marina Hemingway

    Date Published - September 16, 2009

    ...approximately where your berth-location will be, asks about shore-power requirements, the daily, weekly, monthly rates in detail – (listen closely – the longer the stay,... Read More
  • Galle: Updates from Cruisers

    Date Published - February 02, 2019

    ...but other yachts got visas on arrival, apparently much cheaper. The current situation is worth checking with the agent. Touring the Island On arrival outside... Read More
  • North Island, Whangarei: Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - March 06, 2015 Undercover Canvas was cheap and quick at good canvas repair work. Ray Roberts Marine are the Volvo and Yanmar agents and did good work... Read More
  • Dominican Republic

    ...parasites in the water.  Always drink RO tap water which is freely available and very cheap. If buying fresh vegetables/fruits then peel them where you... Read More
  • Cruising Angra dos Reis

    Date Published - March 12, 2003

    ...a base of the German Bluewater cruising club “Trans Ocean”. Angra holds better and cheaper spare parts and equipment than Rio for the cruising sailor.... Read More
  • Shipping to Gibraltar – Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - September 27, 2012

    ...I was a little nervous about this as I didn’t want to import something cheap and then get stung with unknown duty costs. However, our... Read More
  • Securing your boat from intruders

    ...notches I screwed in under the hatch. It is simple, cheap and easily inserted and removed. We now know that no one can enter the... Read More
  • Chaguaramas

    ...lines to prevent chafe. The Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association in Harts Bay also have mooring buoys available, however, this is not in Chaguaramas. Prices... Read More
  • Brisbane, Poor Facilities for Foreign Yachts

    Date Published - June 17, 2009

    ...cheaper than the marina which would have cost $75/day but it came with no facilities. However, after much negotiation with East Coast Marina, they finally... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Cruising Kindly 3 – How to Stay Healthy While Cruising

    Date Published - October 25, 2020

    ...symptoms are before you lark off over the horizon. You might wish to add some malaria treatment pills if you are cruising in a malaria-zone.... Read More
  • Biak

    ...are very expensive in Indonesia, but data is cheap. Most people use WhatsApp for all texting and calls. There are several banks and ATMs near... Read More
  • Santo Domingo

    ...the city. There is little public transport but plenty of by conchos(Cheap motorcycle taxis), Guaguas/voladoras(Cheap old buses), and carry public(shared taxis). Worth a visit is... Read More
  • Shipping to Gibraltar – Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - September 27, 2012

    ...they said it would – all duty sorted and ready for collection. Personal import I was a little nervous about this as I didn’t want... Read More
  • Cartagena – Reports from Cruisers

    Date Published - January 23, 2018

    ...with local, cheap lunch meals from Monday to Saturday. You have free Wi-Fi access. For quotations or other questions contact: Jesus Couso (Manager) +57 3205653293... Read More
  • New Zealand Logistics – A Five Month Visit

    Date Published - September 10, 2012 should expect: $8.00+ per gallon for gas, $230 each way for the ferry between the North and South islands, at least $125 per night... Read More
  • Would we recommend Croatia to other cruisers?

    Date Published - August 23, 2010’s a darned handy route to Venice. The Islands: Amongst others, we liked: Mljet, Murter and the Pakleni Islands (handy for Hvar). Cost of Living:... Read More
  • Samoa: Apia Updates from Cruisers

    Date Published - October 09, 2018

    ...they leave. 5.  The marina is a 15-minute walk from the centre of town or a $5 WST taxi fee.  Taxis are cheap and plentiful.... Read More
  • Anchorages – Phuket, Thailand to Saumlaki, Indonesia

    Date Published - October 11, 2017

    ...and arranged laundry.  This was the best and cheapest (US$3/10kg) laundry we had done in Indonesia.  It was perfectly dry, beautifully folded and smelt wonderful. ... Read More
  • Bali, Serangan Island: A place that feels like home

    Date Published - November 10, 2014

    ...the dinghy dock). Good cheap food, fast wifi (for Indonesia) and a nice shower too. There are plenty of non-yachtie warungs too. Don’t miss a... Read More
  • Peruvian Formalities

    Date Published - August 29, 2007

    ...drop-off laundry, restaurants (from cheap to expensive), internet café, barber/hair salon, small medical clinic, tailor, shoe repair and post office all within two blocks of... Read More
  • Cape Town (Table Bay)

    ...hire is advisable – get quotes. You will need prepaid parking cards (available from small shops locally (cafes). Rent a Cheapie Café Vespa Taxis Minibus... Read More
  • Thailand to Turkey 2007 Part Two – Massawa in Eritrea to Turkey

    Date Published - November 19, 2007

    ...our hoses and purchased a bulk lot and then divided the cost, this was the cheapest and easiest way to buy it. I forget the... Read More
  • Port Mathurin

    ...Master to arrange. Birgit Rudolph Car hire is cheapest from Mr Kong at a shop in the main high street opposite the EMTEL shop. Motorcycles... Read More
  • Experiences in Mayotte

    Date Published - July 15, 2010 Mayotte I found the following shops to be the best: HD Hyperdiscount in Kaweni on Grand Terre. It is the cheapest shop to do... Read More
  • The Bulgarian Folkdance

    Date Published - August 24, 2017

    We are just completing our Black Sea experience, which was relatively brief. There was a quest for cheaper fuel, but we were partially sated in... Read More
  • Bay Islands, Honduras

    Date Published - October 22, 2009

    ...formations all this and reputedly the cheapest place in the world to dive. Our courses only cost $250 each with subsequent fun dives at $25... Read More
  • Olbia

    ...destinations on the Itanlian mainland and to Corsica. The airport offers good connections and is used by several low-cost airlines. Bus line 2 travels twice... Read More
  • Rhodes (Mandraki)

    ...etc.) based at Rhodes airport. A large number of European airlines offer services from Rhodes. Daily ferries to Piraeus via Crete or the northern Cyclades.... Read More
  • Cesme

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: The town... Read More
  • Simi Harbour: Docking System Explained

    Date Published - February 18, 2013

    ...aware of the system for space in the harbour. The large motorboats and Turkish gulets are placed towards to harbour entrance; sailing boats and smaller... Read More
  • Ayvalik

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: The town,... Read More
  • Malaga a cheaper option. In Puerto Del Candado, 3.5nm east of Malaga is the Real Club Nautico which offers a much more reasonable alternative for... Read More
  • West End/Sopers Hole

    ...BVI Departure tax $20.00 USVI Departure tax $40.00 Ferry $120.00 Total: $208.00 This is cheaper and much less time consuming than a full visa but... Read More
  • Subic Bay

    ...which have a large range of items available. Alcohol and beer are widely available in all supermarkets and is very cheap, wine being the more... Read More
  • Larnaca a good place to stock up. Large purchases can be arranged to be delivered.   The local and island-wide bus service is both cheap... Read More
  • Agropoli

    ...worth a visit, as is the local museum which houses some unique painted tombs. The train to Paestum is easy and cheap (1.80 Euros). From... Read More
  • Gibraltar Port

    ...for Christmas holidays. Diesel is Euro 0.58 a litre. I did not find the supposedly duty free shopping cheap, buying in Spain is for most... Read More
  • Crete, Agios Nikolaos Wintering: Facilities and Lifestyle – Latest Update

    Date Published - November 07, 2017 Agios Nikolaos marina. Please also note that our yearly rates remained the same and that the monthly rates are probably the cheapest by far... Read More
  • Hawaii

    ...Oahu and Ko Olina (Barbers Point Harbour) offer haul outs, Keehi is reported to be cheaper. There is also haulout at the yard at Gentry’s... Read More
  • Falmouth Harbour

    ...the building ($2EC per 5 gallon/20liter jerry jug). Available at all three marinas. Antigua’s Yachting Insider Comfort Zone Dutchman Marine Small Ships Consultant Ltd There... Read More
  • Povoa de Varzim be as cheap as expected. There is a small covered workshop in the central marina building, next to the main gate. Nothing available nearby... Read More
  • Piriapolis internet bundles. The Banco de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay, BROU, has an ATM that offers Uruguyan Pesos or US dollars. There is an... Read More
  • Australia

    ...– at a much cheaper price. All McDonalds in Australia have free Wi-Fi, however, don’t provide electrical sockets. Therefore be sure to arrive at McDonald’s... Read More
  • Puerto de Alcudia (Mallorca)

    ...August 2018. Marina de Bonaire Chandlery at the marina. Megamarine Nautic Moto Nautica Alcudia WiFi at the marina. Bankia Laundry at the marina but there... Read More
  • Aden

    ...them to work on a yacht. Al Waleed Cheap diesel fuel can be bought at the eastern end of the customs wharf, which also has... Read More
  • St Pierre (Martinique)

    ...likely you will get a better price. All manual cars (not automatic).   There is a large, cheap, home goods shop just south of Ecomart... Read More
  • Tangier

    ...Rabat. Last updated:  August 2019 The new marina has a fuel dock. There is a Shell gas station near to the harbour. Taxis are cheap... Read More
  • Datca

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: This sleepy... Read More
  • Leros

    ...hard winterizing good and cheap (about 2.5k Euros for 7 months for 46ft sailboat), compared with other solutions in this part of Med. Very professional... Read More
  • Vila Real de Santo Antonio

    ...there is a cheap shuttle boat every few minutes which I took to dine well and cheaply in Portugal. You may be asked to pay... Read More
  • Golfito

    ...It’s also reported to be cheaper to clear in here than further north. Visit Immigration first, then Customs then the Port Captain.  Banana Bay Marina... Read More
  • Red Sea (Egypt)

    ...Cairo was impressive, but the pyramids were disappointing. Cheaper fuel and better, more amenable facilities can be found in Aqaba, Jordan. Visiting Petra was more... Read More
  • Arrecife (Marina Lanzarote)

    ...mile north of Puerto de los Marmoles. It is reported that it is cheaper to order the water from the Port Authority, who will deliver... Read More
  • Preveza

    ...carried out and now has to wait until the end of this season. And they were not cheap either. We would definitely not recommend this... Read More
  • Galaxidi and easy. There is a town official who collects harbour dues, based in a kiosk towards the harbour entrance. English spoken. Very cheap. Only... Read More
  • Isla Mujeres water, and cheap electricity for $1/ft. The atmosphere is great here, very relaxed and welcoming. If you stay here, the agent fee is only... Read More
  • Marina di Ragusa

    Data Entry1 Now into our third winter here. Cheap, 1068 Euros for seven months. Very well sheltered, hardly a ripple in the marina even with... Read More
  • Mediterranean Coast (Egypt) Cairo was impressive, but the pyramids were disappointing. Cheaper fuel and better, more amenable facilities can be found in Aqaba, Jordan. Visiting Petra was... Read More
  • Canal Cairo was impressive, but the pyramids were disappointing. Cheaper fuel and better, more amenable facilities can be found in Aqaba, Jordan. Visiting Petra was... Read More
  • Singapore

    ...they claim to have plenty of boats that tie down with them. Would really recommend them as their prices are cheap! Just call for Serene... Read More
  • Corralejo

    ...what we needed. Cheap and cheerful. Only 6.50 euros a night for our 32ft boat but No showers, no toilets - the puertoscanarias website is... Read More
  • USA

    COVID-19: Entry protocols for yachts have been affected by the pandemic. See the Biosecurity section for details. Important pre-arrival information: All nationalities, whether entering and/or... Read More
  • A Word of Advice about Spanish Mooring Costs

    Date Published - July 21, 2011

    A useful message received From Meir Riba Subject: Spanish mooring costs “adventures” We sailed a Lagoon400 along Spanish shores this spring and had several incidents... Read More
  • Cide

    ...several banks here. Basic provisions are available in the town, including a baker. The town is across the river bridge just south of the harbor.... Read More
  • Port Iasos Marina

    Address: Kıyıkışlacık Köyü, Göklimanı Mevkii Güllük, Milas / Muğla, Turkey, 48200

    New full service marina located in the Güllük-Kıyıkışlacık Göklimanı area. 32km to Bodrum Airport and 3NM to Güllük. Sea taxi from town to the marina.... Read More
  • Black Sea: Cruise the Black Sea

    By Doreen and Archie Annan Publisher: Atakoy Marina, Istanbul (2001) Available from Amazon...... Read More
  • Guzelce

    Located on the northern shore of the Marmara Sea, about 25NM west of Istanbul. Position: 40° 59.78’N, 28° 30.65’E (marina entrance)   This is a... Read More
  • Ravenna

    Description: This sleepy little town hides a glorious past. Its famous Byzantine mosaics are reputed to be the best outside of Istanbul and are a... Read More
  • Volos

    ...outside Greece (e.g. Istanbul, Sofia etc.). The bus station is 600 meters NW of the fishing harbour. All the long-distance buses are equipped with aircon,... Read More
  • Caylioglu

    ...provisions are obtainable. The water tap is at the north end of the quay. There is a bus to Istanbul and the nearest town of... Read More
  • Akcakoca

    This is a small town on the Black Sea coast about 150NM east of Istanbul. The old town is very well preserved and other attractions... Read More
  • EMYR (Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally) – Kemer

    Address: Marina Alanya, Akhan Mevkii, Kızılpınar Mahallesi, Alanya, Antalya--Turkiye, Western Med, Turkey, 07400

    ...due to the political situation. In 2015 the rally will visit Port Said as the political climate is calmer. Starts 26 April from Istanbul. Limited... Read More
  • Pacific Information – from 2010

    ...they shipped their yacht, Tenaya, to Istanbul in 2014. After a season sailing in the Black Sea, they hopped down the Aegean, through the Corinth... Read More
  • Russia

    ...must be applied for in your home country of permanent residence. There are convenient Russian diplomatic missions in Helsinki, Nicosia (Cyprus) and Istanbul, where visas... Read More
  • Saba

    ...major airlines from North America, Europe and South America carry daily flights into Sint Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM). Also ferry services to Sint... Read More
  • Wintering in Cartagena

    Date Published - May 18, 2011

    ...autumn and spring north easterlies, has around 300 days of sunshine a year and a reasonably mild winter climate and an airport serviced by all... Read More
  • Easter Island Statues Under Threat

    Date Published - June 25, 2008

    ...Moai. In 1967, Chile’s Lan Airlines began using it as a refuelling stop en route to Tahiti. Tourists began arriving en masse 20 years later... Read More
  • Sunshine Maritime Services Inc.

    Address: 103 South U.S. Highway One F5-114, Jupiter, Florida, USA, 33477

    Able to arrange economic deliveries to the Bahamas, French Polynesia and also anywhere serviced by Air Tahiti and American Airlines....... Read More
  • Philippines

    ...and is valid for 12 months. Flying into and out of the country: If flying back into the country on the return half of a... Read More
  • New Zealand

    ...While there are some subsidy programs, most adults are required to pay the full cost of treatment. Prices are not fixed and charges are often... Read More
  • Lata, Ndendo Island (Santa Cruz Islands)

    ...come to the yacht in canoes to trade fruits and vegetables. Solomon Airlines has a ticket agent near the government station. There is one flight... Read More
  • Ketchikan

    ...Protection Bar Harbor Marina Casey Moran Harbor Doyon’s Landing Ketchikan Moorage – Ellis Airlines Terminal Knudson Cove Marina Thomas Basin Seaborne Marine Services Alaska Diesel... Read More
  • Richards Bay

    ...Richards Bay. Vodacom is reported to be the fastest internet here (September 2019). Cruisers report that Amazon is the fastest and cheapest way to ship... Read More
  • Coffs Harbour

    ...Melbourne, and Brisbane with three main carriers: Qantas, Virgin Blue and Brindabella Airlines. Travel information can be gained by calling 02 6648 4000 or Read More
  • Lele/Leluh Harbour

    ...a ride. The 3 resorts also offer tours. Continental Airlines Lelu Ruins These are easily accessed by foot just inland from Ace Hardware stores. Mangrove... Read More
  • Tonga & Pacific Weatherstations: Help improve weather forecasting

    Date Published - December 07, 2016 we have 3 weather stations at airports plus my private weather station and webcam that are online. My weather station has been useful for... Read More
  • Marovo Lagoon arranged with Mindano Eco Lodge. There is an airstrip in the town of Seghe, in the north of Morovo Lagoon. Solomon Airlines runs regular... Read More
  • Medical Insurance for Caribbean Cruisers

    Date Published - March 12, 2021

    ...between $28,000 and $48,000. Ouch! There’s got to be a cheaper alternative. I found, a helpful travel insurance comparison website. I typed in my... Read More
  • Marshall islands – Ratak chain report

    Date Published - September 07, 2011 anchored further out and the small harbour. Several options to land ashore exist and taxi transport is cheap to go anywhere in town (75c... Read More
  • Charlotte Amalie

    ...for connecting a ferry terminal directly to the airport. There are a number of airlines serving both Caribbean and US mainland airports from St Thomas.... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Maryanne and Kyle Webb

    Date Published - February 23, 2019

    ...All through this Kyle had retained his job as a Pilot (flying for Continental Airlines), and simply commuted to wherever the boat was; He’s had... Read More
  • Cancun

    ...and Ransacked Last updated:  September 2021 Tessa Engine Center   Admiral Yacht Club Banamex Banco Bital Bancomer Banco Confia Bancrecer   Cancun Airport Several airlines... Read More
  • Montserrat

    ...The nearest ferry service is from Antigua. Taxis are available from Little Bay and the airport. Small planes fly from Antigua to Montserrat and major... Read More
  • Nantucket Airport

    Address: 14 Macys Lane, Nantucket, East coast, Usa, 02554

    14 Macys Lane , Nantucket , MA 02554 Tel:+1 (508) 325 5300 Fax:+1 (508) 325 5306 Several airlines provide services. See website for details....... Read More
  • Norfolk Island

    Important pre-arrival information: Australian Border Force require an Advance Notice of Arrival. See Norfolk Island/Formalities for all the details. Norfolk Island is an Australian External... Read More
  • Belize

    ...south will continue to check in down to Panama, but not often. Two local airlines serve Belize, Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. Car rentals... Read More
  • Ted Stephens Anchorage International Airport

    Address: 5000 W International Airport Road, Anchorage, AK 99502, Alaska,

    5000 W International Airport Road , Anchorage, AK 99502 , Alaska Tel:+1 907-266-2526 The airport is 3 miles southwest of city centre and is served... Read More
  • Gibraltar to Cadiz: Orca Encounter – First Person Report

    Date Published - June 13, 2021

    ...Author Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcos has dual Brazilian and Portugese nationality and lives in Cascais, Portugal.  When he’s not sailing he’s a... Read More
  • Kalamata International Airport

    Address: P.O. BOX. 24200, Messini, Kalamata, Greece,

    Mainly receives charter flights during the summer. On March 2013, Aegean Airlines opened a base in the airport....... Read More
  • Hewanorra International Airport – St. Lucia

    Address: Rodney Bay, St. Lucia,

    ...(50 miles) from Rodney Bay Marina. St. Lucia is well connect by air directly from North America, Europe and the Caribbean through a wide range... Read More
  • Willemstad

    ...across the street from the Customs Building. At the airport, the local carrier, ALM, has scheduled flights from several Caribbean islands, as well as Miami,... Read More
  • Marsh Harbour (Great Abaco Island)

    ...Delta Airlines has direct flights to Atlanta 5 times a week. Island Wings, Tropic Ocean Airways and Silver Airways all have direct flights to Fort... Read More
  • Cruising notes on Chile and Argentina

    Date Published - April 24, 2009

    ...provisioning. Good place to pick up and drop off crew with good airlines connections. We anchored and stayed off of the AFASYN dock, which was... Read More
  • Turks & Caicos

    ...Providenciales by way of American Airlines. Turks & Caicos Island Airways can get you around the island group, or to Providenciales or Grand Turk from... Read More
  • Comox

    ...River on the mainland. The Comox Airport is served by three major airlines, with flights to Vancouver and Calgary. Ambassador Shuttle Service Comox Taxi Comox... Read More
  • Augusta Airport

    Address: Augusta, Western Australia, Australia,

    The Airport is serviced by Sharp Airlines providing regular passenger transport between Port Augusta and Adelaide managed by Shane Saal....... Read More
  • Marshall Islands

    ...rate of 8%. This includes packages sent via the US Post Office, air and container freight. Last updated:  January 2018 United Airlines has several weekly... Read More
  • Start of the cruising season in Vanuatu: Advice and recommendations

    Date Published - May 01, 2016

    ...withdrawal of two international airlines citing concerns over the safety of the international airport runway. Emergency repairs have now made the runway fully serviceable, with... Read More
  • Belize City

    ...getting around by car can be uncomfortable, even in the dry season. Tropic Air and Maya Airways operate scheduled internal flights and several American airlines... Read More
  • Nanny Cay

    ...Taxi Charlis Taxi Denzil Cylne Car & Jeep Rental Hertz Car Rental Last Stop Sports NannyCay Taxi Association Sheppards Powerboat Rentals and Water Taxis Steve... Read More
  • AirCalin

    Address: 403 George St Level 12, Nouméa, New Caledonia,

    New Caledonia airlines. Services islands in the South Pacific...... Read More
  • British Virgin Islands

    ...does not accommodate major jets, only 70-80 seat turboprops, and small jets. Airlines flying into the BVIs include: American Eagle: +1 (284) 495 2559 LIAT:... Read More
  • Playa Herradura

    ...Western has a travel agency in the main lobby of the resort that can arrange tours or airline tickets for you. There are several car... Read More
  • Vaasa

    ...WiFi at the marina. At the marina. All provisions available here. There are regular links to other parts of Finland by train and bus. For... Read More
  • Morocco: Agadir Marina and nearby cities

    Date Published - November 27, 2018

    ...Take a red-coloured taxi from the marina for 40 MAD to the Gare Routier (bus station). I don’t know how often a bus fills up,... Read More
  • Panama Canal Agents: Cruisers’ Recommendations

    Date Published - March 31, 2015

    ...was in constant contact with us and with the canal schedulers throughout and continued handling everything for us. He knew my crew had tickets to... Read More
  • Japan Cruising Notes – Kyushu

    Date Published - June 30, 2011

    ...summit. The island is locally famous for its shrine, to which people bring their lottery tickets and cash to be “blessed” and also for a... Read More
  • Impressions of Almerimar

    Date Published - November 03, 2014

    ...marineros travel by jeep to get to your berth before you. Wifi is available, at a price. You have to purchase tickets with password etc…... Read More
  • Bonaire: Useful Information for Cruisers Visiting this Island

    Date Published - October 15, 2017

    ...boat offers 30-minute tour around the harbor. Tel: +599.770.4216 or Email: [email protected] • Cave exploring with Flow. Hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1200, 1300-1700 • Distillery – Cadushi... Read More
  • Antigua & Barbuda

    ...Antigua in person with Customs and Immigration, with all ship’s papers including eSeaClear documentation, passports, clearance certificate (zarpe) from last port, as well as airline tickets... Read More
  • Marsala southerly winds. Pontoons A and B are cheaper than those run by Polaris Cantiere Nautico. They are run by Mr Vito (see comments below... Read More
  • Chaiporn Singkhala

    Address: Phuket Boat Lagoon, 22/1 Thekrasattri Road, Kohkaew, Phuket Island, Thailand,

    Car hire, taxi service, air tickets, and sea tours....... Read More
  • New Anchoring Restrictions in False Creek

    Date Published - November 06, 2006 tickets and fines up to $500.00. Abandoned vessels may be subject to towing. False Creek is the usual anchoring ground for cruisers visiting Vancouver.... Read More
  • Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries

    Address: The Ferry Terminal, Stornoway (Lewis, Western Isles), Isle of Lewis, United Kingdom, [Broken Link] Ferry to Ullapool. Tickets can be purchased online or from the ferry office on the day of travel....... Read More
  • Civitavecchia

    ...Rocco   Convenient bus (stops outside Riva di Traiano) into Rome. It takes about two hours. Tickets and timetable at the tabacchi in the port... Read More
  • Easter Island

    ...National Park: The entrance fee to the park is US$60. Tickets can be purchased at the Airport or at the Conaf “office” at the bottom... Read More
  • Elite Customs Brokers

    Address: Bahamas,

    A useful stop for many things from water or ice, to engine spares, to ferry tickets!...... Read More
  • Nuuk

    ...a red complex on the road to the Royal Arctic building. Offers laundry, showers and good meals. There is a city-wide bus service. Purchase tickets... Read More
  • Tourist Information Office – Fiumicino (Rome)

    Address: Via Parigi 5, Rome, West Coast, Italy,

    More conveniently, Rome also has 14 tourist info kiosks (most open daily 09:30–19:15) dispensing maps and pamphlets and selling RomaPass sightseeing cards and tickets for... Read More
  • INSIGHTS: Helping Your Friends and Family Help You

    Date Published - June 04, 2021

    ...might need to pay for medical care, purchasing clothing, tickets to come home, accommodation and new passports. Use those Social Media channels again to ask... Read More
  • St George’s Post Office

    Address: 11 Water Street, St George's, GE PM Bermuda, St George's Harbour, Bermuda,

    Sells stamps and bus tickets.  ...... Read More
  • Patterson Brothers Shipping

    Address: Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji,

    Bus/ferry combination link to Levuka. Tickets at Epworth House, Nina street, Suva (5 min. from the bus station). Book via email.  ...... Read More
  • Show Draws International Buyers

    Date Published - May 19, 2009

    ...Day pass will be available for $A40. The online pre-purchased tickets offer a small discount over the event day entry prices of $A23 adult and... Read More
  • Lisbon

    ...Most other trains depart from Rossio station at the south end of Avenida da Liberdade. Tickets covering travel by bus, tram, elevator and metro can... Read More
  • Puerto Lucia, La Libertad (Salinas Bay) – Cruisers’ Impressions

    Date Published - February 11, 2019

    ...backstays. Once on the hard, the hardship with the marina doesn’t end: Dirty toilets, unfriendly office staff (the marineros are friendly), 3 day wifi tickets... Read More
  • A Voyage around the Baltic in 2011

    Date Published - November 30, 2011

    ...with him any tickets for opera, ballet, shows etc. you want, or arrange for him to drive you around the city for a day’s tour:... Read More
  • How Fijian Duty and VAT is Calculated

    Date Published - June 17, 2008

    ...if we could have used our NZ estimate of our yacht’s value, as it would have been less than the cost of tickets to fly... Read More
  • Cruising French Polynesia With Kids

    Date Published - November 28, 2018 the stadium. There were many food shops around. Tickets were available starting from 500 CPF to 2500 CPF, but one could also watch the... Read More
  • Terschelling

    ...It takes place about mid-June. The program is only available on the island itself, and tickets have to be bought for the major performances. There... Read More
  • Our Cuba Story – 2009

    Date Published - April 24, 2009

    ...our friend told us to wait and he would fix tickets. We waited and eventually, a driver asked us where we were going and on... Read More
  • Opua (Bay of Islands)

    ...stores, restaurants, post office, pharmacy, gift shops and farmer market on Thursday afternoons. The Northliner Bus Service runs daily connections to Auckland, Whangarei and the... Read More
  • Jamestown

    ...Pick up there tickets (free) for Longwood House, which is only open Monday to Friday and usually only has one hour per day at 1100.... Read More
  • Kuching at Kuching was very helpful and friendly and can be found at the Visitors Information Centre across from Padang Merdeka – they also issue... Read More
  • Cruising the coast of Brunei and The Port of Muara

    Date Published - August 27, 2010 charging B$25 for a B$20 book of tickets which you use to pay for everything within the club premises. The club is the only... Read More
  • Italy not always free. Last updated: March 2019   Tickets on public transport must be endorsed in a ticket machine before you start a journey.... Read More
  • Indonesia, Flores: Clearing in at Maumere

    Date Published - August 09, 2013

    ...gate where you purchase the ferry tickets). She will need copies of Australian clearance ( or Zarpe from the previous port), cait, crew list and... Read More
  • America’s Cup 35 in Bermuda – can cruising yachts stop over to view the action?

    Date Published - May 10, 2017

    ...itself; however, not all areas are accessible by private yachts and all of them require tickets, even if viewing from your own yacht. The race... Read More
  • Post Office – Jolly Harbour

    Address: Jolly Harbour, Antigua, Antigua & Barbuda,

    Also for bus tickets...... Read More
  • Newport Visitor Information Center

    Address: 23 America's Cup Avenue, Newport, East coast, Usa,

    ...Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 9am-5pm and Fri & Saturday 9am-6pm. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Information about Newport County – also buy attraction, tour and event... Read More
  • Patras take the rack railway through the Vouraikos Gorge. It is advisable to book tickets in advance and this can be done at the train... Read More
  • Spanish Taxes applied to Foreign Registered Boats

    Date Published - January 14, 2015 to prove them wrong with suitable evidence (passport stamps, plane tickets etc.). Having a house in Spain as well as a boat will add... Read More
  • Guadalcanal Travel Services (GTS)

    Address: Mendana Avenue, east of the Yacht Club,

    They provide domestic and international airline tickets....... Read More
  • Jerry the Rigger

    Address: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands,

    ...buildup to the ARC Jerry available for discounted rig checks and advice. Also runs Rigging Seminar during 2 weeks before ARC – contact ARC Centre... Read More
  • Castelsardo

    ...useful for provisioning.   In the summer there is a direct bus service to the airport at Alghero (buy the tickets from the driver). Posadino... Read More
  • Clearing into Panama – Cruisers Report on their Experiences

    Date Published - August 02, 2018

    ...your address, bring copies of your driver’s license. If you are travelling bring at least two copies of your airline tickets and make sure it... Read More
  • Ceduna / Thevenard

    ...Port Augusta). Tickets can be purchased from the BP Roadhouse on the western edge of Ceduna. There is a local airport with daily flights to... Read More
  • ‘Members Only’ Maxi Taxi Service

    Address: Chaguaramas, Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago,

    Shopping, Nature Trips; Tickets & Transport to all Carnival events; Sight-seeing trips; 24-hour airport shuttle; Customized trips. Contact owner/operator Jesse James....... Read More
  • Morocco, Safi: Yacht Break-in and Burglary – April 2012

    Date Published - April 30, 2012

    ...police to look after us and our interests. He organised our tickets, took us to a wifi cafe, ordered tagine for us in the restaurant... Read More
  • Padang Bai Gianyar Klung Kung, Candidasa, Amlapura. Ferry Ferry to Lembar, Lombok. It runs every two hours 02:00-24:00, and takes four hours. Buy tickets at the... Read More
  • Port Dickson

    ...also a laundry about 15 mins walk from the marina and is much cheaper. A small block of shops, including a small supermarket, is a... Read More
  • Gambia: The Smiling West African Coast

    Date Published - May 26, 2009

    ...around the corner for a delicious Thai meal. On return, it was even busier and our doorman couldn’t help. Nic saved the day by buying... Read More
  • More boats are visiting Rapa Nui (Easter Island)

    Date Published - March 21, 2016

    ...fee to the Rapa Nui National Park is around 45 US$ (if you pay in Chilean Pesos). Otherwise, it’s 60 US$ if you pay in... Read More
  • MONAIR Ports Services Ltd

    Address: Brades, Little Bay, Montserrat,

    For booking travel tickets....... Read More
  • Brazil

    ...Hold a passport valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page Hold proof of sufficient funds Hold proof of onward airline... Read More
  • Pandemic Pursuits: Planning for a Circumnavigation

    Date Published - March 08, 2021

    ...contacted for Round the World insurance. Quotes are coming in – not cheap!! Transatlantic crew on arrival in the Caribbean. The Crew: I have already... Read More
  • Itea

    ...The bus for Athens leaves from near the harbour and also stops at Delphi. Tickets* to Delphi cost 1,90 € per person, one way (16... Read More
  • Turkey: New Visa Rules starting next month to apply to ALL countries

    Date Published - January 30, 2012

    ...a Turkish bank account holding US$500 per person per month at the time of application. There are also fines if you don’t advise a change... Read More
  • Greece, Turkey: East Aegean

    Rod Heikell’s latest guide, East Aegean, covers Patmos, Kalimnos, Kos, Rhodes, and islands in between on the Greek side. On the Turkish side the ports... Read More
  • Pithagorion (Samos)

    Description: Samos is a high, pine-covered island and this Port of Entry, Pithagorion, looks across to the Turkish mainland. It is a busy tourist resort.... Read More
  • Turkey: Ambitious project aims to reunite ancient city of Ephesus with sea

    Date Published - October 16, 2017

    ...said. The first stage of the project is forecast to cost around 30 million Turkish Liras ($8.5 million), he added. “With the realization of the... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser: German crew Christian, Sabrina, Joshua and Jonathan of Yacht Moya

    Date Published - May 24, 2018

    ...always close to perfect: little swell but a significant breeze. Distances in between the Greek islands and also the Turkish mainland are ideal for short... Read More
  • Izmir

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Situated at... Read More
  • Greece: Costly Misinterpretation of EU Law

    Date Published - May 24, 2021

    ...time restriction.  France has already agreed to offer six-month visas to boat owners allowing them summer long cruising. Many yachts will now move to overwinter... Read More
  • Great Cruising in Turkey

    Date Published - October 03, 2006

    ...Turkish waters for a year, keeping our boat in D-Marine in the town of Turgutreis for the entire winter safely, cheaply, and with no concern... Read More
  • Turkey Antifouling Regs. – a question

    Date Published - March 09, 2009

    ...happening here. The Turkish authorities have a lot to worry about and the chemical makeup of the anti-fouling used on a yacht is likely to... Read More
  • Eski Foca

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Lying on... Read More
  • Extending your Stay in Turkey: Improved online system

    Date Published - May 30, 2015

    Most foreign cruisers are only allowed to stay in Turkey for 90 days in any 180 day period. Therefore many cruisers that want to spend... Read More
  • Authentic Souvenirs

    Address: Marmaris, Turkey,

    Authentic Souvenirs, quality memories of Marmaris, the Ottoman era, unique pashminas and thousands of other Turkish arts and crafts. Call owner Ali Atabey for directions to his... Read More
  • Karpaz Gate Marina

    ...(COVID-19): There are restrictions in TRNC. See Biosecurity for details. General Clearance: All yachts entering North Cyprus should fly the North Cyprus or Turkish courtesy... Read More
  • Greece, Dodecanese, Patmos: Useful Information for first-time visitors

    Date Published - August 15, 2016

    ...We politely declined that request also. The PA will copy your papers and that is as expected. I am told by Turkish Gulet Captains that... Read More
  • My Blu Quarantine

    ...Atlantic coast, to a chartering outfit on the Turkish riviera. From there, he’d change crew and pick up a second yacht for delivery to Croatia,... Read More
  • Rethimno

    Description: Rethimno (NW Crete) is an old Venetian Harbour, very quaint and the buildings with wooden balconies are a reminder of the Turkish occupation. Worth... Read More
  • Canakkale Yacht Harbour

    Address: Cevat Pasa Mah, Kayseri Ahmet Paşa Cd., Canakkale Merkez, Canakkale, Turkey, 17000

    The marina in the SW corner of the main harbor is very reasonably priced compared to other Turkish marinas. Water, Wifi and electricity are included... Read More
  • Earthquake Shakes the Greek Island of Kos and the Port of Bodrum in Turkey

    Date Published - July 19, 2017

    ...Gouliamaki AFP) Aegean Earthquake. A report from A 6.7-magnitude quake struck in the Aegean Sea on Friday night 20th July 2017, south of the... Read More
  • Setur Finike Marina

    Address: PK. 17, Antalya, Finike, Western Med, Turkey, 07740

    ...and a dive school within the marina. Helpful and friendly staff. The yacht club provides a range of winter activities such as movies, lessons in... Read More
  • Tourist Visas Important Update

    Date Published - December 05, 2013

    ...nearest Turkish Embassy or Consulate overseas before returning to Turkey. Departing Turkey without paying the relevant fine will lead to an automatic five-year ban on... Read More
  • Fethiye – Informal Information

    Date Published - April 22, 2011

    ...a swimming pool. Inside the hotel, there are full Turkish Bath and massage facilities. The staff is especially friendly and helpful. The town is only... Read More
  • Finike

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Finike is... Read More
  • Beirut – ATCL Marina in Jounieh

    Date Published - December 10, 2010

    ...of Lebanon)solved a problem with my Volvo rpm counter which had nagged French, Italian, Greek and Turkish “specialists”. Hassan Dia’s e-mail is [email protected]: mobile tel.... Read More
  • Marmaris Yat Marina
    ...and 50 tons boat mover. Mechanical, carpentary and painting services.  The marina FM band  broad casts in Turkish and English and regional weather report is announced. Marmaris... Read More
  • A Guide to Checking in and out of Countries with your Sailboat

    Date Published - June 28, 2019

    ...Turkish passport. Most of the rules are similar for the UK, US, Canada, Australia, EU, and New Zealand – but it still pays to check... Read More
  • Limnos (Mirina) the Turkish fountain is reported to be the best value. Last updated: August 2012. Buses serve all the principal villages. There are ferries to... Read More
  • Seven Capes Sea Kayak

    Address: Kas, Western Med, Turkey,

    Tel:0090 537 4033779 (Dean Livesley) Sea Kayaks, SUP, Walking, Turkish Cooking....... Read More
  • Turkey, Marmaris: Surviving a Winter Storm

    Date Published - June 18, 2021

    ...calm water. We dropped anchor in 25 meters of water. Tina went for the tea and I headed strait for that big master suite bed... Read More
  • Spetsai

    ...The events culminate with a fictionalized re-enactment of the battle, including the torching of the Turkish flagship in the harbour, an incident not mentioned in... Read More
  • Eastern Mediterranean Cruising Update – regarding the migrant crisis

    Date Published - May 16, 2016

    ...a decline of reported migrant crossings. Increased pressure from Turkey to stop migrants leaving Turkish shores will also hopefully see a decrease in numbers attempting... Read More
  • Vathi (Samos)

    ...There are buses to the principal villages and it is possible to hire both cars and motorbikes. The ferries run to several other islands as... Read More
  • Kalkan

    ...quay and their use attracts an additional charge. The rules on discharging waste are strictly enforced here and heavy fines may be levied. Fuel may... Read More
  • Turkey: Update on Gray Water and Black Water Disposal Requirements

    Date Published - June 21, 2022

    Boats without gray water and black water tanks are being prohibited from entering and anchoring in some popular Turkish cruising areas because authorities are enforcing... Read More
  • Fethiye: Report on Yacht Classic Marina

    Date Published - October 24, 2012

    ...good), then you are charged just 15tl (Turkish Lire) for the stay. If you choose not to eat there (and there are many excellent places... Read More
  • Turkey, Dardanelles, Çanakkale: Yachting services update

    Date Published - January 03, 2019

    ...Turkish Captains to care for the boat. Lines need tending, and so do fenders. The marina staff seems to appreciate my set-up with two pairs... Read More
  • Massawa Well Worth A Visit

    Date Published - December 31, 2002 mainly of Turkish construction, and whilst run down it is very charming. People are extremely friendly and most speak enough English to have conversations.... Read More
  • Red Sea: Passage Report on a Successful Trip from SV Joana

    Date Published - July 13, 2020

    ...on in Djibouti, Port Sudan, Port Ghalib and Port Suez. There has been a confusing report of a Turkish catamaran that was detained by government... Read More
  • Batumi

    ...Turkish rule in the 17th Century and famous for its slave market, while in the 19th century it was under Russian rule and a free... Read More
  • Adriatic Cruise 2009 – Update to Croatian section of Adriatic Pilot

    Date Published - March 25, 2010

    ...visited over 50 countries around the world. In Croatia, for the first time, we were asked for payment for anchoring. These fees were NOT cheap.... Read More
  • Netherlands To Turkey Via European Canals & Rivers

    Date Published - September 13, 2015

    ...Messina – Finike 6 days 9 hrs 772 nm Setur Marina Finike, now our permanent mooring. A well-equipped marina charging attractive rates. The place itself,... Read More
  • Nokta Yachting

    Address: Marmaris, Aegean Sea, Turkey,

    Contact: Cecile Beal. Yacht Agent. Can assist with clearance. Fluent English and Turkish spoken....... Read More
  • Tasucu

    COVID-19 – 11 June, 2020: The entry of foreign recreational vessels is allowed in all Turkish ports and marinas. See Biosecurity for full details. Description: Tusucu is... Read More
  • Prohibition For Yachts To Enter Southern Cyprus After North Remains In Force

    Date Published - August 05, 2006

    ...and was expelled after 11 days. Also, a Syrian commercial Skipper also got 4 months in jail. The law applies from 1974 after the Turkish... Read More
  • Black Sea Voyage 2009

    Date Published - April 13, 2010

    On July 1, 2009, we continued our voyage in the Black Sea. We checked out at the Turkish port of Hope and sailed 18 miles... Read More
  • Cruising Notes on Yemen

    Date Published - January 02, 2009

    ...a hammam “Turkish bath” which was quite an experience, the surrounds looked about 1000 years old and most probably were, then had our hands and... Read More
  • Wintering in Finike, SE Turkey: Cruisers Report

    Date Published - March 31, 2014 speak either broken English or Turkish during each transaction. Amazingly with the tall snow-capped mountains only a few miles inland, there was very little... Read More
  • Iskenderun

    ...mechanical and engineering repairs can be arranged here. Fuel has to be fetched from the town. Turkish gas available. There is water on the quay.... Read More
  • Mersin

    ...has to be fetched from the town, approximately 15 minutes walk away. Turkish gas available. Water on the quay. A Post Office in the town.... Read More
  • Mediterranean Cruising Update – regarding the migrant crisis

    Date Published - June 17, 2019

    ...addition, increased pressure from Turkey to stop migrants leaving Turkish shores has also seen a dramatic decrease in numbers attempting the journey. Central Mediterranean There... Read More
  • Turkey’s Blue Card Scheme – More Concerns

    Date Published - December 30, 2010

    ...and Gocek-Dalaman bays conservations and use principles.” The booklet is in Turkish and English, but the rather poor translation into English has left many foreign... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Geoff and Alison Williams

    Date Published - July 31, 2018

    ...yacht with a reasonable engine and large internal space for its size. Photo right: Saraoni anchored off the Turkish coast, 2012. What other boats have... Read More
  • Real Club Nautico de Gran Canaria

    Address: Calle León y Castillo, 308, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, 35006

    ...facilities which include a large outdoor swimming pool; sauna; Turkish bath; showers; small gym; library; balcony bar and restaurant; computer room; WiFi. Just a few... Read More
  • Kos

    Description: This large, fertile island, lies just eight kms (five miles) south of the Turkish mainland and about 25NM from Bodrum. Position:   36°53.62’N, 27°17.98’E... Read More
  • Greece: Is it Yachting as Usual?

    Date Published - July 13, 2015 the bottom of this report. 14 July From Stratos Paisios, Customs Officer at Kastelorizo (Dodecanese, 2nm south of the Turkish mainland) The situation in... Read More
  • Nicaragua

    ...cities and towns, not very fast but the coverage is significant. The government subsidizes internet cafes and internet is consequently available at cheap rates throughout... Read More
  • Emerald Bay Marina

    Address: Queen's Highway, Emerald Bay, Rokers Point, Great Exuma, Bahamas,

    A full-service marina with 150 slips. Can accommodate yachts up to 260 feet in length. Services and facilities include an 18 hole par 7, ice,... Read More
  • NW Spain: Our Experiences in Five Marinas

    Date Published - August 16, 2012

    ...happening during the process. It is worth mentioning that this marina is by far the cheapest of all the ones visited in Spain. The town,... Read More
  • A new Marina in Corinto, Nicaragua

    Date Published - August 16, 2008 has a compound wall with life in staff. Transportation is cheap and plentiful to Chinandega where you can find almost everything you need. There... Read More
  • La Coruna

    ...(in Oza). It is located just inside the breakwater and has the most space for transiting yachts, however, is not the cheapest option. Last updated: ... Read More
  • Cambodia rural areas it is pretty poor. Phone coverage in Angkor Wat is very patchy. Internet is cheap (in comparison with Thailand) and you buy... Read More
  • Cruising East Africa, Tanzania: A great place to sit out the cyclone season

    Date Published - July 24, 2018

    ...back home. Many of the restaurants and at least one supermarket are within walking distance from the Slipway complex. Also, the bajajis (think tuk-tuks) are... Read More
  • Mediterranean Morocco: Marina Saidia

    Date Published - September 08, 2014

    ...attached. Amazing, since it only opened in 2009. We’re anxious to leave, but HEY!  It’s cheap; it’s relatively close;  it’s got a WIFI;  it solves... Read More
  • Curacao: Very Comprehensive Report by a Visiting Cruiser

    Date Published - September 05, 2017

    ...but cheap (delivers 2-4 weeks0 SHOPPING Apple products – iWorld-Boolchand’s for all of your Apple needs Malls Sambill Mall[Broken Link] Renaissance Mall[Broken Link] Promenade Outdoor... Read More
  • February 2006 update for San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

    Date Published - June 18, 2007

    ...catch of the day can be enjoyed at one of many fish and chip palapas along the beachfront for about US$6.00 per meal. Cheap eats... Read More
  • Vietnam

    ...check to see if it’s locked to your home network but even then, it’s cheap and straightforward to have it unlocked in Vietnam, meaning you’ll... Read More
  • Italy, Brindisi, Naval Balsamo: Winter Storage

    Date Published - November 14, 2014

    ...Each yard gave us a quote for hauling, washing, blocking and mooring. Naval Balsamo was about 1,000 Euros cheaper. At first glance, Naval Balsamo looks... Read More
  • Entry into the Red Sea via the Gulf of Aden – Our Story 2018

    Date Published - April 15, 2018

    ...and bananas) and goats. Coffee shops are popular serving Italian coffees and tea, but few can afford to eat out. Some bars exist as Eritrean... Read More
  • Kota Kinabalu Yacht Club

    Address: 3A Jalan Aru, (P. O. Box 10392), Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo (Sabah), Malaysia, 88804

    ...pass right outside the gate. The Yacht Club asks that you pay 25rm a week membership but it is well worth this to take advantage... Read More
  • Spanish North Africa – Big Changes in Ceuta

    Date Published - September 27, 2011 through flow of water in the moat. Fuel dock on left at entrance Diesel €.97c a litre (cheapest for a while). We called on... Read More
  • Stanley (Falkland Islands)

    ...but it will have to be shipped in either by air (expensive and allow at least 10 days) or by sea (cheaper but will take... Read More
  • India: New E-Visa Scheme

    Date Published - July 27, 2017

    The new e-visa scheme allows for an easier, quicker and cheaper method of obtaining a visa for India. There are, however, some limitations. Currently, such... Read More
  • Massawa

    ...(10 NFA versus 15 NFA = 1 USD). So depending on how you exchange your money, the place could be expensive and/or very cheap. It... Read More
  • Cruising the West Coast of Borneo

    Date Published - August 25, 2008

    ...and cheaply request/receive weather information, organise spare parts, get advice about mechanical problems, immigration, port procedures or venues, maintain contact with and arrange visits from... Read More
  • Ascension Island

    ...4G internet is very fast, but expensive compared to other countries and cheaper than WiFi hotspots on the island if it is not used for... Read More
  • Guinea-Bissau

    ...pets should receive a rabies vaccination prior to beginning their journey. Diesel and cooking gas are available in the Bijagos Islands but are cheaper in... Read More
  • Buying Boat Insurance: A Brief Guide

    Date Published - May 12, 2020

    ...These ‘hidden costs’ can include documentation fees; cancellation fees; instalment charges and credit card charges. What may, on the face of it, appear to be... Read More
  • Bodegon 2000

    Address: Rattan on 4 de Mayo, Porlamar, Margarita, Venezuela,

    Great snacks and cheap beer. Located just behind Rattan on 4 de Mayo. Come out of the back door of Rattan and turn left....... Read More
  • Gabes, open for visitors. There is a selection of cheap restaurants along the Avenue de la République. Gabes has also a handful of classier places.... Read More
  • Detailed Notes of Our Cruise in The Solomon Island in 2010

    Date Published - February 12, 2011

    ...Kembe Kembe island (owned by Benjamin’s brother) but Benjamin warned that crocs are occasionally seen at the yacht anchorage. Benjamin cooked us a fine, relatively... Read More
  • Update on Hurghada Marina

    Date Published - August 07, 2008

    ...south. There you will enjoy a simplified and much cheaper check-in procedure without the need to appoint a local agent. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Richard... Read More
  • Bristol to leave your boat while travelling ashore. Bristol is an excellent base from which to explore the SW of the UK, and the marinas... Read More
  • Padang

    ...big fresh produce market. Blue Birds metered taxis are inexpensive and public buses on fixed routes are even cheaper. Ojek (moto) are available if you... Read More
  • Cruising Report On Dominican Republic

    Date Published - July 16, 2007

    ...USD120. It is not very cheap, but if you do it yourself, you spend more or less the same, including taxi and time. We paid... Read More
  • Rebak Marina

    Address: P. Rebak Besar, P.O. Box 125, Kuah, Pulau Langkawi, West Coast, Malaysia, 07000

    ...more, however fees are still cheap by western standards and facilities have improved. Minimum depth of 2.5 meters. 189 wet berths and 70 hard stand... Read More
  • Prickly Bay

    ...Marina (although not always). Tyrell Bay, Carriacou, offers the cheapest fuel. Available at Spice Island Marine. Mick Cull Henry Safari Tours SafeYachts Grenada Buses DO... Read More
  • Hout Bay Yacht Club Marina

    Address: Cape Town, P.O. Box, Hout Bay, South Africa, 7872 cheaper. Contact Allan at the marina office.  The Club welcomes visiting cruisers and the staff in the office are a helpful source of local information.... Read More
  • Dili: Practical Information for Cruisers

    Date Published - December 28, 2018

    ...we did not get at all. Provisioning in Dili is not cheap, as almost all products are imported. Kmanek and Lita Supermarket we liked best... Read More
  • Galapagos – New Rules for Next Season

    Date Published - August 26, 2010 arriving in the Galapagos. The cheaper 5 port permit will be discontinued. There is no change to the Transit Regulations which allow a stay... Read More
  • Experiences at La Libertad, Ecuador

    Date Published - February 08, 2010

    ...35.00 Servicio De Agencia (Agent fee) 150.00 TOTAL COST OF IN/OUT $ US 331.17 (Not a cheap deal for a budget cruiser!) The marina and... Read More
  • Mainland Spain marina information – Lagos, Portugal to Sant Carles de la Rapita

    Date Published - August 13, 2014

    ...and costs not prohibitive as can be seen below. In short no more expensive than cruising the English Channel, some would say cheaper. There are... Read More
  • Tanjung Pandan

    ...brought to the boat.  And the food at the café is cheap and delicious. Last updated:  October 2017. See the General Services section for contacts who can... Read More
  • Whangarei

    ...for the best selection. Turners Car Auctions are good for a cheap car.  But shop around the lots – some dealers will give a guaranteed... Read More
  • Madagascar and Mozambique Channel

    Date Published - January 29, 2021

    ...not very welcoming but will sell you cold beer at $5+! BARAMAHAMAY RIVER (Honey River): 13 42.692S 47 53.773E – great place with cheap wild... Read More
  • Isla de San Andres easy and cheap for the Caribbean. Most stores will change your U.S. dollars. Last updated:  June 2022 Visiting yachts may anchor off and use... Read More
  • Brisbane

    ...expensive in Australia. On Wednesdays, there is a farmers market in the Square beside the Library (George and Queen St). Produce is cheaper here, especially... Read More
  • Galapagos – A Reminder of Entry Regulations – Updated

    Date Published - November 06, 2009

    ...guaranteed. A much simpler and cheaper option is to leave your boat for a few days and take one of the many local guided tours.... Read More
  • Cruising Southern Egypt and Sudan 2013

    Date Published - October 17, 2013

    ...fava beans (broad beans) and dates are cheap, so the poorer inhabitants (i.e. most people) can have little variation in their diet. There are beggars... Read More
  • Penang miss all that Penang has to offer, many cruisers choose to leave their boat in Langkawi and visit Penang by ferry – staying in... Read More
  • Anchorages in the Visayas

    Date Published - July 07, 2015

    ...40 pesos) which is much further. So rather than catch the bus to Dumaguete at the turnoff, it’s cheaper to go to Siaton and catch... Read More
  • Funchal

    ...For large quantities and cheapest prices there is a large hypermarket Lido Sol, a few kilometers out of town to the west at the Lido... Read More
  • Cashpoint in Portobelo

    Date Published - August 08, 2012

    ...Cove. He took me there and back in return for $15 of fuel, stopping at the cashpoint, supermarket and the cheapest fuel on Colon/Panama highway.... Read More
  • Ya: The Yacht that Sailed the World Fossil Fuel Free

    Date Published - March 10, 2021

    ...sailing fossil free, or at least fossil poor. It is cheaper, it mostly brings more comfort and it brings a nicer state of mind if... Read More
  • Trinidad & Tobago may be cheaper to buy a new one. At all boatyards and marinas have your boat name and location clearly marked on the tank... Read More
  • Marina di Porto Azzurro

    Address: via traversa, 2 -cp, Porto Azzurro, Livorno, Elba, Italy, 58123

    This may be the cheaper option as it is owned by the town and managed by Forti Yachting. All facilities, fuel, WiFi, diver. Laundry and... Read More
  • Cruising in the Eastern Gulf of Thailand.

    Date Published - March 02, 2014

    ...Cambodia (where alcohol is very cheap). For anything luxury, you have to go to Trat or Pattaya. Latest news: there just opened (1 Feb 2014)... Read More
  • More from Albania

    Date Published - July 27, 2008

    ...been how cheap everything is. Last night we ate at a nearby restaurant recommended by Llambi and each ordered a fish dish. Shortly afterwards an... Read More
  • South Africa, Port Owen: Highly Recommended for Extended Stay

    Date Published - April 24, 2016

    ...water and back into the water (only for vessels lighter than 10 tons) is free of charge in Port Owen for “long time” stays. If... Read More
  • Sailing Today Magazine App now FREE

    Date Published - April 27, 2012

    ...for just £24.99. For many, this new way of reading their favorite sailing magazine will prove cheaper and much more convenient. For those who have... Read More
  • Guyana Cruising Report

    Date Published - February 03, 2010 Bartica is a mining terminus town with lots of men and big trucks. Cheap rum is the drink of choice. Mix the two and... Read More
  • Niteroi

    ...From the club, it is a very easy walk to the fast ferry (weekdays only), which takes you into Rio (cheaper outside rush-hour). The Club... Read More
  • Venezuela cruising: An update from Isla Margarita

    Date Published - March 20, 2017

    ...the parallel market makes living here really cheap if you have Dollars or Euros. For the locals, it is brutally expensive between the double flagellation... Read More
  • Eight Weeks Cruising the Maldives

    Date Published - September 02, 2019

    ...Indian Ocean that we enjoyed as much as any of the South Pacific.  Cruisers looking for a cheaper, possibly more enjoyable alternative can cruise down... Read More
  • Galapagos Visit

    Date Published - August 19, 2002

    ...things fixed. Labour is cheap so when you find skilled people, don’t hesitate to give them your business. More than 10,000 people live on this... Read More
  • Port Ghalib

    ...the marina. Larger and much cheaper grocery stores plus a bakery are just 10 -15 minutes’ walk away. ATMs can be found in the harbor... Read More
  • Mr. Lin Ting Jui

    Address: Swasta Murni Sdn Bhd, 5 Jalan Cenderai 25, Kawasan Perindustrian Kota Puteri, Johor Bahru, Johore Strait, Malaysia,

    Canvas and canvas work such as awnings; the canvas is a lot cheaper than in Singapore....... Read More
  • Djibouti: Expensive, Difficult and Dirty – A visit April 2017

    Date Published - July 14, 2017

    ...was no problem. In any case, everything was cheaper than Djibouti. Our next stop was Suakin after a very good sail up the Red Sea.... Read More
  • Cruising the Maldives for over a month

    Date Published - July 07, 2015

    ...minutes everything was solved. And it is also worth mentioning that his company – Real Seahawks Maldives – is much cheaper than their competitors in... Read More
  • Overcharged and Threatened in the Galapagos – San Cristobal

    Date Published - August 23, 2009

    ...he requires service and if the service is expensive or cheap is up to the client decides to take it or not. I was more... Read More
  • Adriatic Cruise 2009 – Update to Albanian section of Adriatic Pilot

    Date Published - March 24, 2010

    ...everywhere. We did not find the restaurants very good, though they were cheap. One problem is that the harbour has no breakwater so is very... Read More
  • Marine Support Bunkering

    Address: Medina Barge, River Medina, 100m South of Chain Ferry,

    The cheapest fuel in Cowes....... Read More
  • Malaysia West Coast, Lumut: Pangkor Marina or “Hotel California”

    Date Published - February 08, 2018

    ...Pangkor Island are close by. Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, though further, are accessible by rental car or bus. You can even get healthcare issues... Read More
  • Quepos arrange clearance a number of documents need to be sent in advance. See for full details. Last updated: September 2016. The marina is not... Read More
  • Malaysia to Turkey

    Date Published - January 05, 2009

    ...Don’t get too hung up on food supplies. There are first-world supermarkets in Sri Lanka, Oman, Aden, Hurghada and Ismailia. Top up big time in... Read More
  • Huatulco (La Crucecita)

    ...If going into the town, it will be cheaper to walk a couple of blocks away from the cruise ship berths before picking up a... Read More
  • Frisian Islands – normally dries out) in one high-water. If you don’t need supplies and have a good weather it’s a lot nicer (and cheaper) to... Read More
  • Australia: Solo Sailor Pitched Overboard Survives Eight-Hour Ordeal after Activating PLB

    Date Published - January 28, 2021

    ...please carry a PLB and, in busy waters, an MOB. It is the cheapest most effective life insurance you can buy after a quality life... Read More
  • Seven Weeks in the Galapagos

    Date Published - May 03, 2010

    ...Bay. Friends hired a taxi/truck at $10/hr to take them up to the highlands (Spanish-speaking driver). Much cheaper than a guided tour with an English... Read More
  • Fiji

    ...locally is mandatory. These are relatively cheap to buy and make calls, both local and international. Pre-paid data plans are also available and inexpensive. Both... Read More
  • Eastern Turkey: Mersin Marina Update

    Date Published - October 04, 2012 will keep the ladies happy for hours, even has a Marks and Spencer. We managed to get vaccinations done in town at a private... Read More
  • Gambia – Cruisers Paradise in West Africa

    Date Published - August 24, 2012

    ...for this Dakar is better. When you plan to buy solar panels and new Deep Cycle batteries, do it in Gambia. They are much cheaper... Read More
  • Clearance in Banjul

    Date Published - September 11, 2012

    ...which you can buy cheap outside the harbor, or lipstick for the ladies. When somebody asks for something, I just gave a cigarette, never money.... Read More
  • French Guiana – A short stay Feb 2013

    Date Published - March 05, 2013

    ...edge of town (you can’t miss it, it’s right beside the main Degrad/Cayenne road). Prices weren’t ‘cheap’, but certainly not “France +40%” as previously reported... Read More
  • Venezuela

    ...the safety of one of the many marinas. Venezuela is cheaper when provisioning for price-controlled goods, such as fuel, beef, chicken and coffee, but little... Read More
  • Salalah, Oman Cruising Update March 2006

    Date Published - March 20, 2006 ($1.25 per gallon) though you have to jerry jug it from the gas station a few miles away, and the scenery and camels outside... Read More
  • Cruising Europe: EU scraps mobile roaming charges

    Date Published - April 26, 2017

    ...take out a subscription in the cheapest possible country and use it to roam in his home country,” according to the press release. The EU... Read More
  • Malaysia, Sabah – Labuan Public Marina and the Island of Labuan

    Date Published - September 27, 2010

    ...There seems to be everything available here if the shop owners can find it! The Waterfront Hotel does a buffet dinner, which although not cheap,... Read More
  • Canada

    ...are good facilities in all major yachting centers. Marine equipment and fuel are more expensive than in the USA, whereas Canadian charts are cheaper than... Read More
  • Cruising the DR – Our Experience

    Date Published - April 28, 2009

    ...every time you stop. By the way, we’re now in Cuba, where the check-in process is a whole lot easier and cheaper and VERY much... Read More
  • St. Helena to the Caribbean: A Stopover in Recife, Brazil

    Date Published - September 09, 2020

    ...expectations. Recife Antigo Transportation We used Uber all over the place in Recife. It was cheap and convenient. Shopping It is a three-minute drive from... Read More
  • Ria de Pontevedra the various bays for a cheap meal ashore. The fishing village of Aldan has grown substantially in the last 10 years with the influx... Read More
  • St. Helena for Cruisers

    Date Published - March 28, 2016

    ...and an incredible meal! Fellow travelers, reminding us to pay it forward in our lives too. What’s not so great? Formalities aren’t cheap considering most... Read More
  • Major Repair Work, Marin, Martinique

    Date Published - July 07, 2008

    ...need a lift out and antifoul, it’s much cheaper to go to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. I would go to GRP pro-clean for hull polishing/cleaning.... Read More
  • Pandemic Pursuits: Postponing a Circumnavigation

    Date Published - May 26, 2022

    ...not the case! So that leaves me with buying a catamaran in the Mediterranean, unless I can find a cheap flight further from home. It... Read More
  • Kenya

    ...change frequently. Foreign yachts have to pay harbor charges, which may work out cheaper if bought for one year in advance unless one intends to... Read More
  • Buenos Aires and is located in the middle of a nautical area, so is ideal for parts and labour. It does require a local insurance policy... Read More
  • Dar es Salaam least one supermarket are within walking distance from the Slipway complex. Bajajis (tuk-tuks) are plentiful and cheap. Uber is also popular here and is... Read More
  • Benoa

    ...eggs, etc. Local beer is cheap and good. Imported wine and alcohol are expensive. Supermarkets Bali is well served with many international supermarkets.  One of... Read More
  • Riposto

    ...and vegetable market is close to the port and there are numerous local shops, bakeries, pastry shops and bars. Meridi Torrisi / Giuseppa   Public... Read More
  • Parika

    ...Formalities section. Food is cheaper here than in Bartica, so it’s a good place to get stamped into the country and re-provision first. It is... Read More
  • India, Cochin: Cruisers’ Updates

    Date Published - May 04, 2017

    ...absolutely recommend Kochi as a place to visit and would even consider bypassing Sri Lanka altogether. The cost of living in Kochi is relatively cheap... Read More
  • Fiji: Checking in to Suva – Cruisers Report

    Date Published - May 30, 2018

    ...if you use the cheap taxis: 1) The quarantine (first floor of a decaying building in the heights of Suva) to pay 163,5 f$, (10min... Read More
  • Medana Bay massages and tours of the island. A new slipway here is now complete along with a 38T Roodberg Hydraulic Trailer. This will be the... Read More
  • Thailand, Phuket: Local Information Updates

    Date Published - March 14, 2019

    ...Realistically if you are sitting in any cafe or bar, you will get free wi-fi. Cheap data SIMS cards are available every few meters. Language:... Read More
  • Malta to Turkey via Greece: Anchorages 2011

    Date Published - March 14, 2013

    ...anchorage. Therefore do not attempt to go to Kastro to anchor as the bus ride is cheap and very convenient. Faros, Sifnos Island: 36°56.2833 N... Read More
  • Ilha de Itaparica being an issue in downtown Salvador. Itaparica is reported to be cheap with either a good anchorage or a comfortable pontoon mooring at the... Read More
  • Sidi Bou Said (Tunis)

    ...also a Monoprix French type supermarket in Carthage. Supermarket The taxis are cheap and have a meter so you don’t have to haggle the price.... Read More
  • Suva

    ...several international companies are represented (Hertz, Avis, Budget etc) as well as local companies. NOTE! Driving is on the left. Taxis are cheap and plentiful,... Read More
  • Essential Information When Visiting The Galapagos

    Date Published - May 12, 2011

    ...has its own policy, one agent can be cheap and others can be expensive. It’s the client who selects the agent for themselves. 2) You... Read More
  • Gambia, Banjul: A Cruiser’s Visit 2017

    Date Published - February 16, 2018

    ...the water containers out in the dinghy by hand. There’s a fuel available known as black diesel which is made from old engine oil etc.... Read More
  • Marina da Praia da Vitoria

    Address: Praia da Vitoria, Ilha Terceira, Azores, 9760

    VHF Channel 9, 16 All facilities, fuel, WiFi, laundry, ATM, restaurant, bar. Boatyard with shore storage, 35-ton travel lift, 2-ton crane, repairs. Reported to be... Read More
  • Tanjung Priok (Jakarta) Carrefour at the mall at Mangga Dua Square. Taxis are very cheap and can be booked either by phone yourself or the marina front... Read More
  • Lessons from a Circumnavigation Part V: Equipment

    Date Published - August 18, 2002

    ...the inexpensive ensigns because flying the flag continuously is a sign of pride and respect. However, we both agreed that the flags were cheaply made.... Read More
  • Trincomalee

    ...that laundry can be done most cheaply (and best smelling) at Dykes Rest which is on the ocean side, down on Dyke Street. It ranges... Read More
  • American Samoa – A Positive Review

    Date Published - August 07, 2008

    ...No one seems to be in a big hurry to get going. The restaurants, groceries and retail stores have some of the cheapest prices in... Read More
  • Sydney a designated “small craft” anchorage on the northern side, at Balls Head Bay. Whilst facilities are limited, access to the city is cheap and... Read More
  • Djibouti

    ...from the fishing harbour to town should be not more than 600 DJF. A ride to the Casino supermarket should not cost more than 1.000... Read More
  • Malaysia Cruising Notes

    Date Published - May 01, 2010 due to the attractiveness of the place (cheap, lovely and easy to fly out (airport)). Immigration Whenever you sail from Tioman Islands, Malaysia west... Read More
  • Barbers Point Harbour (Ko Olina)

    ... June 2018. It is not possible to haulout in Ala Wai. Keehi Marine Center (Honolulu) on Oahu and Ko Olina offer haul outs, Keehi is... Read More
  • Porto Cervo

    Description: Situated on the NE corner, Porto Cervo is one of those ports where the super-yachts come to see and be seen! Consequently, it is... Read More
  • Recent Visit to Tunisia – Sidi Buo Sazid

    Date Published - October 07, 2010

    ...with very good facilities and not a bribe in sight. Mooring fees at Hammamet were much cheaper than SBS too. I probably would go back... Read More
  • Spanish Water Car Rentals There are 2 types of buses. The governmental operated large buses, called “Convooi”, operate on fixed routes. They run infrequently but the... Read More
  • El Kantaoui buy a new ticket.) If there are 2 or more of you, the trip is cheaper (and more comfortable) by taxi. Tuk-tuks – six... Read More
  • Boat Insurance and Salvage: A Cautionary Tale from the Dominican Republic

    Date Published - January 24, 2022

    ...things like being contactable 24/7 that were often over looked in favour of a cheaper premium. How does Salvage work? It can be daunting in... Read More
  • Commercial Port – Hout Bay

    Address: Hout Bay, South Africa,

    ...up to a fishing boat. Electricity and water to be shared with commercial boats. A cheap, but noisy alternative when the fishing fleet works. No... Read More
  • Ken-ting

    ...lift in XiDong Harbor near Tinan. There is a fishing supplies store (cheap rope and fenders) in the small village about three kms (4.8 miles)... Read More
  • La Graciosa, Canary Islands

    Date Published - December 02, 2009

    There is space for about 100 visiting boats. Fees are still very cheap – €7 a day for my 11.5-meter boat. There is water but... Read More
  • How Easy is Cruising the Caribbean during Covid-19?

    Date Published - September 02, 2021

    ...they don’t want any more lockdowns. We kept ourselves busy onboard and there was lots of cheap wine available, but how long can you endure... Read More
  • Leaving your Boat in Salvador

    Date Published - October 31, 2011

    ...couple of small supermarkets nearby, but a short taxi ride takes you to the larger ones. It’s a relaxing, and cheaper alternative to the more... Read More
  • First Long Passage: Gibraltar to Rabat, Morocco

    Date Published - August 28, 2018

    ...neighbours had left and we seem to be the only cruisers here, maybe we will see a few more in the next week(s)? Prices are... Read More
  • Wintering in Sevilla

    Date Published - December 09, 2011

    ...if you are not overly concerned with the prices”, we have to disagree. It’s actually even cheap (for 5 months we have to pay an... Read More
  • San Miguel

    ...range of sporting activities are available. This port is very convenient for the Tenerife Sur (Reina Sofia) airport with cheap charter-flight connections to Spain, UK,... Read More
  • Santa Ponsa (Mallorca)

    ...corner from Santa Ponsa in Port Adriano (see details below). This is much cheaper (for now) than the yacht club. Another alternative is Puerto Andraitx,... Read More
  • Net and Tackle Sales

    Address: Sydney Fish Markets, Blackwattle Bay, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia,

    Stocks an extensive array of boat year, including ground tackle, lines and chain. Can obtain most of what a cruising boat will need quickly and... Read More
  • Maldives to the Red Sea: Travelling solo through the HRA (High Risk Area)

    Date Published - March 25, 2015

    ...jerry jugs. The total available capacity was thus more than 462 gallons, but we held to that quantity as fuel in the Maldives is not... Read More
  • Tanapag Harbour (Saipan)

    ...2018 Repair facilities are modest and only simple repairs can be done locally. The cheapest option with savings of up to $1.00 per gallon is... Read More
  • Hout Bay

    ...register at the Marina. Port: It is possible to berth in the main commercial port if you are looking for a cheaper alternative or are... Read More
  • Colombia, Santa Marta, Taganga Bay: Armed Boarding and Robbery – November 2015

    Date Published - November 28, 2015

    ...Taking the bus into Santa Marta is quick, cheap and easy. We really hope that local stakeholders in this area can provide an organised safe... Read More
  • Mayotte

    ...are available in Dzaoudzi. Supplies are better than in neighbouring Comoros and most imported goods are French (so not cheap). On the other hand, clearance... Read More
  • Four Ports in Albania

    Date Published - July 17, 2015

    ...and drink well cheaply, great internet from a local phone shop, €14 for 10mb. Definitely worth a visit if in this area is the Blue... Read More
  • Mauritius, Cargados Carajos Shoals: Report of a Visit to the Islands

    Date Published - June 05, 2013

    ...although not cheap, seems to be a professional; he repaired my alternator. Tel. 7908456, e-mail: [email protected] Rashid, the taxi driver, is a talkative and friendly... Read More
  • Clearing In and Out of Galapagos Islands – With an Autografo

    Date Published - March 21, 2011

    ...cheapest tour or a comparable itinerary using local ferries and hostel accommodation ashore. Our port of arrival was Wreck Bay, San Cristobal and Bolivar handled... Read More
  • La Ceiba

    ...the Hondutel office, Ave. Ramón Rosa/6th Calle.   La Ceiba provides excellent provisioning and shopping with US-style shopping malls plus good local markets. Provisioning is... Read More
  • Baba tuk tuk

    Address: Andaman Islands, India,

    Tel:+919933298669 Reported to be excellent, honest and cheap, who knows every shop in Port Blair and speaks English. Ring him and he will meet you... Read More
  • St. Helena: Clearance & Cruising Information

    Date Published - June 13, 2016

    ...rain jacket since many tours include a brief shower and the strong winds on the eastern side of the island tend to be chilly. FYI,... Read More
  • Gulf of Aden & Red Sea Passage – January 2015

    Date Published - January 22, 2015

    ...It was very difficult keeping pace with just two boats – constant sail adjustments, dragging up to 5 weighted warps at times, etc… this was... Read More
  • Praia Cape Verdes Cruising Report

    Date Published - March 17, 2005

    ...Rates are negotiable. There is a laundry (Lavanda) close to the parliament building. Taxis are plentiful and cheap (a ride to the harbour costs 150-200... Read More
  • Report on Various Ports of Call in Venezuela

    Date Published - January 20, 2010

    ...“Chaser 2”, 42 feet, was 110 Bolivares, not cheap. The nearby town has one or two small supermarkets, a small shopping center. Carenero Traveling east... Read More
  • Honduras

    ...and stomach parasites are a problem for those travelling inland. Unfiltered water is not safe to drink but bottled water is cheap and widely available.... Read More
  • Pointe des Galets (Le Port)

    ...are as follows: Pierre Dubail – Mobile 0692023102, Email - [email protected] Ian SV Sea Eagle II Data Entry3 Reported by Nadire Berker & Selim Yalcin,... Read More
  • Aruba

    ...the island are not charged duty. No need to prove Yacht in Transit status. • Cheap Air Fares – We went to the USA briefly... Read More
  • Palau (Belau)

    ...with all the international airlines having dropped their service to Palau. A solitary UA weekly flight to Guam is all that is scheduled. The Island... Read More
  • Andaman Islands we used an excellent, honest and much cheaper tuk tuk driver, Baba,(+919933298669) who knows every shop in Port Blair and speaks English. Initially you... Read More
  • Katakolon

    ...tacks back to Zakynthos where we finally entered Greece. Close by the cruise ship dock, several bus operators tout 10 euro round-trip tickets and the... Read More
  • New York

    ...used the LIRR train app to buy tickets. Great supermarket on the north dock, water taxi will take you or you can dinghy. Toilets at... Read More
  • India, Andaman Islands: Visiting Requirements

    Date Published - March 02, 2016

    ...matters including spares in transit, tour packages, hotel reservations, air charter, air tickets, etc. They have a taxi driver named VJ that is honest and... Read More
  • Cagliari

    ...west of the Sant Elmo pontoons. This is probably the cheapest option and the most basic. The surrounding land funnels the prevailing NW winds into... Read More
  • Guadeloupe

    ...Hi Paul, as your crew are EU you shouldn't have any problems. They should not need onward tickets. You really don't see immigration any more,... Read More
  • Boca Chica (DR)

    ...bus (extremely cheap and air-conditioned) from the capital to Jarabacoa (small city in the mountains from where you can trek to Pico Duarte, the tallest... Read More
  • MY Marina Yacht Club

    Address: Near Marmaris, Ekincik, Aegean Sea, Turkey, Turkish standards, the food and service are excellent. A boat trip up the Dalyan river for lunch and a visit to the Carina rock... Read More
  • Methoni

    Data Entry5 Reported by Tony Olin: Methoni, good holding and shelter from the prevailing winds under the Turkish fort, nice stop over for a couple... Read More
  • Yacht Classic Hotel

    Address: Karagozler 1, (next to Ece Marina), Fethiye, Western Med, Turkey, 48300 eat there. It’s a short walk to the town, great shopping, the bazaar, good chandlery, a visit to the ancient Turkish Bath (Hammam) is... Read More
  • Durres

    ...also paid 10 euros per night plus the travel agent and the harbour master. People in town are nice, taxi cheap and buses cost nothing.... Read More
  • EU VAT Update: Information Affecting Non-EU Boats Visiting Europe

    Date Published - September 03, 2016

    ...What I dont understand is how you can make entry in any island from "Turkey" while you dont have exit in your passport from Turkish... Read More
  • Update for Red Sea Passage and Cochin India (June 2018)

    Date Published - July 27, 2018

    ...flagged) STORM BIRD (Turkish flagged) SEA TURTLE IV (Canadian Flagged) TWIGA (German flagged) UHURU (UK flagged) I will be posting the 2018 fleet... Read More